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Friday 24th March 2017

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Simon Gornall
Tuesday 21st January 2003
9:45 am U.K.


We've just had the power supply blow on our NTSC UVW-1800P (It's a UR-06, part # 1-413-119-13). If anyone has one at a reasonable price, we'd be interested in getting one.

Cheers, Simon

Monday 20th January 2003
9:24 pm U.K.


For sale: BVW-400AP BETACAM SP CAMCORDER PAL with ANGENIEUX LENS AND PORTABRACE AND new PAG adapterPERFECT WORKING CONDITIONS you can see some pictures at: http://www.cyberquad.com/bvw-400ap/index.html 6 hours only on new heads drum. Decks parts replacement and camera set up for optimum service. - ANGENIEUX 14x8.5 mm lens with 2x extender with front lens cap and hood (no default on glass)

Very good cosmetic condition, some minor scratchs or paint defaults on body and lens paint. New plastics parts on body (hnadle...) There is absolutely NO broken part. This camcorder works perfect since it has been totaly serviced and a lot of parts have been changed. This servicing was including: Replacement of outside plastic used parts wich give a "NEW" looking condition. Set up of the camera parts: beautifull picture, perfect working order. ABSOLUTELY NO DEAD PIXEL AT ANY GAIN Replacement of deck used parts (Pinch roller, HEAD DRUM, tape tension parts...) The head drum has only 6 hours since replacement and technician said me that it could work up to 1000 hours. I will add that the camcorder is very silent since it has been rebuilt. The viewfinder gives a very good picture. The lens is in good condition and the glass is in good condition with no dents or scratchs. PRICE: 5500 euros including shipping insured with fedex in Europe. For more informations: info@cyberquad.com

Samuel Boerhoop
Monday 20th January 2003
4:24 pm U.K.


Can somebody tells me how i can find the details information (Menu options)like: drum usage, running hours, etc... of the following machines: UVW-1800 or the PVW-2800


Samuel BoerhoopOMNI VisionElectronics Engineer

George Drakakis
Monday 20th January 2003
12:12 pm U.K.


I have the SONY BVW-22P BETA SP. In order to give the timecode to the video card i use the remote 9pin from SONY PCM-7040 DAT machine ( with a TC DAT tape to do the job). My question is this. Is there another way to give the TC to the Video Card? My DAT machine is damaged and i need to find a solution as soon as possible.If you know anything that can help, please help me!

Saturday 18th January 2003
11:25 pm U.K.


Hi, does anyone have a BVW-85p they want to sell? Doesnt have to be working.

Saturday 18th January 2003
9:08 am U.K.


Hi - I've just hired in a BVW 75 how on earth do you stripe Timecode onto the tape! I normally use a PVW 2800 and this monster is totally different HELP!

Wednesday 15th January 2003
11:06 pm U.K.


Hi,I need some advice. I am relativly new to this industry(video production) I am in the process of buying a camera, sony betacam sp. I edit with final cut pro and need to know how I digitise footage from beta to dv. where i can purchase the correct diditiser and roughly what it might cost. If anyone can help I would be grateful.Thanks

Backporch Broadcast Consultants Inc.
Monday 13th January 2003
7:12 pm U.K.


We are former Sony engineers with a large inventory of PAL boards forBetacam and Betacam SP decks and cameras. Please let us know if we canyou with your PAL requirements.


Backporch Broadcast Consultants Inc.Winder Georgia USA


Backporch Broadcast Consultants Inc.
Monday 13th January 2003
7:09 pm U.K.


Currently offered for sale:

BVW-400A PAL camcorder with only 219 drum and 107 tape hours (original hours). Includes a Canon J14ax8.5B4 internal focus lens. Camera and lens are cosmetically perfect. Unit is set-up for a PAG battery back and includes two PAG batteries and a PAG charger. Includes Thermodyne shipping case. Perfect camera. $10,000 USD. Please call 1-770-868-8799 for further. Thank you.

Backporch Broadcast Consultants Inc.20 East Athens StreetWinder, Georgia 30680USA


Thursday 9th January 2003
7:14 pm U.K.


