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Wednesday 29th March 2017

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Walter Steenvoorden
Tuesday 4th January 2000
12:54 pm U.K.


You can get near BVW Betacam type of picture with a 3 chip FIT camera connected to a BVU150P with t/c. I once got a kind of jelous reaction reaction from a guy stunned that my U-wrap SP exceeded the qaulity and drop out ratio of his EVW-300 Hi8 one-piece machine (wich has the same chipset as the UVW-100 ). I just used a normal JVC KY19B with a 26 pin connected to the BVU 150P. Some Betacam decks have a U-matic DUB in. Also most outputs on the BVU-series are more balanced then the ones used on Hi8 and SVHS, especially the XLR's and composite out.M-II is great, infact the qaulity exceeds Betacam SP. The recording system works almost the same, with 3 components and FM audio. When used for PAL or video to film, the difference is not that noticeable. When used for NTSC M-II gives more colour and slighty more resolution. M-II fathered D-3 and D-5 wich lost the format war again to Sony's Digital Betacam. Panasonic is now finally beating Sony in a format war DVCPRO outsells Betacam SX 4 to 1.

Rein Oosterling
Tuesday 4th January 2000
7:02 am U.K.


Hi Jon,

Servicing MII isn't a problem because I am a technician. Parts, I don't know. Maybe. I read somewhere that TVNZ was or still is using MII next to Betacam.

Good to know that the U-matic gear I am using is capable of giving a better picture with another camera. I allways thought that the composite way of recording and editing is the bottleneck.


Jon Slade
Monday 3rd January 2000
8:08 pm U.K.



I haven't used MII at all, but what I do know is that because it was never the most popular format ever, it is not only difficult to get hold of these days, but when you do it is cheap.

So if you are looking for low cost, then used MII kit might be an option, but I would suggest that you may have more problems getting it serviced and parts/tapes etc. I am not saying it was inferior, it's just that BetaSP won that format war. As I understand it MII was used for many years to record programmes such as "The Bill" in the UK.

I used to use a DXC3000 and an M7 connected to a VO8800, and the M7 always came out on top - as reflected in the Spec.

Of course if you are looking for a new camera, the DXC D30P is an exceptional piece of kit for the cost (c. £6k) Digital, Widescreen, Dockable to anything and has a few features such as file setups etc.


Gary Bruton
Sunday 2nd January 2000
11:57 am U.K.


Dear Friends,

I'm sorry this is long but it take some time to explain. Is there anyone out there in cyberspace willing to help over 650 people in need? I work for an orphanage in Pattaya, Thailand where Iím trying to produce video features to generate donations for the 178 orphans and the 450 students involved. The organization has grown from a small orphanage to include a blind school with 122 students from ages six to twenty-one and a school for deaf children with fifty-seven students. In 1987 a vocational school for young disabled adults that teaches computer sciences and repair was established with 189 students from the ages of18 to 35. In addition to the orphanage and schools the group also supports a Stateless Old Peopleís Home with up to fifteen residents and a Street Kidís Home with an average of about seventy-three boys in one home and about twenty girls at another location.

Five years ago a group in England donated a Betacam editing system to our organization. For four years Iíve been operating the system and editing feature that have helped get contributions for the orphans and disabled students. However, lately Iíve been having trouble with the system and getting maintenance support from Sony (Thailand) is difficult if not impossible. I have the operator manuals for this equipment but I need maintenance manuals. I have an oscilloscope and with the manuals I could keep the equipment running with spare parts ordered from Sony in Japan. When operating the Betacam editing equipment works well and the programming looks good. Iíd like to keep it running for another five year if possible and with the maintenance manuals I feel I can.

If anyone know where I can get or have sent to me the maintenance manuals for the following Betacam editing equipment: videocassette player model BVW-10P, videocassette recorder model BVW-40P and the editing control unit model BE -800. Thank you in advance for your time and any information you can provide. Remember that your information can help over 650 orphans and disabled students.

