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Thursday 22nd June 2017
10:25 am U.K.



True, we almost replied at the same time!

Thursday 22nd June 2017
4:14 am U.K.


I have the Sony SL-F30 and the horizontal lines tremble only with the colours that contains the red, the tape is from a shop, with others too happen

I have varios vhs videos and too happen, with a dvd player and a tdt tuner in composite video mode not happen, with the RGB input too appears correct

I suspect of the tv, but with dvd and tdt works good

Wednesday 21st June 2017
10:37 pm U.K.


Gabriel you wrote while I was writing... ! ;-)

Wednesday 21st June 2017
10:35 pm U.K.


Hi Misha.

The SL-C80 seems to be a relative to the SL-C20 and SL-C30. It seems to be a basic Beta VCR like these 2 models.

I don't think it has anything special except that it is one of the very rare series Sony made, like the SL-T6, SL-P20 etc.

Concerning reliability it's probably the same as the SL-C20.

Since it is very rare YOU are going to tell us more :-)

Wednesday 21st June 2017
10:23 pm U.K.


Dear Misha,

The SL-C80 is basically an SL-C30 with some enhancements such as perfect pause, frame advance and a sofisticated timer recording system (which is no longer used due to analog broadcast shutdown).

It is a nice machine, even more if you have the chance of getting the original remote.

You can have a look to technical page of the SL-C30. They mostly suffer from the same issues.



Misha Berghege
Wednesday 21st June 2017
5:43 pm U.K.



I was offered a SL-C80-CE and I am having a hard te finding any information on this model... What are the functions it came with and are there any common problems with these machines?

Thanks, Misha

Tuesday 20th June 2017
10:11 pm U.K.


Not really Betamax but hoping that the knowledge base of this site can help me.

Trying to restore a National NV-1020 reel to reel video recorder.

I have it up and running except for the head drum motor. When I turn the machine on there is a noise and it tries to start but not quite getting there.

If I give it a light push it slowly starts up but takes a while to get up to speed.

It has a 20uF/200v start capacitor which has been replaced with a 20uF/450v because I couldn't find a 200v.

Voltage measures 23.7v across the capacitor.

Any suggestions what I could look at to fix this?

Sunday 18th June 2017
6:19 pm U.K.


No, it wont't work but I found several SECAM units on the french market, HVC-3000S and HVC-4000S (S for SECAM I suppose), great.

What is the difference between the HVC -3000 and the HVC-4000 ?

Sunday 18th June 2017
4:29 pm U.K.


Thanks Roderick.

Do you think a HVC-3000P sold in UK would work in color on my french SECAM only SL-C9 F ?

K Lambert
Sunday 18th June 2017
11:09 am U.K.


As was I believe the Sanyo VTC 6500.

Noel Higgins
Saturday 17th June 2017
11:04 am U.K.


The SONY C7 was also fitted with the same camera connector.

Friday 16th June 2017
12:56 am U.K.


Frandid, the HVC-2000 and the HVC -3000 will connect to the camera input on the SL C9.

They were mainly for use with the F1 portable recorder which has the same plug.

Thursday 15th June 2017
3:12 pm U.K.



I wonder which camera was made to be plugged in the front camera input of my SL-C9 F ? Not the Betamovie since it already was a camcorder, so which model with no cassette in it ? It was probably older, and it had to be a SECAM model to be compatible with my french SL-C9 F I suppose.

Who knows which models were made to fit this C9 camera input ?

Tuesday 13th June 2017
8:07 pm U.K.


Hi Gabriel

Most SL-HF150 on Ebay now are PAL/SECAM :-)

This model looks much more beautiful and attractive to me than the HF100 but as you said it it also much more prone to electrical and mechanical failures... :-(

Also it doesn't seem to have more functions than the HF100. .. (no slo-mo...) !

Tuesday 13th June 2017
6:18 pm U.K.



I don't quite know the exact electronics of the Sanyo capstan, but according to your description it might be due to be a bad tacho/servo signal coming from a sensor (magnetic?) located in the capstan.

