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Wednesday 29th March 2017

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Monday 22nd January 2001
9:46 pm U.K.


I'm looking for a PAL Betacam player/recorder (1800/2800)

Monday 22nd January 2001
9:19 pm U.K.


Hi,I am looking for pricing for a Sony digital betacam deck DVWA500 model. It is @4 years old and not refurbished. I can't get a good handle on what it's value is. Can anyone help?

Cheers, Michele

Monday 22nd January 2001
5:34 pm U.K.


Hi,I want some PAL MII equipment urgently. I'm based in Scotland. If you can help then please get in touch with me as soon as you can with details of the equipment you have. I'm looking for studio vtrs if possible - sensible prices though!


Friday 19th January 2001
5:37 am U.K.


I wanna Buy a Second Hand/New SP BVW-75 Wanna Know from where to get it

Wednesday 17th January 2001
2:17 pm U.K.



Plz help me out i have a BVS3200CP component video switcher,when i perform dissolve operation a vertical shift is coming in video and also a white flash .Can anybody help me to fix this problem??

James Burch
Monday 15th January 2001
9:01 pm U.K.


BVW-65P complete drum assy (brand new & boxed) available 750.Bvw-10p maintenance manual 30, also some BVW boards and spares available.

Monday 15th January 2001
12:26 pm U.K.


I am a uvw1400 deck for sale any good place I can list it to sell? any help would be great.

Monday 15th January 2001
10:18 am U.K.



Mike Gianutsos
Sunday 14th January 2001
10:58 pm U.K.


Greetings...I have repair parts for a BVW-75P VTR. Specifically, I have a new upper drum (A-6762-404-A) and also a new entire drum ass'y (A-8260-638-B). I won't be using either of them and would like to sell. Anyone interrested?

Paul Thomas
Sunday 14th January 2001
4:28 pm U.K.


Hello, I am looking to buy a good used Sony D30 or D35 in order to do a spring upgrade of my kit. Also wanted is a PAG AR124 charger & IDX Li-ion NP1 charger. Email me with details

Sunday 14th January 2001
12:58 pm U.K.


I have a BVW-75P and would like to know how to get vitc timecode out of it. Or how to record one on to tape with out affecting the video. Can anyone please help me?

P.S. I've just ordered a user manual but won't get it for a while, will that tell me how to do it?

Thanks, James

Al Hanson
Sunday 14th January 2001
10:44 am U.K.


I have a Sony Beta tape (NOT Betacam) on which there is about 5 minutes of my wedding, copied in 1978 from my 8mm cine camera. My Beta video player died years ago & I defected to VHS. I would like to copy my wedding onto a VHS tape. Can anyone help me, or direct me somewhere? I know there are commercial transfer companies, but the content/quality of the tape does not justify that sort of spending.

Francis X. Gentile
Friday 12th January 2001
4:41 am U.K.


From: "FrancisX Gentile" <spylab@netzero.net>

I am about to open up a BVV 5 that I bought on ebay to clean away its glitchy picture and try a few things to waste time and prove I am a dork.1.New line in audio that bypasses micpreamp and bogus "line" attenuator2.Adjust the AFM pots so it has the same headroom "0vu" as the line tracks3.Optimize battery warning shut off levels4.some kind of playback tap5.Yuvsync outs

1.there are test points and a Pcboard to pcboard jumper point that make the line in pretty easy it seems. One test specs is at at 4db for a mic in at -30 tone, a -5db spec for a 4db tone input with line attenuator. The mackie outs are 0 and +4 so one of them should be bout right.(page 10-3 in manual) If 4db is 1.23 volts rms? could the preamps tolerate having that crammed backwards into them or must a cut off switch be included, it would be so much easier to hook onto test points TP102/202 and leave it at that.(why? you ask,I have recorded mixer straight to a edit deck and compared it with mixer to camera, camera blatantly worse) 2.Sony apparently messed up the AFM OVU so a magazine guru says practice is "10VU". If the camera were tweaked to 0vu mackie levels it would be easier to use the AFM as at least back up tracks as most of us have only UVW decks. I have no experience here and would have to run load to distortion tests and backoff 16 to 24db on the pots to match O on the mackie.3. Page 8-2, and page 1-4 deal with it and I am not sure what to do there.4. I guess a phono plug hangin out or holed into the viewfinder would get a black and white playback picture.go ahead, laugh at me.5. Bunch of bncs on skinny coax hangin out betweenthe camera and the dockable that send YUVsync out. I say this in the cameras at House of blues some years ago, the cameras decks were rolling at the same time the liveswitching was going on. might not want them clattering about in the field, wonder if it could be optional

FrancisX GentileLos Angeles, CA USA

Thursday 11th January 2001
4:28 pm U.K.


Is somebody interesting in new unused Ampex DIgital Betacam ?39 x DBC-D64L, 40x DBC-D94L and 20x DBC-124Lcall 0032 15 64 00 04

Also avaiable new 456-G7G111

And 70x Ampex Betacam 398-BC20A

Wednesday 10th January 2001
10:42 am U.K.


I have available some UVW-1600P 's ,UVW-1800P 's ,PVW-2800P 's at very good prices.If you are interested then please contact TNP Broadcast on 00 44 (0) 1923 712 712. If you are looking for any thing else then please visit our web site http://www.tnpbroadcast.co.uk

Sunday 7th January 2001
9:18 pm U.K.


Hello,I need to store some camera masters in house. Does anyone have a suggestion as to where I might be able to purchase a cabinet suitable for this. It would need to be fire proof and the shelves would have to be tall enough to accomodate Beta SP T-60.

Saturday 6th January 2001
11:00 pm U.K.


Hi! I'm looking for VERY-VERY inexpensive second-handed BetacamSP (PAL)recorder. AMPEX, Thompson and BTS machines are more preferable because they are cheaper. E-mail me your offer with tech info (please include counters readings of your machine).Thanks in advance!Leoneed

James Burch
Saturday 6th January 2001
8:11 pm U.K.


Hi, does anybody have any 60 or 90 minute D2 tapes they no longer require, used once peferably. Also i am after an line ouput transformer for an old Ikegami TM-1415, although i think a transformer from later models would also work as they kept the same design. Thanks.

Thursday 4th January 2001
4:52 pm U.K.


Looking into purchasing a BVW-D75PS but can find no literature on it here on the BetaCamPAL site. I believe that it is a BetaSP deck for PAL but has the option of outputting or inputting via serial digital and aes/ebu digital audio signals. Basically, a glorified BetaSP with a digital I/O. Does anyone have experience with this deck to give me some feedback (pros, cons, problems, etc...) Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Peter Fitzpatrick
Tuesday 2nd January 2001
10:29 pm U.K.


never having done this I hope someone can assist.

Using Digidesign ProTools I have mixed audio for layback to a Sony UVW1800P (PAL Beta). The video must remain intact.

How do I record *only* the audio ? (that is, arm the stereo audio tracks for recording only and leave the video untouched).

Is there a way to do this from the front panel of the Betacam machine ? Do I need software in ProTools in order to do this (I have installed the Machine Control option but as yet haven't seen any options to arm only the audio tracks for recording).

Would most appreciate any advice by email.RegardsPeter

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