Sincerely Yours,

Gary T. Brutonbruton@rvsd.ac.th orgbruton@loxinfo.co.th

Saturday 1st January 2000
8:13 am U.K.


hi!,I am preparing a course material for Betacam servicing ( bothj the recorder and the cammera), I would like to have all the help and resources avbl from the web!, please do help me,.Iam still anovice in the subject,.

Rein Oosterling
Friday 31st December 1999
9:14 pm U.K.



Thanks for your responce. You are right. It will be a lot of money changing to component. But I hope, that with more people changing to non lineair, lineair equipment will get cheaper.

I am a little surprised about what you said about the camera. When I compare my DXC -3000 picture with for instance a Panasonic AJ-D400 I can't see that much differance. OK, the DXC needs twice as much light. And I never was able to compare them closely.I sure will take a closer look to other cameras when I get a chance. Dockable would be nice. The DXC -3000 with the VO-8800 is bulky. The other camera I have (Panasonic WV-F200) is also very old and the picture is slightly less in colour detail compared to the DXC -3000.

I am also interested in the difference between MII and Betacam. When I look at the technical specification I can't see much differance. So if there is somebody out there with both Betacam and MII experience I would like to hear about it.


Jon Slade
Friday 31st December 1999
12:52 pm U.K.



The pro's of Betacam SP are obvious. Unfortunatly, the con's are mainly price. As is clear from previous posts on this site, everybody wants something for nothing, or as close to nothing as they can.

Once you have got the decks, component peripherals such as vision mixers are also more expensive - because they are still in common use today. However, you should still get a good image using BetaSP, even in composite.

Although, with the kit you have, a DXC3000 is a little dated by todays standard (it was Sony's first 3CCD camera in 1985), and even an old BVP7 would get you much better images at High Band leval at a good used price. Better still if it were docked to a BVV1 oxide recorder, which are going begging today.

So basically, my advice is to change the camera side first, as better pictures in, better pictures out...


Rein Oosterling
Thursday 30th December 1999
9:54 pm U.K.


Hi all. I am using BVU -950 machines now. The recording side is a VO-8800 and DXC -3000 camera (YC-4.43 MHZ). I am very pleased with the original picture quality. But I think that too much of the quality gets lost in the editing proces.I have already looked at a few JVC-KRM -800 machines because they were really cheap. I didn't buy them because new heads were about NZ$ 3500 each. One reason why I bought the BVU -950 's is because heads are roughly NZ$ 700.I replaced VO-9850 heads after 3500 hours of use, so they can last reasonably long. When I read this site I saw figures of 600 hours. I read that Betacam heads are also expensive.To make a long story short: In the future I would like to use component equipment.I would like to hear from people who can tell me the pro's and con's of MII and Betacam SP. By the way, I don't want to go non lineair yet. For the short productions I make it is not faster and I don't need special effects. I like the user friendly lineair system I am using now.Rein

Tuesday 28th December 1999
7:11 pm U.K.


Hello There,

I have about 10 hours of Betacam sp ntsc show footage that I need to convert to something that we can edit, digital etc.Does anyone have a machine available to download it for a reasonable price? Its urgent!

I,m in Devon UK



Mirela gheorghiu Krehan
Tuesday 21st December 1999
10:39 pm U.K.


Hello!I want to buy a magnetoscope betacam recorder SP PAL UVW-1400 very used and with many hours of function because my budget is limited (aprox.2000$-2500$).Does anywhone where it is possible to found this beta?I need very much and I do not want warranty and I accept to buy with the heads drum very used,older.Please, help me with an adress,e-mail.Thank you! E-mail to: mirela.gh@usa.net

Winni Firneisen
Monday 20th December 1999
4:26 pm U.K.


Greetings from Tokyo. Would appreciate some advice / hints on a special for sale item (job cancelled) : Sony DNW A 220P Beta SX Laptop editor in original sony box, 197/170 hrs only,cosmetical 10 of 10, Sony check dec 15th-flawless. PAL SP+SX to PAL SX, NTSC SP+SX to NTSC SX,SDI in/outs, composite in/outs, lcd monitors, audiomixer built in,RS 422s...list over 30000 USD for sale immediately @ 15800 USD. Where would be the best place to advertise this unit for sale?All the best and thank you for your attention and may be your ideasinterscreen Japan Y.K., direct e-mail: ntscasia@aol.comWinni

Walter Steenvoorden
Friday 17th December 1999
12:40 pm U.K.


