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Thursday 23rd March 2017

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Thursday 2nd December 1999
5:31 pm U.K.


Hi there,does anybody know of good place for buying/selling used betacam equipment?


Monday 29th November 1999
11:38 pm U.K.


Still looking for a book for my BVW25 and a working BVW10, don't need SP replay!!!

Simon Ellis
Wednesday 24th November 1999
10:18 pm U.K.


I hope you will all forgive me. I know that this is a Betacam site but I would like to find a home for my MII AU750's. I have two in good working order complete with a set of extenders, a manual and a spare head.I used a Sony RM450 controller with these and would like to sell the lot together.£700

Tuesday 23rd November 1999
10:32 pm U.K.


dear moviemanthe pvv3p menü user menu,system menu,maintance menuto make settings using the user menu.1-press the menubutton in the tc panel.2-press the advance button repeatedly to change the menu number in the lcd to the required menu number.3-press the shift button to select the menu.the current setting appears and the setting can be changed.4-press shift button to switch to the next portion to set then press the advance button to change the value of the blinking numbers.5-press the reset(menu set)button.the setting is registered and the menu number blinks again.6-press menu button.the lcd returns to the display before the user menu.menu no:101:setting the real time clock and calendermenu no:201:drum run meterpress shift button a:head drumop.hoursb:tape transport hours.c:operating hours(total with power on)

Monday 22nd November 1999
9:13 pm U.K.


Hi all me again, does any one know how to read the hours meter on a PVV3 thanks

Friday 19th November 1999
11:56 pm U.K.


Has the U-matic site run out of space? There's nothing showing since the 15th and I've posted two messages on ther since.http://www.umatic.icom43.net

Friday 19th November 1999
2:21 pm U.K.


hi all has any 1 got a book for the UVW-1800P in Adobe PDF format thanxs

Walter Steenvoorden
Wednesday 17th November 1999
9:19 am U.K.


The Playback error on the BVW2800, maybe a sync problem (getting the frame on tape on time.) In these cases a simple print with a 22nF capicitator can oscilate a sync signal to sync your machine (timeword!) for you. Our you can use a loop thru to the sync video signal in. If you're already synced you could have some severe cable damage or a malfunction on the R-Y/B-Y/C boards, these are far to complex to fix without ferm knoledge of it's board. Best is to let it be serviced. I Record with timeword sync BVW75 (about 12 years of age) and it works perfect. The BVH3100 is a good piece of hardware, skipping and or frame skips has to do with the servo's getting old. I have a BVH3100 (with a Thomson logo) wich i only run on free-run (no t/c) because it's from 1979, and has servo's working like a trabant with a flat tyre.

Tuesday 16th November 1999
10:41 pm U.K.


dear colleages bvh 3100ps a time mode tm1 gives time shifting error .it means when 00 00 00 00 shows starting point of the picture shuttle goes forward and comes back to the starting picture with random delay(eg.5,6,10,15,47...)this problem can be also seen while using cue points.we are for yours advises about solving this poblem.help me please.

Tuesday 16th November 1999
10:21 pm U.K.


hi.after recording or playback pictures with pvw-2800p in studio,try to pb that recording or another record casette pictures and saw drop in pictures.when we stopped in drop time we saw very thin horizantal white or purple lines .when we pb so with these equipments lines sometimes can be seen or not at drop time.metal y do and c do not adjusting(trimpot)help me please.upper drum 400hours.lower drum 400 hours

Steve Woodgate
Tuesday 16th November 1999
8:48 pm U.K.


Hi All, Finally got my BVV! back end working with a 3 tube front end, now can go shoot piccys, pity the BVW25 is up the creek so can't replay anything.....!!!!!I may have a book for a DXC537, will look in the manual store, what do you need to know????Has anyone got a book for the BVW25 that I can look at??? think I have a servo fault...


Tuesday 16th November 1999
3:27 pm U.K.


Dear colleagues! Does anybody know where I can find technical service manual for Sony dxc 537?

Tom Mountford
Monday 15th November 1999
8:06 pm U.K.


