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Friday 24th March 2017

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Allan A.Smith
Sunday 7th October 2001
10:33 pm U.K.


October 07,2001 6:09 P.M. est.

To; A.Choate- I thought of 2 large websites both I think are free in terms of setting up your own web page. They are http://www.yahoo.com and http://www.ezboard.com. I have visited both sites in the past and recall that both were available in North America and Europe and had thousands of free individually set up websites,webrings,chatpages and that in which I believe you could set up your own! I know Yahoo has a couple of Betamax sites so I didn't check it today! But I tried and was able to check out http://www.ezboard.com and I found their variety impressive plus the facts that they reach the U.K. and have no Beta Site(as far as I was able to tell),are easy to log onto, offer free chatpages & websites, plus offering free technical help enticing!! I routinely use the Science Fiction chat pages on ezboard. I hope this helps! Best Wishes; Al Smith

P.S. Would you tell me what ); means?

Sunday 7th October 2001
9:49 pm U.K.



After a lot of years sterling service my Sony C,9 gave up the "Ghost" in a big way. The PSU, including the DC/DC Converter was u/s. "Sony don't make that part any longer ".I was told by my Sony Parts Center. Eventually I gave up looking for that elusive part. "Was I the only Beta user around here?". I thought. It seemed like it The trusty old C.9 was put on the bottom shelf, where it gathered dust, for many a year. That is until recently I ,quite by chance came across the "Beta Palsite" in a magazine Reading through the emails I came across the "Advert " for Lucreziagalaxy With high hopes of seeing my C.9 back in action again I contacted this." Help Line". telling my tale of woe. Having been convinced by a quick reply to my request, that a repair was definitely on the cards, I sent my C.9 away, insured against damage as advised, for a report on its condition. Within a couple of days of its arrival, I received a detailed report of the faults found, the parts required, and the estimate for the lot. It did not appear cheap at first. ,but considering the availability of the parts for a C.9, the equipment and expertise required to fit and test them, it seemed to me pretty reasonable. So I went ahead with the repairs. I was kept informed all the way through the "restoration", until ,the day arrived, when I was informed that after a long Test program my C.9 was ready for home. My first impressions of the restoration? Its works like a dream. The picture on Pause and X 2 are marvelous. Why buy a DVD for picture quality, when with Beta Sony C.9 and a" Diggie". Box you can get a Better deal. It is a machine in its own class, I have insured it separately under my House Contents Insurance, after receiving a report of its market value. Thank you Lucreziagalaxy for a 1st Class Job.& Many Thanks for all Your Help and Sound Advice . The cost was worth every penny. If any one out there has problems with their C.9,do what I d ,consult the" Experts." They are only an email away. John. REMEMBER MY WEBPAGES AT http://members.aol.com/lucreziagalaxy/index.html

Sunday 7th October 2001
8:10 pm U.K.


Greetings! I came across your site through a search. Two weeks ago, I acquired two Sony EDW-30F Pro EDBeta VTRs. They were used in an editing suite @ my place of employment; a video production, editing and duplicating house. Since we're moving steadily toward DV(Cam), alot of our old equipment (mostly Open-Reel, Umatic and Betacam VTRs) was being sold. But I caught the two beta's and took them home for a song!

So, further searching took me to a rather excellent site called the "Ultimate Betamax Information Guide." This whopper was full of great info on beta in general. I learned that my machines had a consumer equivelent (EDV-9500) and cost a whopping 3300 US$! However, unlike that one, my EDW-30F's are clearly designed to be rack mounted (though they were never used in that way).

I figured I'd share a bit of this info since I found that there was still a bit of a betamax community on the 'net! I do still have an older deck (SL-HF870D) which I stashed in my closet about 10 years ago after copying my tapestock to VHS. But these EDBeta's have rekindled my interest.

I really wanted to know if it's still possible to buy EDBeta blanks? I received about a dozen bulk-erased EDBeta Metal L-500 blanks from work, but would like to get loads more. It took only a few movies recorded off satellite (via the S-video's) to impress me w/ video and sound (I'm guessing it even blows away my top-of-line S-VHS editing VTRs!)! Setup is a Sony DirecTV -> EDW-30F -> 36" Vega TV. All I can say is, "Wow!" And BTW: Can I go DVD -> EDBeta? I also have a Sony ES progressive scan DVD.

Please drop me some further info! -- Renton

Olive Thomas
Sunday 7th October 2001
4:08 pm U.K.


About that VTC-M30. The American equivelent of that is the VCR-4670. A nice four head unit, but the US version wasn't a HiFi and didn't have the tape motion indicator as on the PAL unit.

I used one (belonging to an instructor) to transfer Beta recordings to VHS for editing purposes while in video production class. The pause on those sometimes went into slo-mo on it's own and it would 'race' for a second if you got a bad bit of control track.

