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Friday 24th March 2017

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Olive Thomas
Monday 5th November 2001
1:35 am U.K.


To Richard; While you could canibalise an essentially brand new SL-10 to keep another Beta alive, you'd be better off using the SL-10. Remember it's never even been out of the box. Of course for the same money you could get a HiFi Beta but I'm almost tempted to go for the $99 bid just to bet the first actual user (if not the first owner) of a Betamax VCR for once in my life. Imagine if it still had that 'new VCR smell' after all these years...

Makes me wish I could find an abandoned warehouse full of unopened SL-HF 750s...

It could happen!

Sunday 4th November 2001
8:42 pm U.K.


This SL-10 on Ebay. Would I pay the start price of $99? I think yes, I would. Reason: Even if you don't use it "as is", it has great value in the spares that can be cannibalised to keep an existing Beta alive. Capstan Motor, Reel Motor, Audio/Control head, video head, Upper Cylinder, Pinch Roller, Idler, plus a good power supply and various i.c's that are probably now discontinued. Add the cost of ordering all these parts individually and it comes to a nice tidy sum, far exceeding the $99 base price... Rich..

Sunday 4th November 2001
2:57 pm U.K.



I have a Sony remote control that works via wire and a DIN plug. The type is RM-75T. Would anyone be interested? I believe its from an old Beta recorder.I have also found 15 Beta tapes - any offers?


Sunday 4th November 2001
12:54 pm U.K.


l like mon mom and dad

Martin Dawber
Sunday 4th November 2001
11:41 am U.K.


I have a batch of pre-recorded Beta tapes for sale - all in excellent condition and clean cases. Titles include RETURN OF THE JEDI/WITNESS/MIDNIGHT EXPRESS/GONE WITH THE WIND/REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE/GIANT/EAST OF EDEN/THE RIGHT STUFF/WAR GAMES. Also a couple of classic FAWLTY TOWERS tapes. If interested please e-mail.

Sunday 4th November 2001
5:39 am U.K.


Olive, I personally wouldn't pay more than $50.00 for it. Assuming that it truly was never used, it just doesn't grab me for anything higher than a $50.00 bill. In my opinion he is just another seller that thinks selling a Beta on Ebay is like selling glass as diamonds. My opinion. Later. Pepse.

Olive Thomas
Saturday 3rd November 2001
4:47 pm U.K.


A question for you all...

Would any of you pay the 'buy it now' price of $299 for this item -http://cgi.ebay.com/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=1292894686 - An unopened SL-10 Betamax? This is a mono unit with wired remote that's not even cable-ready. Would you even bid the base price of $99?

Saturday 3rd November 2001
6:47 am U.K.


Hi, I have a request for 2 items.1) A fully intact front control door for a Sony SL-HF860D2) A working remote for SL-HF860D/870D. I'm not concerned about cosmetics of this remote, just that it works.My email is beefjerky@starlynx.comThanks!

Olive Thomas
Friday 2nd November 2001
9:49 pm U.K.


To Renton; You could probably just use a broadcast VTR edit controller if you can find one with the right pinouts. Looking through some Sony Betacam manuals I've seen several different types of pro VTR remotes. The SVRM-100A looks the most like what you'd want (though I think it's the wrong pinouts).

Or you might be able to port the control S in/outs to a Sony brand receiver that uses control S to link its componants. There also might be some 'pro-sumer' Sima edit controllers that work with Control S.

Try http://www.jandr.com . They sell all sorts of video goodies.

Friday 2nd November 2001
8:24 pm U.K.


Greetings! It's me again, the dude with the two EDW-30F ED-Beta's! The person who made the suggestion of using Betacam SP's just rocks! My place of employment (where I acquired the decks) and a local TV station provided me with a ton of 10-, 20- and 30-minute (L-250, 500 & 750) tapes for little or nothing! I've duped more than a dozen rental DVD's via the S-video jacks since my last post and the results are nothing but spectacular (no dropouts as of yet)! I even get surround-compatable tapes if I set the audio on DVDs to "Dolby Surround 2.0."

As great as this all is, my biggest quest has been to find some way to remote-control my decks. Being industrials, the EDW-30F have no remote receiver on the front panel. They do, however, have several "control" jacks and sockets on the rear. One looks like a mini Centronics port marked "Remote". Other's are DIN sockets or phone jacks marked "control L/T & control S in/out." I've found a similar model for auction on ebay, but mine still have the rack-mounting ears attached. One of the pictures has a good close-up of the real panel connectors.