Hi there Movieman,

I had this problem when I first tried plugging composite to a beta. There is a way to sync the machine without an SPG, both the ref and video inputs on the UVW decks have loop-thrus, simply plug the looped output of the composite input to the reference input - remembering to switch off the composite video termination. The machine will then sync itself.

Monday 15th November 1999
12:54 pm U.K.


Question, I have some old vhs tapes which i need to dump down onto beta sp i have a uvw1800P Whats the best way to do this if it can be done i have tried using the ref input but keep getting lines and bad colour thank you

Merijn van den Berg
Monday 15th November 1999
4:04 am U.K.


Hi there People,

Does anyone know where I can buy a cheap BetaSP player?!



Tom Mountford
Tuesday 9th November 1999
6:15 pm U.K.


Evenin' all -

Phew! Pressure now off, I was still rewinding the masters as the courier came to collect them - was working on it until four this morning, but I have a Burger King on the doorstep so I keep myself going! <g>

I've been getting an ocassional problem with the UVW1400, when I plug a composite input and loop it through to the reference I've sometimes been getting an 'ERROR 93-000' warning on the display, the pictures rolls and it prompts me to contact service (great way for Sony to make money eh!) the problem often goes when I switch the deck off then on again - anyone know what the 93-000 error is?


Dave Johnston
Sunday 7th November 1999
3:04 pm U.K.


Greetings from Bonnie Scotland to all you BetaPeople!

Great site, I've been hoping for something like this for ages.You see, I have a problem ...

I got a great bargain on a used BVW35 portable - low hours,one careful owner. Unfortunately it's now developed a problem.Whenever I attempt to insert a tape it only makes it halfwaythrough the tape wind-up process before coming to a halt and giving a 'tape slack' warning.

I sent it to my local service engineer who couldn't trace the faultexcept to tell me that all the motors, servos, etc. all seemed to be OK. To make matters worse when I sent it to Sony Broadcast in the UK - it worked fine! They kept it on the test bench for 2 weeks andcouldn't get it to repeat the fault. Of course when I got it back homeit fell over in a week ...

Has anyone out there heard of this problem. If you can give me a suggestion then I would be grateful (We make some lovely Malt Whiskyround these here parts.)


Dave J.

Tom Mountford
Saturday 6th November 1999
8:17 pm U.K.


Howde John!

All the best experts begin as enthusiasts, it's great to have the time to play around and experiment with ideas without the pressure or tight deadlines and clients to please (I was in the suite 'til 2AM this morning). During the day I'm an editor on corporate videos for national companies (in Discreet edit*/combustion*). In the evenings I work on my own video projects and am a bit of a Kenny Everett (have you heard of him over there?) when it comes to short animations, stings and stuff like that. I'm saving to take my personal system up to realtime and get a DVCam to go with it, at the moment it's lashed up to any old VT that's working. I'd love a 9000 series, or even a BVU-970... pretty damn sexy looking piece of hardware.

Hi Movieman - There's a thing I saw in a magazine recently called a universal mounting plate that's supposed to fit any camera, it's a bit pricy but may be easier that trying to find the actual model for the Ikky.

Friday 5th November 1999
12:09 pm U.K.


hi all does any one know where i can get a tripod plate for a IkegamiHC-00 Iknows it's old but i lot my last one on location. thanks

Thursday 4th November 1999
12:57 pm U.K.


what do I use my series 2 stuff for?

I do a wedding or two, and 5 or 6 years ago I got fairly good results out of them, but since have moved up in the world to a dv camcorder and PC, im just an enthusiast, not an expert.

To tell the truth I have a pair of 2850's on their sides in the shed, one good unit, one which is past it, with an old door sitting onthem for an extra work bench. Apart from that I have a mint 2650 which sits next to a few old betamax's and vhs's which I use when people ask me to convert tapes.

Apart from that in my kit room I now have a pair of vp-5040 's and a vo-5630, I find they give fantastic results for dubbing from DV and using as a master for mass VHS slave copies, just a pity about the 1hour limit, but that rarely bothers me.

Would love to get my hands on a 5800 or 5850, or even a 9000 series recorder...if one presented itself for a good price in AUstralia...

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