A. Choate
Sunday 7th October 2001
6:04 am U.K.


According to the Home stead prvider I can't have two webpages uner their new system unless I pay them. I e-mailed the CEO before I wrote this message,But if you would like to join my protest for shutting the site currently carrying the message borad Just e-mail Justin KitchCEO at this adress Homestead@homestead.m0.net Tell him you want Betaphile to stay online! Meantime I'll be looking for another service provider for forum suggestions are appriciated. Thank you A. Choate :(

A. Choate
Sunday 7th October 2001
1:12 am U.K.


Has anybody here heard Scott Veazie lately? I know something going on the Beta Informer website is gone and the last Informer was issued in August. Any info apprciated

Pepse Camra leneses aren't as light as filters so I think it is imperitive that you turn off th AF fuction to avoid damageing the motor and asociate mechanics.

I'm still looking for the reel motor asembly for my 450.Because my last message was not specific enough I will out line the conditions I would prefer

1. I'm not goning to sell the VCR.

2. I am on an extremly limeted budget and would prefer the total cost including shipping not exceed the $80 or $953. I'm willing to give a Sony eject mechanisim Toshiba eject mechanisim or power supply for either of these units. I also have video heads that were good when they were removed. Ill let the lot go if you can give me the mechanisim. A. Choate creator/editor of the BetaLore II website

Saturday 6th October 2001
7:10 pm U.K.


Hi all I notice there is some new info on the Sanyo M30 machine. It says that the machine has Beta hifi mono sound. I have one of these machines and it does not say hifi anywhere, it is a good machine with slow motion etc. Can anyone explain?

Saturday 6th October 2001
4:48 pm U.K.


FOR SALE: Sanyo M10 mk11 Dual I/D PAL front loading Betamax video also on ebay at: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=1281438195

Saturday 6th October 2001
4:45 pm U.K.


FOR SALE: Betamovie BMC500P (PAL) with strap battery charger etc. This item is on ebay at http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=1282207525

Lewis Sharp
Friday 5th October 2001
9:16 pm U.K.


I have an NEC PVC-744E (PAL) that was working when I put it in a box in the attic 10 years ago. Anyone interested?

Friday 5th October 2001
11:29 am U.K.


Ebay: Sanyo 4650 Excellent working condition. 10 tapes with t.v. 1978-1984.http://cgi.ebay.com/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=1280160731

Stuart Maciver
Thursday 4th October 2001
1:47 pm U.K.


Hi, I have 5000 betamax tapes, where can I sll them? Thanks (Ooops! they and I are in South Africa)

Allan A.Smith
Thursday 4th October 2001
8:09 am U.K.


October 04.2001 4:01 A.M. est.

Nick & Olive; Greetings I vote for the ACE head! which is adjustable (if not broken) and/or replaceable by someone who knows what they are doing!

P.S. Olive I'm going to canvass the Detroit area to see if i can order a new Beta! I'll let you know! Best Al.

Olive Thomas
Thursday 4th October 2001
3:47 am U.K.


Were the new heads a self install or by a repair person? If by repair person you should demand that gets fixed proper. If by self install any number of things could be wrong. If you had to disassemble the Head assembly to put a new disc in you've probably;

A: misalligned the upper head shellB: improperly soldered the leads to the new shellc: bent, scratched or broke it putting it in

If you replaced the whole head and drum unit (as opposed to putting in a new disc unit) it's probably not electronically adjusted to it's new home - pot and/or ceramic filter settings - don't mess with them because there's likely to be so many variables to adjust for that test equipment is called for and the heads might not have been the problem all along. That pesky ACE head could've screwed the tracking up..

At any rate you'll have to have a pro look at it as it's completely bunged up now.

On this day in her-story five years ago, O.J. Simpson was aquited in the double murder of his ex-wife and some poor shlub who happened to be returning some sunglasses.

Wednesday 3rd October 2001
3:09 pm U.K.

nlavitt@bushinternet com

hello i have a sony slh950ub and even though it has had new heads problem remains that is picture losing vertical lock and at same timesound drops out (if you switch to linear sound thats ok) any ideas nick

Wednesday 3rd October 2001
4:59 am U.K.


HiJust a quick line to let any british beta fans that ive got a batch of 50 old beta tapes on ebay for a low starting price of 15 quid.

Olive Thomas
Tuesday 2nd October 2001
4:47 am U.K.


To Grasser with the broken SL-HF 900....

You just threw 'chum' in the shark tank with that one. I'd love to know the top offer for that VCR so far...

Tuesday 2nd October 2001
1:14 am U.K.


2 betamax recorders e-mail me sony c20 and a sanyo ntx100

Chuck Grasser
Monday 1st October 2001
2:25 pm U.K.


My Sony SLHF900 finally broke and I can't seem to find a replacement partanywhere. (the cassette transport cage) So, I am going to give up onthe Beta format. Unfortunately, I stockpiled beta tapes and I'd liketo sell them. I have 34 brand new tapes, half Sony HG and half ES. I will throw in 12 movie tapes that I bought used from a video store, 28 used tapes and 1 head cleaner.

Contact me at my grasser@techemail.com account

Nigel Treadgold
Monday 1st October 2001
9:14 am U.K.


Does anyone know where I could buy a Betamax player, I have a dozen tapes I need to convert.

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