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Thursday 23rd March 2017

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Robert Griffin
Friday 18th June 2010
1:37 am U.K.


Hey, I'm having trouble with my Betacam UVW-100p. While getting shots on a bus my camera guy turned quickly and stupidly broke off the battery pack at the back, all the clips and threads were broken. He set me up a make shift system using leads. It worked for a short while but has since stopped. I'm afraid he may have reversed polarities. Is anyone aware if this model has a shut off for such an occurrence or are the entire circuits in the camera fried.

Friday 28th May 2010
8:33 pm U.K.


Hello, i am looking for a couple of DIGITAL S tapes for the JVC D9 format.Please let me know if you have any going cheap.Thanks

Monday 24th May 2010
10:23 am U.K.


Tapes as new in cases SP30 and SP60(about 20 in all) London area 15 the lot.

Tuesday 18th May 2010
11:19 am U.K.


Looking for a used DNW-28P or DNW-25P (or NTSC equiv ) at a sensible price ( 1000 Euro or less ). Please email me if you are selling such a unit. Thanks.

Monday 3rd May 2010
2:42 pm U.K.


The Michael Sellman box adds AFM audio channels 3 & 4, which were never a feature on the UVW and PVW series. The box contains an AFM-1 card (used in the BVW-75P ) and necessary cabling to the vtr, to pick up the chroma head rf, and to the modultor for record. I dont think the vtr itself requires much modification, and i believe some people used to remove the bolt on boxes, as it made the machine look ugly!Sony did make a PCM betacam, the BVW-85P with an add on box PCM-85 (around 1990 i think). The machine had addition PCM heads mounted on the drum. The PCM tracks were recorded in the space occupied by one of the linear tracks. Only about 200 machines were made for the european market and the drums were very expensive, the tolerances much finer, which meant reliabilty and interchange became an issue. I guess with the introduction of digibeta in 1993 and other digital formats, the BVW-85P became obsolete.

Sunday 2nd May 2010
10:31 pm U.K.


John,I have never heard of this modification, could it be some sort of PCM interface?How does it connect to the machine? Any chance of posting some pictures somewhere? I am intrigued!

Friday 30th April 2010
5:12 pm U.K.


Hi Everyone,

I'm new to this, so if anyone can help I would appreciate it.I just bought on Ebay a Sony UVW 1800P VTR. It works fine,but it features a Michael Spellman modification. It has 2 switches, 5 rotary knobs,(2 red,3 white) and 2 analog VU meters. Around the back of the modification are 5 XLR plugs and sockets. This is all fixed on top of the main case. I conclude it is some kind of audiodevice, but I'm not an engineer. It is very well made, looks made for the job.

If anyone can tell me what this device is, or where I can get literature brochure, etc.I'm also trying to aquire a User Manual, either PDF or original, for the UVW 1800P. I've tried all the "free manual" sites to no avail. Any suggestions gratefully received.


Thursday 22nd April 2010
9:01 pm U.K.


Peter, regarding your post a while back about a 1inch forum. I believe there is a facebook user group for owners of 1inch machines, and also a forum on Yahoo.In my opinion, the 2000s are more reliable, though the air threading is a nice feature on the BVH -3000. Some parts are still available from Sony (like pinch rollers) but are expensive. There is a company in the states that can re-tip upper drums and another (Terrys rubber rollers) that can re-manufacture rubber rollers, like pinch rollers. Heads generally do good hours ( 3000 +) though this is dependant on tape stock itself. In theory, used tapes shouldn't be as abrasive as new tapes, but then there's the sticky shed issue with certain older tapes. In terms of archive, i was under the impression that anything important was dubbed to D2 and D3 (BBC) formats in the mid 90's The problem these days is trying to archive these formats to the file based world we live in now. Trying to fix a D3 digital machine needs a slightly different approach to a 1inch machine-and heads aren't available either!

Tuesday 13th April 2010
9:46 pm U.K.



The SL-2000 is a Betamax machine, not Betacam. There are ways to rescue the tape but this will probably require the machine to be taken apart so you can manually unthread and eject the tape.Best to post on the Betamax page, many very helpful people there!