I think that the servo's or the tape transport has passed out. Most of the times this means that new parts and an engineer are needed. Most BVW-10's and BVW-40 machines have troubles with their transport mechie after 8 to 10 years of heavy service. Editing is still posible with 2 VTR's, but won't a non-linear system (Windows NT, Adobe premiere and a component video capture board) be way better. 20 GB 10K RPM disc and a 800 Mhz are just about standard on any low budget win NT workstation. And besides most companies expect you to work non linear these days. By using a computer editing instead of a 3 machines linear setup, you will extend the life of your VTR's and you can put the character , chromakey and framestore machines up for sale, and increase qaulity at the same time

Gary Bruton
Friday 17th December 1999
11:19 am U.K.


Dear Friends,

I'm here in Pattaya Beach, Thailand sitting in my studio trying to get this old BVW-10P to operate. Does anyone know how I can get my hands on a maintenance manual for the BVW-10P or BVW-40P?

I've gone to Sony in Bangkok but they refuse to help or send their people to repair the equipment. Pattaya is about a two hour drive from Bangkok and they say it's to far and the equipments' to old so I should buy new. Well, I'd love to but I work with the local orphanage and they or I can't afford new equipment so I'm stuck with the Sony equipment I have. But, I also need to produce videos that the orphanage can use to get donations and the only way I can do that is if I can get this old equipment repaired.

Right now the systems consists of two BVW-10Ps, the Editing Control Unit (BVE -800 ) and the BVW-40P recorder. Everything works except the #1 BVW-10P player. It turns "on" and will eject but it won't play, rewind or fast forward.

Does anyone out there know the problem and what I can be done to get it operating again? I've got 172 orphans waiting to see the video feature I'm doing about them. I sure Hope someone can help!

I should be at the beach, not in this studio! I'll check back tomorrow. Thanks!

Best regards,

Gary T. Brutongbruton@loxinfo.co.th

klaus carstens
Tuesday 14th December 1999
6:49 pm U.K.


Hi outthere speacilly.Alan i got on the site even it was not offically online throgh a link on the Betamax Pal site.After some time of hard work i have now time to enjoy this growing and usefull site.Toms question.Large Oxide tapes were made for the migration from Beta to Beta SP, the BVW 70, 75 machines can record and playbackon both kinds of tapes,in NTSC you will almost see no difference in Performance of Beta to Beta SP but in Pal you see it.As on the first days of Beta SP you had more non SP machunes in the Facillites as SP ones,threfore the first Productions were run on Oxide Tapes even on SP Machines,on the otherhand SP Tapes were very expensive that time.,Klaus

Sunday 12th December 1999
3:21 am U.K.


does anyone know were i could get some spec's on the sony bvw-125p and an indication of what they are worth?


motasim aljeally
Saturday 11th December 1999
11:28 pm U.K.


any one want to sell a BVW75 beta we are readyto buy one please contact:zarroug@yazol.com

Jon Slade
Wednesday 8th December 1999
9:29 am U.K.


Hi Randy (?!),

Your problem sounds to me like a good-old head clog on the SP heads.

Give the deck a good wet-clean and it'll probably be OK.


Tuesday 7th December 1999
5:43 am U.K.


i have some betacam SX a45's. the playback of the sp tape is messed up. the video playback is flashing, and grey bars appear when the i try to suttle. i think it might be the head stack, the sp heads are seperate heads and this would not affect the video on sx. my coworkers think it's the DM-89 card. i appericate any help you can give.

Cris Wyly
Monday 6th December 1999
9:56 am U.K.


Looking to buy Sony PVW 2600 PAL or Sony UVW 1200 /1400A PAL.

Thursday 2nd December 1999
5:31 pm U.K.


Hi there,does anybody know of good place for buying/selling used betacam equipment?


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