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Thursday 23rd February 2017

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Saturday 29th April 2000
10:12 am U.K.


Who want to buy second-hand upper-drums of a UVW-1600 and/or UVW-1800? These drums came out of the recorders after periodic maintenance.

Dan Tamburello
Tuesday 25th April 2000
4:49 am U.K.


I have a BVW 75 for sale. It is in good condition and ready to put intoservice. Please email with inquries. It will have to be shipped across the pond!

Walter Steenvoorden
Monday 24th April 2000
11:48 am U.K.


Not only does PAL have more resolution then NTSC also it's framerate is at 25 fps. Being only 4% away from the SMPTE 24 fps standard. DV is becoming populair. Since most DV camcorders have a amateur lens on them there unusbale for film. I know of a lens ring for the well known and widly used Canon XL-1 to mount 16mm lenses and filters on it. Making it a good low budget digital film camera. Also a more professional machine such as a DSR-500P or a HL-V77 can give excellent digital film like preformance with the right lens. Also "moulding" colour scales and light effects when editing provides a way better film look for video material. Be sure not to amp the CCD section above 0db or exceed it's low level (picture noise level!). Picture noise can be removed on an avid, but it also narrows down your colour spectrum

Monday 24th April 2000
11:28 am U.K.


Need some advice from other pro's. I want to shoot a feature and haveit "filmlooked". I've been told that PAL is inherently a sharper image that NTSC (100 lines or so), and wanted to use that over DV. I've been editing dv for a while already. No matter what dv camera that footage is shot with, it resolves at 500 lines, right? But Ihear a lot of you say you'd use it over Beta PAL? Really?...Seems to me it's bigger bandwidth AND 250 more broadcast lines.

David Olaoye
Monday 24th April 2000
9:48 am U.K.


Dear SIr/Ma,

Could you please furnish me with the information on where ( a company)I can transfer a S-VHS video programme to a Beta SP format especially in London area.

With thanks.

Sunday 23rd April 2000
8:57 pm U.K.


Dear colleagues!Does anybody know where i can find technical service manual for IKEGAMI HL 53.Thanks in advanceDarko

Friday 21st April 2000
10:07 am U.K.


good day i need free short course sony digital betacam sp camera.so i need how can soot .operation .anything about sony betacam sp camera and good experience at camera.

mardi .from sudan

Walter Steenvoorden
Tuesday 18th April 2000
12:24 pm U.K.


Failures on powersupplies.... well i once blew up a Sony BVP charger, i think that i devistated over 4 BP-1 chargers. And to top it of i once gotten a 220V "greeting" from CCU.

Mark Vinall
Tuesday 18th April 2000
11:14 am U.K.


I am gathering information on the number of power supplies (dc-dc converters)that have failed on any of the following cameras, Digital Betacam or Betacam SX

If you've had a problem could you give me an idea of how many you have come accross any that have failed either on one or more occasions.

yours sincerely Mark VinallLighting Cameraman / DOP

Monday 17th April 2000
5:39 pm U.K.


Check out this cool site, these guys can supply Sony parts and repair almost any SONY product http://www.bbcinc.tv

GREAT SITE design!!!!

Th. Scheben
Sunday 9th April 2000
9:06 am U.K.


Hallo Kollegen ,

Ich habe einen DVCAM Dock-Rekorder Sony DSR1 Pal und würde diesen gerne eintauschen gegen einen Betacam SP SONY PVV3 Pal Der DSR1 P hat folgende Stunde Gelaufen: Drum Spin = 404 HTape Run = 118 HOperation = 655 HOptischer Zustand 1- bis 2 Hat ein paar Kratzer auf dem Kassettendeckel .

und wie schon oben gesagt Tausch gegen einen Gleichwertigen Sony PVV 3 Pal Der Gebraucht wert dürfte ja derselbe sein.Leider möchte der Großteil der Kundschaft immer noch Betacam SP Vorteil der DVCAM ist bis zu 3 Stunden Digitale Aufzeichnung auf ein Tape .P.S. der Dsr wurde gerade erst durch autorisierte Werkstatt durchgesehen .

GrußTh. Scheben

Ryan Godard
Sunday 9th April 2000
5:03 am U.K.


JVC dv500E (pal) for sale, only 6 months old/ 20 running hours. Purchased for documentary project, now I need a film camera. Package includes the following:-JVC DV500E Body-17X Fujinon lens-Viewfinder-Audio Technica Phantom mic-sennheiser digital wireless mic-Libec fluid head/tripod-Battery charger w/ 4 batts-Porta brace soft casePaid $11,000 will trade for Arri 16s package or best offer.

Saturday 8th April 2000
8:54 pm U.K.


Habe gebrauchte BetacamSP Tapes zu verkaufen von Sony,BASF ,FUJI, und Ampex sehr gute Qualität zum stückpreis von 10 DM.

Dejan Milovanovic
Tuesday 4th April 2000
6:31 pm U.K.


I'm interesting to buy DXC-D30P with BeacamSP recorder, and other equipment(tripod,mic,bateries(Li),...). If posible used camera.Thanks!

Backporch Broadcast
Sunday 2nd April 2000
6:57 pm U.K.


We are a full service Betacam repair depot located in Winder, Georgia USA. We have many PAL mounted circuit boards for all Betacam products. Please visit our site at Http://www.bbcinc.tv.

Thank you

Walter Steenvoorden
Sunday 2nd April 2000
10:36 am U.K.


There's a very simple way to get a BVW75 to run at DT speeds, with a TTL (transistor to transitor, all pins adressedm with no crossings) logic control cable from a 9 pin RS 232 to the RS 422 in,you can adress DT commands. Programms to do so can be found at tucows and are free of charge. The search dial on a BVW 75 from the latest revision can also search at DT speeds (The pot meters on them are the same as the ones on the digital decks)

Bob Bridges
Sunday 2nd April 2000
9:00 am U.K.


I want to use a BVW75P or a PVW2800 to play back at various speeds. I am currently (as I type!) playing with a BVW75 but the control available to the 'stand alone' machine only gives me the preset 0.03, 0.1, 0.5, 1 & 2x speed options. As I don't want to go to the expense of hiring in an edit controller, is there any other method of accessing the ability to program the machine with more precise percentage settings?

Any help or advice appreciated.

Dayahn Cornelius
Sunday 2nd April 2000
5:39 am U.K.


Hello,Does anyone have a Betacam SP 600 for sale.

phil smith
Sunday 2nd April 2000
12:38 am U.K.



My production company is looking to buy a betacam, 2nd hand. I really need some advice on any internet sites where I can see and maybe buy a camera - or where I should look for a safe and fair deal on a camera.

We are looking to spend around US$10,000 - and maybe get a lens as well. what sort of betacam would i get for those dollars. big point: i need a PAL camera.

thanks for any help


Pete Coburn
Saturday 1st April 2000
4:33 pm U.K.


i have a rackmounting kit for an old bvw10, long departed, if anyone is interested. You never know it may mit a maore recent machine...

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