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Wednesday 26th April 2017

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Jack Hu
Thursday 2nd May 2002
9:39 pm U.K.



I am looking for a SONY DVCAM, please let me if anyone wants to sell. Thanks.

Mark Stanfill
Wednesday 1st May 2002
10:33 pm U.K.


I have just gotten an Ampex Betacam-SP CVR-60 deck. On power up, I get an "ERROR 90" Can anyone tell me what it means? Does anyone know where I can get a Tech manuel or find a Tech site for this deck?

Dan Philgreen
Wednesday 1st May 2002
6:48 pm U.K.


I keep getting error code 07-042 on a UVW-1800. The video gets unstable. Audio keeps playing okay. Sometimes the machine stops. Error 07-042 pops up in all cases. It has been intermittant but is getting constant. Tried cleaning heads, tried variety of tapes. No difference. All I seem to be able to find at Sony is a $1500 course where one can learn about the error codes. Anybody out there know about this? Thanks.

Monday 29th April 2002
11:26 am U.K.


I am looking for a Used JVC KM -3000 . Any body have one.

Monday 29th April 2002
12:48 am U.K.



Sunday 28th April 2002
7:40 pm U.K.


Hi, anybody have any experience of fixing the UR-06 psu on the BVW-10/15 series of Betacam machines. I have several units where the output volts are half what they should be, i have replaced the usual electrolytics but that made no difference. Unfortunately Sony never published a schematic for this psu.

Sunday 28th April 2002
7:29 pm U.K.


"No Deck Control - No Time Code - No Good" Am having problems hooking a UVW1200 to Avid Xpress DV3. Avid say it is because the 1200 only does RS 232 deck control. Does anyone know of a widget that will convert(?) the remote from the UVW1200 to something that Avid will recognise. These are not recondite machines - someone must know summat.

Backporch Broadcast Consultants Inc
Sunday 28th April 2002
2:58 am U.K.


Anyone needing technical help with the entire Sony broadcast and professional line of gear is welcome to ask us. We are based in the USA. We are three former Sony service engineers specializing in the repair and maintenance of all Betacam tape machines and cameras. Please feel free to email with your questions. Please review our website at http://www.bbcinc.tv

Friday 26th April 2002
9:20 pm U.K.


Anybody know where I can get a copy of an owner's manual for a SONY UVW-100?

Raffi Etyemezian
Friday 26th April 2002
12:27 pm U.K.


I need some addresses in europe, spare parts for DVW-700P Digital Betacam Camcorder.

Thursday 25th April 2002
11:34 am U.K.


Two NTSC BVW 70 's for sale - built early 90's. I am experiencing frequent dropout on the machines in my PAL suite. Experienced advice suggests this is caused by dust getting into the source machines as it occurs on both A and B rolls in a carpeted suite. However, there's also a carpet on the floor of the duplication suite and no problems with dropout there! Can anyone suggest alternative causes of dropout and are there any solutions beyond a good hoovering!

Wednesday 24th April 2002
6:29 pm U.K.



Friday 19th April 2002
9:51 am U.K.


For all your New & Used Broadcast Equipment at very competetive prices,please call us on 00 44 (0) 1923 712 712.We also part exchange and Buy used equipment.

Thursday 18th April 2002
7:46 pm U.K.


new & used equipment 4 sale http://www.mvsvideo.co.uk

Blair Theodore
Thursday 18th April 2002
5:14 am U.K.


Hi, I am trying to get some info on NEC video cameras.There is a guy selling one locally, but he knows very little about it as his parents bought it two years ago. he doesn't even know the model number.

If anyone could direct me in the right direction to get info, I would be very happy,

Thanks HeapsBlair Theodore

E-mail: blair.lorraine@orangemail.com.au

Thursday 18th April 2002
4:16 am U.K.


Hi, can i know about error my sonyi have SONY Betacam SP 2800P but my machine ERROR 09....an i dont know about thatWhat that mean...???

Loren Brunsvold
Wednesday 17th April 2002
8:03 pm U.K.