Tuesday 13th April 2010
2:32 pm U.K.


Hi Everyone!

I have a Betacam Portable Video Camera model SL-2000/2001 and the tape is stuck inside. The machine and the picture, sound all works fine including rewind and fastforward. Its just the tape wont eject. It contains old memories and it got stuck while i was transfering the videos to a dvd. Any help or is this the end of the road for this tape? Thanks for any help in advance.AGS

Tuesday 23rd March 2010
8:16 pm U.K.


Sony PVV-1.When a cassette is loaded and either Record or Playback is pressed,it locks up and the alarm sounds.If i FF or REW for a few seconds first,it records and plays fine.Does anyone know what could be wrong?......

Sunday 21st March 2010
12:09 pm U.K.


For Sale - Electronic Visuals EV-4151 Waveform / Vector Monitor Good Condition, sharp beams and no burns on screen. Mains lead included. The waveforms can be displayed as single or parade in both line and field timing. The EV4151 is a six-input waveform monitor intended for use in TV and video systems where analogue component signals are present. The inputs are arranged in two groups of three for use with two sets of component signals though either may be used for composite signals if required. See http://www.electronic-visuals.com/WAVEFORM%20VECTOR/EV-4151spec.pdf for full spec

Tuesday 9th March 2010
4:29 pm U.K.


Used Broadcast Equipment

Sony DVW A500P, 1300 drum hours

Sony J30SDI, 257 drum hours

Sachtler Video 18P Tripod, 2 stage carbon Fibre leg, Floor Spreader, Soft case

Sachtler System 20 SB SL HD MCF - Video 20 Speed Balance Fluid Head + Speed Lock CF HD 2 stage carbon fibre tripod + mid-level spreader + padded bag and a hard case

Sony DSR 1500AP

Please email or call for more info Tel:+44(0)2083396021

Wednesday 17th February 2010
11:24 am U.K.


Tapes as new in cases SP30 and SP60(about 20 in all) London area 20 the lot.

Tuesday 29th December 2009
9:12 pm U.K.


Sony SP30/60 tapes as new in cases (about 20 in all) London area - offers

Michael Perks
Monday 28th December 2009
10:22 am U.K.


I posted this to the Betamax thread which I think was the wrong place, please excuse a double posting. As you will see I don't know about Betamax/cams, just wanted to help.Whilst surfing the net I came across your site. Having bought the contents of the stores of PSL, an audio/visual hire company I have a number of items that might be of interest to you. For instance a head assembly Sony DBH-42AR A-8260-978-A; Sony part DZR-41-R 8-848-579-03; Sony part DBR-40BR A-8260-975-B; Sony part DBR-40R A-8260-975-A. All seem to be new and some are in sealed boxes. Besides these there are a multitude of other bits and pieces, I can e-mail a list if anyone is interested. They are of no use to me and I will be happy to take any offers.

Friday 20th November 2009
12:29 pm U.K.



Sony HDW M2000P

Sony HDW 1800P

Sony JH3

Sony J30SDI

Please let me know if you have any for sale

Call or Email Tel:+44(0)2083396021

edson Mascimbeni
Sunday 15th November 2009
2:26 am U.K.


I have SONY BETA SP VIDEO RECORDER BVW75P AND Looking for someone to look at it and give me an estimate to fixed Fault: playing tape do not have picture only audio. Preferably around London, I'm at south East London

Sunday 8th November 2009
7:05 pm U.K.


Hi and hope anyone reading this are all well , has anyone started an "A" which became "C" format club or chat page for the broadcast one inch reel to reel video systems,dating fron 1966 onwards which was the mainstay of broadcast for 15-20 years i have some SONY BVH 3100'S and AMPEX "A" series Formats etc.. Anyone interested in one inch formats know of any spares or need any tapes copied to DVD or Hardrives for archive? Is anyone interested or is it only me (my wife says its only me!)? Thanks for reading this and any replies? Peter

Chris Margrave-Gregory
Friday 6th November 2009
4:45 pm U.K.


Hi I am currently looking for some DXC D30WSP cameras, if you have some or one and are looking to sell. Then please let me know as we have a up and coming job for them

Many ThanksChris

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