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Wednesday 29th March 2017

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Thursday 3rd February 2000
2:57 pm U.K.


Hi ,Can anyone tell me 1. If I have beta vtr with pal /ntsc option... whenevr I switch over would I get pal outputs or ntsc outputs? Say I have one ntsc/pal bvw vtr & wanna transfer to pal on bvw 70. . If I don't have ntsc-pal convertor..is it possible?2. what are the other sites (or chat sites)which can put help for repaire or informations regarding pal editing equipments?regards

Wednesday 2nd February 2000
7:14 pm U.K.


sell bvw40 sp-modif. good condition (side cover removed becaus 19" use)in germany. if you are interestet mail me.

we also repair older machines (heads and mech. parts)even umaitc

great site anyway al

Wednesday 2nd February 2000
2:34 pm U.K.


Hi there,does anybody know of good places in Europe to sell used betacam equipment - BVW-70, BVW-35 and other stuffgreetingtorben

Alan Chong
Monday 17th January 2000
8:08 am U.K.


Hi and Happy New Year to all of u !

I'm looking for the multi-pin configuration for Sony Betacam Play Back Adaptor VA 300/500. Can anyone help me out ?

Thanks in advance

Alan Chong

Sunday 16th January 2000
10:25 pm U.K.


Hi there, i am after the following boards for a BVW-75P i am trying to fix. TBC-8P/TBC-12P, TBC-7P, DM-56 and DEC-20/DEC-46. If anyone has these boards (working or not)kicking around in a cupboard i am interested. Machines after serial no:12548 were fitted with a TBC-12 board (so an SDI output kit could be fitted), the DEC-20 board was also updated to a DEC-46 after serial no:11928. If anyone has updated a machine and still has the earlier boards kicking around-i am interested.Many thanks-James.

Thursday 13th January 2000
1:41 pm U.K.


I'm a student that have to design a TV set. The set have 3 cameras and 5 microphones. I know that a video recorder, player and editor, also a switcher, ... but I need that anyone tells me a basic system of a TV set.Thanks for your help.Manuel.

Thursday 13th January 2000
1:02 pm U.K.


I am looking for the pinout of the standard 26 pin camera/vtr connector. Thanks for your time.

Walter Steenvoorden
Monday 10th January 2000
9:05 am U.K.


You'll need a widget or a DV-in activation, this means that indeed a chip needs to be reprogrammed. This algrorytm is the ALMOST the same for both PAL and NTSC camcorders, but the software is the same, PAL or NTSC is to be selected. A Widget is a chip wich reroutes the data and emulates a DV-in on some brands. Most camcorders just need an activation, wich works almost the same as unlocking a cell phone, the firmware is overwritten.

Ken Campbell
Monday 10th January 2000
5:24 am U.K.


I have a Panasonic DV Cam NV-EX1 in PAL its a great little camera that I bought in the UK, I hooked it up via firewire to an IMac to do a basic edit which was fine but when i went to export the image back to the camnera is said no can do ! Is there any way I can get the chip re-programmed to accept the inbound signal ?I live in the San Francisco area but would be happy to ship the camera back to the UKI hope there is someone out ther that can do thisThanksKC

Sunday 9th January 2000
3:30 am U.K.


Looking for the handle for a BVP-30/BVV1a and the Connector Cover for Sony BVP-30, Sony part #3-685-128-02



Hi-Tech Trading Company
Thursday 6th January 2000
6:30 pm U.K.


NEW Sony BVV-5/PS....$7,900 US. Hello PAL users. I hope it's OK to offer an item for sale. This is an extraordinary deal on a brand new Sony BVV-5/PS PAL dockable Beta SP recorder. We are Sony dealers in Florida, so, we usually sell only NTSC, but we have a PAL BVV-5/PS for immediate sale. This unit is the latest current model, new in sealed carton. Regular price is well over $16,000. Anyone interested in saving over 50% on a new Sony BVV-5/PS, please feel free to contact us by email: hte@videoequipment.com or check out our site at http://www.videoequipment.com

Thank you,Joe ReinhardtHi-Tech Trading Company

Walter Steenvoorden
Thursday 6th January 2000
10:35 am U.K.


The PVW series use the BKW-2030 plug in card to have a DUB in out, it's optional. The BKW-2030 also works with BVW series machines. The thing with your machine probally was a incorrect jumpered BKW-2030 or a fauly cable. Sometimes you can jumperset the BKW to emphas on Hi 8 modulated dubbing or swap component with composite (i don't know why people would do such a thing). The 2600/2650/2800/2850 take in the BKW board, the 2400 (a kind of BVW22 only produced in NTSC as far as i'm aware of it) can't take one

Jon Slade
Thursday 6th January 2000
9:02 am U.K.


To my knowledge, PVW machines (ie 2600, 2650 & 2800's) DO have a U-matic dub connector fitted. However, I once tried this with a 2600P & VO9850, and only got monochrome pictures. Dunno if this was expected or not, but I didn't persist because I was only curious. Maybe it only works with BVU decks.


Walter Steenvoorden
Wednesday 5th January 2000
11:40 am U.K.