Does anyone have a operation manual for a Sony BVW-70? I'm getting an error message 06 when I insert a tape and don't know what the problem is. The tape will play and record but not FF or rewind.

Dave G
Sunday 14th April 2002
10:08 pm U.K.


Looking for a good BetacamSP PAL Portable like a SONY (or similar) UVW-50P (Needs to accept both size cassettes) to buy or trade for an immaculate UVW01800P Deck. Thanks.

Josef Wencel
Friday 12th April 2002
12:18 pm U.K.


Dear all,

I am looking for used Betacam, Betacam SP and U-matic recorder, no special functions requied, just for some interresting price. Central Europe preferred (SK, AT, PL, CZ, D, FR, CH). Would be thankful for any links on where to buy this used machines as well.

Thanx a lot...


Thursday 11th April 2002
7:32 pm U.K.


Sony Bvw-D600P Digital/Sp Betacam Camcorder Package A1 Conditions

SONY BVW-D600P Camcorder (PAL)- A1 condition, new heads, owner operator. Fujinon A14x9BERM 28B lens with remote zoom control. Chrozziel 2 tray, 4x4matte box, rails & selection of filters. 12 x NP1B Batteries & Charger All cased.

· 1 only Sony BVW-D600P digital/SP Betacam camcorder S/N 40022.· 1 only Sony “clam shell” camera case with factory inserts.· 1 only BSC 1 set up card.· 1 only VCT-14 Sony camera base plate.· 1 only Sony factory manual set.· 1 only Fujinon A14 x 9 BERM 28B broadcast lens S/N 2853000973.· 1 only Fujinon SRD-91 remote zoom for above.· 1 only Sony BC1-WA NP 1 battery charger modified and cooled for NP1B’s· 12 only Sanyo “Cadnicia” NP1 B NiCd batteries in fair to good condition.· 1 only “Samcine” welded aluminium case particianed for above batts & charger.· 1 only Chrozziel 4x4, 2 tray matte box with bellows.· 1 only Chrozziel “base plate mount” to accept rails.· Assorted Tiffen & Lee 4 x 4 filters as below.· I have just purchased a Sony adaptor for the camera enabling the use of Lithium Ion batteries at present

1 x Tiffen set black “pro mist”, ¼ ,1/2, 1 & 2. 1 x Tiffen 81EF1 x Lee polarizer. 1 x Lee 81B1 x Lee 81D 1 x Tiffen ¼ Coral1 x Lee soft grad #1 Coral 1 x Lee .3ND soft grad1 x Lee .6ND soft grad 1 x Lee #1 x Sky Blue soft grad1 x Lee #2 Sky Blue soft grad 1 x Lee #1 Sunset soft grad1 x Lee #2 Sunset soft gradCALL SHAWN (925) 946-1806

Thursday 11th April 2002
11:07 am U.K.


I am selling a Sony BVW-50P portable video recorder in excellent condition, drum hours less than 250, with a portabrace carrying case. Asking 10,000 euro. Will consider offers.

Scott Fullmer
Wednesday 10th April 2002
8:08 pm U.K.


Want to buy new or used cable for sony VA-500 Camera playback adapterand like to get copy of manualscott@snowmotion.com

Tom Mountford
Wednesday 10th April 2002
6:19 pm U.K.


... by the way - my Sony BVW 10P (SP modified) is still on offer - see further up the page for more details about it. Thanks

Tom Mountford
Wednesday 10th April 2002
6:17 pm U.K.


Betamax runs at half the speed of Beta SP and records a different type of signal - so no it unfortunately won't play in a Betacam SP machine, but there are many facilities out there who can do transfers from the old B-max tapes.

Don Sand
Wednesday 10th April 2002
1:48 pm U.K.


Hi, I have a working BVW-75P with a TBC-8, also a BVW-75 with TBC-12 (not working), can I upgrade my BVW-75P with the TBC-8 to TBC-12 by replacing the TBC's Cards ? Does anyone know if you can do the upgrade a TBC-8 machine to TBC-12

Appreciate any help


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