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Monday 27th March 2017

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Thursday 25th July 2002
11:33 am U.K.


Pro Video Equipment for sale:

JVC AA-G10E 4 chanel battery charge and source. For batteries used on professional JVC Video Cameras. email for more details.

JCV AC Power adapter source for professional Video Equipment. email for more details

Thursday 25th July 2002
11:31 am U.K.


Pro Video Equipment for sale:


kevin jones
Thursday 25th July 2002
8:33 am U.K.


I have a DXC 537 with a pvv1 Pal back using PAG 5aHr batteries but due to a bad shoulder am thinking of chaging to a lighter weight set up and consider a Sony BVW 300ap as my budget wont streatch to anything newer just yet.I have been told to watch out for leaky capacitors. Has any body any comments about my proposed purchase or can you suggest a better alternative as I am working in the corporate/braodcast sector.All replies answeredThanks, kevin

Thursday 25th July 2002
1:10 am U.K.


I am seeking to purchase Sony DVW-A510 PAL and Sony DVW-500 PAL player decks. I am located in Burbank, Ca. I can be reached at (818)562-3230 or email me at tvequipmentconnection@yahoo.com Thank you

Sal Ortiz

ashraf nada
Sunday 21st July 2002
3:54 pm U.K.


I have these machines • One - Sony Betacam recorder (Model - PVW2800P ) (No.23525)• One - Sony Betacam recorder (Model - PVW2800P ) (No.24288)• One - Sony Betacam player (Model - PVW22650P) (No.14774)• One - Sony SVHS recorder (Model - SVO-5800P) (No.11533)i sent them to amaintenance shop they said i must change (Upper drum , Reel Motor , p. roller , c. roller) could any body help me , do realy i need all that , can i coup without all that changes or it is worthy , please help me.

Friday 19th July 2002
8:27 pm U.K.


caros colegas estou nessecitando mo MANUAL DE SERVICO PDF. do vt DSR 20 da SONY obrigado dear friends are nessecitando MANUAL OF SERVIÇO PDF. of the vt DSR 20 of SONY thank you

R.V. Krishnan
Friday 19th July 2002
3:57 am U.K.


Hi,I work for Jumbo Electronics Co. Ltd who are the largest distibutors of Sony professional products in the Middle East. We are presently clearing a wide range of old stocks at LOW LOW prices. These includes equipment, spares, accessories, cables, etc. etc.... If anyone is intersested to have a complete list of available products, I can send it over by Email. These are all either new or demo stocks and in good working condition. We prefer to sell to dealers who can pick up th entire lot at one go. Single requests are also however quite welcome. We can organise shipping to any destination. All products are PAL versions only.Thanks.rv.krishnan@jumbo.co.ae

Tom Mountford
Thursday 18th July 2002
8:50 am U.K.


Ebay Auction - Just NINE hours left to bid on this item.... currently price is only £1.00

BVU / Betacam Dubbing Cable Item # 1365445117

SEE IT at Ebay.co.uk

Thanks,Tom Mountford

Wouter Van Beirendonck
Tuesday 16th July 2002
11:10 am U.K.


Hi there ... I have quite a bunch of Betacam SP-players here. 5x BVW 60 and 7x BVW 22... Make me a good offer and you can have 'em all. Please, only serious offers. Thanks !

Alan R
Monday 15th July 2002
4:06 am U.K.


Betacam SP Camcorder for sale. DXC537 & PVV-1A PAL system in exceptional condition for it's age. All caps replaced - brand new main camera board, new IR filter with 16 x Fujinon lens. One careful owner since new and complete with black flight case, all manuals, ND filter, camera strap, nine NP-1B batteries and Sony battery charger. AUD $5100 or near offer. Contact me by email or 61 7 3395 3500 9am to 5pm EST (Australia)

Thursday 11th July 2002
6:01 am U.K.


Private SP/SX News set-up for sale; DNW-A220 Sp/SX Laptop, BVW-507 PAL, 570IS NTSC.a) DNW-A220, complete dual standard PAL/NTSC, records only SX, just overhauled Sony inc warranty until mid september + b-stock parts warranty until june 2003,Left: ops:1293 drum:523 tape:273 thread:4108 Right: ops:925 drum:373 tape:166 thread:1220Asking 13500$ location: office Floridab) Sony BVW-507PAL; camerahead, inc Luckes transferable pixelfaultwarranty until 12/2002 and inc added Compuscan Clearscan; BVV-5 approx 600hrs, NP-1mount. asking price:4500$ location: office Floridac) Sony BVW-570IS, excellent condition, unit just now at Sony for pixelcheck / maintenance; BVV-5 approx 1000 hrs 1st head, NP1-mount. location: office Tokyo Asking price: 5500$ Lenses: if needed we have currently 16 lenses to choose from; A14x8.5BERM, A15x8BEVM, Canon J8x6 KRS/BIRS, J13x9BIRS, 14ax8.5BIRS, etc.. pls inquire per email. Our web-page: http://www.interscreen.co.jp/english - If interested in all or part pls contact ntscjapan@aol.comBest wishes from TokyoWinni

Cameraman 89
Thursday 11th July 2002
2:28 am U.K.


does anyone know how many times a Sony DVCAM tape can be re-recorded on?

michael rice
Wednesday 10th July 2002
8:50 am U.K.


i have a beta sp deck uvw 1800p. I would like to sell it as it is no longer required. Its in mint condition with manual etc.

readings are as follows, thread 0107, tape0008, oper00139, drum 0015.

what value would this be worth??

Monday 8th July 2002
4:59 am U.K.


For Sale: Sony Betacam BVW-40P VTR, tested and working $1200 USD. anthony@renew.com.au

Sarah Staar
Saturday 6th July 2002
9:23 pm U.K.


Is there a box on the market that will convert 26 pin camera out to Sony Lank remote

Sarah Staar
Saturday 6th July 2002
9:13 pm U.K.


Can anyone give the wiring diagram for a 14 pin to 26 pin CCU cable.The 14 pin end will go to a CCU M3 and the 26 pin end will go to a DXC M7

Friday 5th July 2002
1:06 pm U.K.


Will the BVV1 betacam recorder mate to a DXC327P front end with a rectangular 50-pin connector?

Wednesday 3rd July 2002
9:49 pm U.K.


Hi, anyone got a set of rack mounting ears for a bvw10/40 for disposal??Many thanks, Steve.

Dick Johnson
Tuesday 2nd July 2002
2:40 pm U.K.


Having just bought a secondhand Sony BVW-35 I am now looking for a manual for same or a copy. I would be happy to copy it if someone is brave enough to trust one to the post - remuneration of course. Dick

Monday 1st July 2002
3:22 pm U.K.



I'm looking for a sony dsr 250 or dsr 370.New or good second hands.

Best, Jym

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