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Monday 27th March 2017

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Steve Mackie
Thursday 29th January 2009
10:23 pm U.K.


Beta SP UVW 100 p Camcorder, working and in immaculate condition.Body and Viewfinder 399 ono.lxstevemackie@hotmail.com

Chris Margrave-Gregory
Tuesday 20th January 2009
10:23 am U.K.


SONY BVM D 24E1WE MONITOR FOR SALE includes the BKM 21D SD card and the BKM 42D HD card and the BKM 10R Remote panel. Very low hours. 11,500.00 GBP.

Chris Margrave-Gregory
Tuesday 20th January 2009
10:22 am U.K.


DVW M2000P FOR SALE, Excellent condition, well maintained. 16,500.00 GBP

Call me for further details on +44(0)1932 240305 or email me.

Many ThanksChris

Scott Lakey
Wednesday 14th January 2009
8:18 pm U.K.


Sony 400 AP camera will depart with my baby for 1600 Euros. New heads and in great condition. Sony 1800 Recorder /Player 1000 Euros low hours. +46 70-7787250


Chris Margrave-Gregory
Thursday 11th December 2008
4:35 pm U.K.



I have available a UVW 1800P for sale, all in good working order, 1,250.00 GBP I also have a DVW A500 with a complete new Upper and Lower drum 14,000.00 GBP 3 month warrantyDVW A500P with low hours, Just serviced, 14,000.00 GBP 3 month warranty.Please call me on +44(0)7931 902556 for details or drop me an email.

Many ThanksChris

Tuesday 9th December 2008
10:57 pm U.K.


Anyone here familiar with the UVW1200P and similar?

I have a couple of these which work fine. I've just collectedanother, and found that tapes play on it with very poor results,looking just like worn heads. The picture is noisy, has poor colourat the top of the screen, and some black tails from highlights. BUTthe hours meters say the machine is very low mileage, and the interiorcondition supports this.

Interestingly, I found that the noise and colour problems completelycleared during STOP (Pause). That made me wonder if there is a backtension problem.

As an experiment, I increased the back tension by inserting a plasticguide near the sapphire blade, just as the tape leaves the cassetteshell. The picture improved to 100% perfect, all noise cleared andall instability gone.

You might argue that increased back tension could improve theperformance of worn heads, so we've not completely eliminated them,but I suspect that the back tension setting is just way low. I don'thave a back tension gauge alas.

Two questions then: Where is the back tension adjustment? VHS decksusually have this as an adjustment to a felt strap on the supplyspool, but Beta/V2000 can use a motor on the supply spool and so haveelectrical back tension settings. Secondly: Is there a "rule ofthumb" method for setting back tension without a gauge?

Thanks for any advice,


Gregory PAUL
Sunday 7th December 2008
9:45 pm U.K.


For sale: BVH-500 PAL 1 INCH SONY Portable VCR. Please ask for details

Saturday 15th November 2008
10:17 pm U.K.


Looking for a YEM PSP-292M hdsdi=parallel converter (cheap).

andPanasonic AJ-D350BE D3 working or non working.

Thanks in advance

Chris Margrave-Gregory
Friday 14th November 2008
4:50 pm U.K.


FOR SALE BVW 70P In good working order, Please call for details.

1,750.00 GBP

Chris Margrave-Gregory
Monday 10th November 2008
11:00 am U.K.


Hi, I have available the following machines, Please let me know if they are of interest to you: BVW 70P - Serviced, good machine 1,500.00 PVW 2800P New heads a while ago, Hardly used since 1,500.00 PVW 2500P Again new upper and lower drum, Hardly used since 1,500.00 PVW 2650P Good Machine 1,450.00 PVW 2600P Good machine, serviced 1,500.00

Please let me know if any of the following are of interest to you.

Many Thanks


Monday 10th November 2008
12:50 am U.K.


Ps my email address deepblues@hotmail.co.uk if anyone wants to mail me on the matter thanksDeepblues

Monday 10th November 2008
12:47 am U.K.


Hi Guys I have an old Sony Trinicon HVC 2000P Video Camera, lost my brother in January and it was found in his home, got a little research and found that I need a Betamax Recorder in order to use it. I sourced an old Sony SL-T7 ME from a friend and attached it. The camera powers up but the screen is just white with a line down it, or black with a white line if i turn down the brightness. But I see no picture. Do I need to have a cassette in the recorder and set to record before the camera will work? The sound light on the back is responsive to sound so I guess the mic is ok, and the zoom operator turns the lens ok, just no picture. Any help or info on this would be appreciated. This seems to be the only site I can find on the matter, Thanks, Deepblues

Monday 13th October 2008
12:57 pm U.K.


Stop spamming this forum!

Monday 13th October 2008
11:28 am U.K.


Sennheiser ew100-ENG G2-MD46 Mic Package now available to purchase on www.dvbuyer.co.uk

Get a MD 46 Reporters Mic when you purchase a Sennheiser ew100-ENG G2 Wireless Microphone System.

Great special offer - buy now while stocks last!!

Call for more info: 01923 712712 or visit www.dvbuyer.co.uk to buy online

Friday 10th October 2008
1:25 pm U.K.


JVC Adopts XDCAM EX Format - FREE KA-MR100 Media recorder when you purchase 1 of 3 JVC GY-HD201 Camcorder Packages.

for more info www.tnpbroadcast.co.uk OR www.dvbuyer.co.uk

CALL: 01923 712712 and ask for sales - dont forget to mention where you saw this advert!


Tuesday 7th October 2008
10:48 am U.K.


Sony UVW-1800P - Low hours from New - In very good working order and cosmetic condition - Ops= 6650 / Drum= 180 / Tape= 70 / Thread= 6050 - Price= 1 ,200. 00 +Sony BVP-950WSP channels - In very good working order and fair cosmetic condition - Each channel comprises: BVP-950WSP + BVF-20WCE + BVF-55CE + CA-570P + CCU-550P + RCP-720 - Price= 12,995.00 + eachSony DVS-7250 - 36input SDI 2ME digital video switcher - In very good working order and cosmetic condition - Price= 12,000.00 +Sony DVS-2000C - 16input SDI digital video switcher - In very good working order and good cosmetic condition - Price= 6,000.00 +Sony DNW-A75P - 4,003hrs from New - Very good head life left - In excellent working order and cosmetic condition - Price= 3,500.00 +Sony DNW-7P - 938hrs from New - In excellent working order and cosmetic condition - Price= 2,750.00 +Sony BVM-20F1E + BKM-20D + BKM-10R - In excellent working order and cosmetic condition - Price= 2,250.00 +Ikegami TM20-80RP - 20in. Broadcast monitor with 2 x SDI, 2 x Component and 3 x Composite inputs - In very good working order and cosmetic condition - Price= 1,250.00 +

Monday 6th October 2008
4:11 pm U.K.


Didn't work? Try sauronbaggins@yahoo.co.uk

Wednesday 1st October 2008
12:35 pm U.K.


Can anyone tell me if I can play NTSC tapes on a UVW-1800P machine? I understand the machine records in PAL but what about just playing an NTSC tape? Thanks for your time!

Thursday 25th September 2008
2:09 pm U.K.


Hi i am looking for an SONY BVW 75P or sony PVW 2800 in an good condition.pls mail me or call me +91 9884084493

Tuesday 9th September 2008
10:08 am U.K.


Wrong enter my email address, broadcast_my@yahoo.com.myFor sell : 2 units PVW-2800P and 1 units BVW-75P. Looking to Buy : 1 units DVW-500P From : LIM

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