The BVW40P has a U-matic DUB, i have one in the tape room fitted with an SP kit. I also have had a magnetic end of tape warning system installed aswell as 2 dolby noice reducers boards fitted with DSP's. The BVW40P is only used to aquire stuff from U-matic and playback stuff shot on SP-camcorders. Also BVW60 /65/70/75/85 and some PVW models can be fitted with an optional U-matic DUB board, i don't know if its around anymore, i do know that it was fitted standard on the BVW40P and on some 1 inch models (BVU was used for ENG and then copied over to 1 inch for broadcast playback). Or you could try a For-A converter, they give perfect realtime conversion to everything wich is plugged in, it's compatible with S-VHS Betacam DUB U-matic DUB Component Composite SDI (17 to 50 megabits) 26 pin and those big D-1 25 pin connectors. It's a 4 unit high 19 inch box wich can plug in converter boards who carry connectors. It gives a time word out to resync audio and has been my biggest help in the studio, besides the coffee machine and the micromave hahaha

Rein Oosterling
Tuesday 4th January 2000
8:33 pm U.K.


Hi Walter,

Is there a Betacam with Y/C-924 dub connection? I know of HI-8 with Y/C-924 connections but I am disappointed in HI-8 performance. The bandwith is higher and the noise figures about the same compared with U-Matic(SP). When I look at the pictures I think the U-matic picture is much better and my HI-8 tapes have too many drop-outs although I use professional tapes.If there is a Betacam with a Y/C-924 connection I sure would like to know which model(s).


Walter Steenvoorden
Tuesday 4th January 2000
12:54 pm U.K.


You can get near BVW Betacam type of picture with a 3 chip FIT camera connected to a BVU150P with t/c. I once got a kind of jelous reaction reaction from a guy stunned that my U-wrap SP exceeded the qaulity and drop out ratio of his EVW-300 Hi8 one-piece machine (wich has the same chipset as the UVW-100 ). I just used a normal JVC KY19B with a 26 pin connected to the BVU 150P. Some Betacam decks have a U-matic DUB in. Also most outputs on the BVU-series are more balanced then the ones used on Hi8 and SVHS, especially the XLR's and composite out.M-II is great, infact the qaulity exceeds Betacam SP. The recording system works almost the same, with 3 components and FM audio. When used for PAL or video to film, the difference is not that noticeable. When used for NTSC M-II gives more colour and slighty more resolution. M-II fathered D-3 and D-5 wich lost the format war again to Sony's Digital Betacam. Panasonic is now finally beating Sony in a format war DVCPRO outsells Betacam SX 4 to 1.

Rein Oosterling
Tuesday 4th January 2000
7:02 am U.K.


Hi Jon,

Servicing MII isn't a problem because I am a technician. Parts, I don't know. Maybe. I read somewhere that TVNZ was or still is using MII next to Betacam.

Good to know that the U-matic gear I am using is capable of giving a better picture with another camera. I allways thought that the composite way of recording and editing is the bottleneck.


Jon Slade
Monday 3rd January 2000
8:08 pm U.K.



I haven't used MII at all, but what I do know is that because it was never the most popular format ever, it is not only difficult to get hold of these days, but when you do it is cheap.

So if you are looking for low cost, then used MII kit might be an option, but I would suggest that you may have more problems getting it serviced and parts/tapes etc. I am not saying it was inferior, it's just that BetaSP won that format war. As I understand it MII was used for many years to record programmes such as "The Bill" in the UK.

I used to use a DXC3000 and an M7 connected to a VO8800, and the M7 always came out on top - as reflected in the Spec.

Of course if you are looking for a new camera, the DXC D30P is an exceptional piece of kit for the cost (c. £6k) Digital, Widescreen, Dockable to anything and has a few features such as file setups etc.


Gary Bruton
Sunday 2nd January 2000
11:57 am U.K.


Dear Friends,

I'm sorry this is long but it take some time to explain. Is there anyone out there in cyberspace willing to help over 650 people in need? I work for an orphanage in Pattaya, Thailand where Iím trying to produce video features to generate donations for the 178 orphans and the 450 students involved. The organization has grown from a small orphanage to include a blind school with 122 students from ages six to twenty-one and a school for deaf children with fifty-seven students. In 1987 a vocational school for young disabled adults that teaches computer sciences and repair was established with 189 students from the ages of18 to 35. In addition to the orphanage and schools the group also supports a Stateless Old Peopleís Home with up to fifteen residents and a Street Kidís Home with an average of about seventy-three boys in one home and about twenty girls at another location.

Five years ago a group in England donated a Betacam editing system to our organization. For four years Iíve been operating the system and editing feature that have helped get contributions for the orphans and disabled students. However, lately Iíve been having trouble with the system and getting maintenance support from Sony (Thailand) is difficult if not impossible. I have the operator manuals for this equipment but I need maintenance manuals. I have an oscilloscope and with the manuals I could keep the equipment running with spare parts ordered from Sony in Japan. When operating the Betacam editing equipment works well and the programming looks good. Iíd like to keep it running for another five year if possible and with the maintenance manuals I feel I can.

If anyone know where I can get or have sent to me the maintenance manuals for the following Betacam editing equipment: videocassette player model BVW-10P, videocassette recorder model BVW-40P and the editing control unit model BE -800. Thank you in advance for your time and any information you can provide. Remember that your information can help over 650 orphans and disabled students.

Sincerely Yours,

Gary T. Brutonbruton@rvsd.ac.th orgbruton@loxinfo.co.th

Saturday 1st January 2000
8:13 am U.K.


hi!,I am preparing a course material for Betacam servicing ( bothj the recorder and the cammera), I would like to have all the help and resources avbl from the web!, please do help me,.Iam still anovice in the subject,.

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