I was hoping to find or build a device using any one of those jacks that would either add a wired remote to the deck or allow use of a universal wireless to control it. Basic transport functions and maybe use of shuttle dial would be more than enough. If anyone has ideas, please let me know.


Friday 2nd November 2001
5:19 pm U.K.


Please I look for the manual of the Betamovie BMC-110 of the company Sony. thank you

Olive Thomas
Friday 2nd November 2001
2:20 pm U.K.


To David Ferrone; Look for Sony Beta VCRs with the ME suffix (as in SLT-50ME ). Sinces there are several different TV systems in general use in the Middle Eastern region Sony built several models with multi-system (PAL,NTSC,SECAM) and dual power (110v-60hz/220v-50hz) capability. They do show up from time to time on E-bay.

PAL Beta VCRs are more common though and at least three have been listed in the last couple weeks or so.

David Ferrone
Friday 2nd November 2001
10:08 am U.K.


Hi, I didn't realize there were so many Beta enthusiast, I thought I was on my own! Any way I have a question which has probably been asked a million times but here goes again - Are there any american models to look out for that will record PAL? I have seen many betas for sale in america but precious little in the UK. I have a 300 strong Beta film collection which is gathering dust, because I have no VCR to play them with. I would love a recent model, but I spose everyone else would too! Cheers David

Charles Joly
Friday 2nd November 2001
5:56 am U.K.


Somehow I wouldn't trust this cordless coverless pictureless portable. Well at least there is sound and the wife is gone for good.

Olive Thomas
Thursday 1st November 2001
11:36 pm U.K.


One the odder E-beta finds....


His ex-wife cut the power cord and took the camera and apparently the cover for the VCR as well.


It's always the Beta VCR that loses when the spouses fight...

To Jim with the SL-HF 2000, try talking to this fellow...

Karl Kosower Electronic Services575 East Line RoadBallston Spa NY 12020518 - 885 - 7606

Jim Bednarek
Thursday 1st November 2001
3:50 pm U.K.


I have a Sony Beta SLHF 2000 that I purchased about four years ago. It is in need of service and I am wondering if someone could recommend a good repair company. About one year ago, my 2000 developed a problem with the audio portion of recordings that I made. A crackling sound was heard. I sent the machine to SONY in MA for repair and, after keeping it for six weeks, sent it back 1/2 fixed. The audio is fine however, the picture quality is poor. A problem mind you, that it did not have when I sent it in for repair.

Olive Thomas
Thursday 1st November 2001
12:56 pm U.K.


To A. Choate based on my experience with the one Metal Betacam SP tape I've tried I would not recommend it for use in non ED beta or Superbeta/HiFi machines.

The metal particles when recorded onto create an odd interference pattern that shows up on Superbeta and HiFi machines. When a Hifi signal is recorded you get wavy lines similar to the lines you get when playing a HiFi tape on a mono machine.

If you record a signal using say a mono non-superbeta machine and play that recording on a HiFi machine you get a small patch of 'rainbow' at the bottom of the screen. (Curiously mono non-super machines play Metal tapes with no worries.) I've tried three separate HiFi VCRs and the same pattern repeats itself so I can pretty much blame the recording characteristics of the tape.

It's not unlikely that it was a just 'bad' tape, even though I'd received a factory new cassette from BASF, but I'm not gonna take any chances. Even if you discount the theory of advanced head wear Metal tapes are just not the right choice unless you're using an ED machine.

A. Choate
Thursday 1st November 2001
12:44 pm U.K.


I still don't get this metal bad oxide good thing for betatapes I heard from several people that the metal ones work better and wear the heads out less. Oxide tape are in theory worse because the oxide is pretty much rust and the metal tapes are fully bonded with metal useing an electro static system. Normal audio tape players can play back metal tape fine so what's all the fuss about metal? Please tell me. I would prefer an E-mailed answer from all who choose to comment.

A. Choate

Thursday 1st November 2001
9:28 am U.K.


I have a Sony Player(can't remember the model but it's the one where the tape is loaded into a 'draw') which has stopped playing tapes. It will play for a few seconds then the screen goes blank, I think ihas something to do with the tracking. I have been told that the parts for it are no longer available.

I am looking to replace it but struggling to find any machines.

Can anyone help or have any suggestion on repairing the old one?

Thursday 1st November 2001
6:43 am U.K.


Hi there I own a BetaMax Hi Fi, I have a problem, 3 weeks ago i insert a tape inside, however, it got jammed inside, please, can some one help me out, I just need to get it out but am stuck, I love my machine dearly and dont want to part with it. it's the model with a slide out tray

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