Have the following manuals available, £5 each plus p+p for small manuals and £15 plus p+p for large manuals (ie BVW-75 ).1.) BVW-70P VOL1 2ND ED REV6 2.) BVW-70P VOL2 2ND ED REV7 3.) BVW-75P VOL1 2ND ED REV3 4.) BVW-75P VOL2 4TH ED REV2 5.) BVW-75P VOL2 4TH ED REV7 6.) BVW-40P VOL1 1ST ED REV1 7.) BVW-40P VOL2 2ND ED REV10 8.) BVW-40P VOL2 2ND ED REV2 9.) BVU-870P VOL1 1st ED REV4 10.) BVU-870P VOL1 1st ED REV4 11.) BVU-850P VOL2 2ND ED REV7 12.) BVW-21P VOL2 1st ED REV4 13.) BVW-22P VOL2 2nd ED REV2 14.) BVW-25P VOL1 1ST ED 15.) BVW-35P VOL1 1ST ED 16.) BVW-35P VOL2 1ST ED 17.) BVT-810PS 1ST ED REV10 18.) BVT-810PS 1ST ED REV 8 19.) BVV-1APS 1ST ED REV12 20.) BVV-5PS VOL1 21.) BVV-5PS VOL2 22.) BVV-5PS VOL2 2ND ED REV12 23.) BVM-2010P 2ND ED 24.) BVM-2010P 2ND ED 25.) BVM-2011P 1st ED 26.) BVM-1410P 3RD ED 27.) BVM-1416P 1ST ED 28.) BKM-2056 3RD ED 29.) BKM-2056 30.) BKM-2085-14/20 31.) BKM-2085-14/20 1ST ED REV1 32.) BVE-500 1ST ED OP & MAINT 33.) PVM-9045 ETC OP 34.) PVM-9045 ETC OP.

Stefan Popiolek
Wednesday 8th January 2003
11:42 am U.K.


I am looking for following used equipment:- Videohead Sachtler Video 18 plus- Videohead Sachtler Video 20 plus- Camera adaptor CA-TX7P- CCU TX7P/1- Remote control unit RCP-TX7- Synchroniser Kudos by Snell and Wilcox TBS-24

Erik Rietman
Wednesday 8th January 2003
8:31 am U.K.


Our production company is selling a lot of broadcast equipment: Beta SP, Digi Beta, BVE 2000, DFS 500 etc etc. For details please mail.

We are bases in The Netherlands

Wednesday 8th January 2003
1:55 am U.K.


Hi All UVW-1200P Betacam SP Deck coming up with error message when attempting to insert 90 minute tape Error21-1C1. Does anyone know what this message refers to and how to rectify the problem?..

Any assistance much appreciated... Thanks in Advance!

imke schueler
Tuesday 7th January 2003
5:36 am U.K.


Hi there,on my UVW-1200P I am getting the following error code when I try to put a 90 min Sp tape in:Error21-1C1Does anyone know what that means? It has neber happened before, and it doesn'y happend with smaller tapes e.g 60 mins

Monday 6th January 2003
9:12 pm U.K.


hi girles only pleas

Reel Media
Friday 3rd January 2003
4:23 pm U.K.



Can anyone tell me where I can download (pdf etc) a manual for the Sony BVW-25p Beta Recorder / Player.

Any help would be much appreciated.



wassef ibrahim
Friday 3rd January 2003
3:46 pm U.K.


I am looking for the following equipment: DVW-500P VTR DIGITAL SONY QTY 1 BVW-75P VTR BETACAM S.P QTY 1DFS-300P VIDEO SWITHER QTY 1PVM-1445P VIDEO MONITOR 14 INCH QTY 1MXP-280 MIXER AUDIO QTY 1espcailly in the US please contact me

Friday 3rd January 2003
9:35 am U.K.


I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year.

If you have any Requirements for Broadcast Equipment or If you have some for sale or Part Exchange, then please contact us.I look forward to hearing from you.

Friday 3rd January 2003
8:30 am U.K.


I have a UVW 1200, with an error message of 02-403. What is this? It 'ate' my tape so I opened it and took the tape out. Can the machine be reset? Thanks,Troy

Thursday 2nd January 2003
3:40 pm U.K.


I'm looking for a betacam uvw 1600P service manual. I prefer pdf documents. Does anyone know where to get it? Thanks

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