It might also be due to bad capacitors in the base motor board.

Try to first replace those capacitors just in case. It is not over complicated and cheap.

Good luck!

Tuesday 13th June 2017
8:02 am U.K.


Kevin,Gabriel - many thanks for your reply.

You were right- the main problem is capstan related. Although I can turn the capstan by hand (from top-side and from below), it WASN'T moving when I was playing without a tape (just didn't notice at the weekend).

If I give it a good spin from underneath, then play a tape - everything fine. Then after a couple of laces/unlaces, the capstan sticks again. I have added a drop of oil from underneath - any other advice?

btw - this morning the loading belt motor is squealing - does anyone know the exact dimensions of this belt and/or a cheap source of replacements?

[ on the plus-side, managed to fix a u-matic player yesterday that I got from a studio that had closed - that was a capstan-related issue ]

All the best


K Lambert
Monday 12th June 2017
5:11 pm U.K.


Hi Rob

(appreciate the comments)

It sounds to me like you have capstan issues.(hence the 'still image. If the vcr detects non motion of the take up spool down to the faulty capstan motor. It will shut down the deck to prevent tape spillage. That would seem why the take up spool turns OK without a tape inside it.

Is the capstan motor turning?

Also when you replaced the diode did you make sure the banded part (black) is pointing towards the arrow?


Monday 12th June 2017
5:00 pm U.K.


Hi Rob,

Regarding your Sanyo which gets "stucked":

Have you tried to enter other transport modes? I mean, FFWD, REV and Cue in both directions before it halts. If the tape moves OK in both FFWD and REV when unlaced, then we might discard some trouble with the idler section.

As far as I can think of this issue, it could be due to some reasons:

-Problem with the back tension mechanism (check if the tension band has not been fiddled, also its adjustment screw and position).

-Problem related to the capstan and/or the pinch roller bearing, check without a tape if they spin. Also you can try to manually rotate it by hand by flipping the video and accesing the underside magnet rotor.

-And last but not least: try with a different tape. It might sound obvious but sometimes we don't realize the problem relies on the simplest item of the chain.

Hope to help fixing this nice and robust machine.

Regards, Gabriel

Sunday 11th June 2017
5:47 pm U.K.


Hi all.

First post for me - as a video transfer guy (not a service engineer), please bare with me. After having several of my machines (not just Beta !) resurrected by Mr Lambert, I have recently stumbled on a couple of VTC5000 machines at local boot sales and decided it was worth trying to fix them myself. (A backup machine or two never hurt!) - and both machines (a VTC5000MkII and MkI) cost the princely sum of 5 - so got nothing to lose.

Been quite successful with the first one, but the second is having an issue that I don't recall being covered in other posts here or on vintage-radio.net. Didn't want to burden Kev yet again, so was hoping to tap into the collective conscious ;-)


Upon "PLAY", the machine laces; head drum turns nicely; but the supply reel doesn't move! The screen shows a "still frame" for about 2-3 seconds then everything stops (head drum; NO unlace; PLAY led goes out). If you then press "STOP", unlace performs perfectly.

Service so far:

Cleaned everything; new reel-drive belt; new idler tyre; diode & safety resistor on SY1 changed per "torque mod"; cleaned and oiled the bearings under the supply and take-up reel.

Diagnostics performed:

When playing without a tape, the takeup reel is turning nicely with a fair bit of resistance if I try to manually slow it.

Thought it might be the back-tension on the supply reel, but with a tape the supply reel doesn't even turn if I manually stop-short the main tape extraction pin (the one that controls the tension).

Any advice?


Wednesday 7th June 2017
5:20 pm U.K.


Hi i have a sony SL-HF950 in great working order exept there is no colour in playback even tried to record and on colour in playback on another video tried all outputs still the same,it would be great for some help i have fixed a few beta machines over the years ,anyone have any ides what components could be gone thanks william

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