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Friday 24th March 2017

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Saturday 5th January 2002
9:15 pm U.K.


Heyas! Happy 2K2! Scouring thru the local Wantads, I got my first new addition this year: a Pioneer VX-90 w/ remote. Am I to understand that this baby is basicly a Sony HF900? If so, seems alot nicer looking to me w/ that Pioneer golden trim and such. And works perfectly, too!

silver spector
Saturday 5th January 2002
8:35 pm U.K.



Mad Beta Collector
Saturday 5th January 2002
7:31 pm U.K.


What's this?


Keith McHugh
Saturday 5th January 2002
4:26 pm U.K.


Oh yes and don't forget this is the duplicator model so it's has slightly different circuitry, especially for linear audio as it has seperate linear audio record levels where I guess the tuning controls are on a standard HF-100UB/ES.

Thanks, Keith.

Keith McHugh
Saturday 5th January 2002
4:23 pm U.K.


I've managed to repair the mad HF-100P, there was a very small crack on the power supply board causing the output of one of the transistors to fall to low voltage (about 2v instead of 9v). But it seem to have another fault (or maybe 2 faults). Whenever a normal linear audio (non -Hifi) tape is played, or when normal audio is selected on a Hi-Fi one all I get is the incoming sound (E-E) rather than the playback from the audio heads. It plays back Hi-Fi sound perfectly.

Also possibly a 2nd fault or related to the first - I don't think it's erasing old recordings as there's colour flicker on the picture and it's not wiping or even recording new linear audio. When I play new recordings made on the HF-100P on my C-9 I get the new pictures with the old original sound.

So basically no linear audio record or playback (even on known good recordings) E-E sound during linear audio playback off all tapes, Hi-Fi OK. Also erase head not operating.

Any ideas ?

Thanks, Keith.

Robin Clayton
Friday 4th January 2002
3:28 pm U.K.


Selling this C7 on behafl of the school


noel higgins
Friday 4th January 2002
1:07 pm U.K.



Check out the HF950 repair info page. Its probably an open circuit primary on the bias oscillator transformer which is a common fault on the SLC40E but its not exactly the same transformer in terms of pin spacing.

regards B1

Friday 4th January 2002
11:01 am U.K.


dear folks, is there anybody who is able to give me a hint??My SL-C9ES never failed in 18 years, but now it doesnīt record on neither of the stereo channels - except for a very, very weak and utterly distorted signal. At the same time passing the signal(to be recorded) through to the amplifier and playback of formerly recorded tapes are o.k. as well as the video section.thanks a lot for any helpmax.beta greetingsdh

Thursday 3rd January 2002
4:44 pm U.K.


Hello and Greetings to all in the Blessed Land of Betaphilia! I just returned from my Christmas/New Year break, and in terms of Betastuff it has truly been a rewarding and happy holiday season for me. Through various circumstances I got a bunch of beta-related stuff for free; can't beat that! These items include:

-My good friend's younger brother wanted to clean out his closet, and out came a Sanyo model 4650 Beta VCR, which he gave to me for free. Tried out the 4650 a couple of nights ago, and this darn thing still works like a charm! The 4650 is a mono machine, and is a solid little workhorse with a pretty decent picture. This particular machine is missing the flip-down cover for the front button panel, but otherwise in excellent condition. It also came with about thirty beta tapes (mostly Scotch) that is in good enough condition to reuse. Neat!

-Purchased an old 1978 manufactured Sony SL-8600 X-2 Beta unit for $1.50 on ebay. This is an antique classic, and although the ebay seller did not test the unit and was selling as is, I figure it would make a nice collectible, if nothing else. Since I live in Maryland and the seller was in upstate New York, I figure the shipping charges would come to about twenty-five dollars for this very heavy and bulky unit. The good Lord must have been smiling on me that day, because when I contacted the seller and told him I lived in Maryland, he informed me that he was coming to Maryland to visit relatives that holiday weekend, and his relatives lived only about five miles away from me, so he was going to drop off the SL-8600 in person! A few days later, the very nice seller dropped off the SL-8600 at my house, refused the $1.50 I offered him (he was just happy that someone was willing to take this VCR off his hand), and I found this antique SL-8600 to be in fine working condition, happily chugging away with the Beta II pre-recorded movies I was playing in it! You can't beat that!

-Yesterday, while taking some trash to the condo complex dumpster, I happened upon an old three-shelf A/V tower unit someone had thrown away. The unit is stable and solid, although the metal frame shows some surface rust, and the wood shelves are a bit worn. The unit nevertheless is completely functional, and a similar unit would have cost 400-500 dollars brand new. The thing is incredibly heavy, and my arms are still sore from lugging this shelf unit from the dumpster area to my condo, but it's now sitting in my living room, where it's holding nine of my Sony SuperBeta Hi-Fi units that used to sit on the floor. This find certainly saved me a bunch of money and a trip to the furniture store. I ain't going to complain!

Anyway, I had a great Christmas and New Year when it came to Betastuff. I hope everyone else had a great holiday season too! Howard :)

David Hadaway
Thursday 3rd January 2002
4:31 pm U.K.


The various PCM processors for vcrs allow 16 bit linear digital recording. My recollection is that the same unit will work for PAL or NTSC. Some numbers are PCM F1, PCM 701, PCM 501, and PCM 601. The last is desireable because it has SPDIF i/o for compatibility with modern digital machines. I see there's an F1 on evay right now.

Thursday 3rd January 2002
1:36 pm U.K.


For sale: Service Manual for Sony SL-C5E. Any offers are welcome.

Steve Whelan
Thursday 3rd January 2002
1:06 pm U.K.


To Chris [above]

Yes, there was a unit which matched the C9 [and would work with any beta - and prob any VCR] that converted analogue audio to a PCM digital stream, then somehow built that into a video signal. You connected your beta machine to the PCM unit with the BNC video in and out leads, then your audio equipment to the PCM unit with phono leads. THe record levels and VU meter are on the PCM unit. I only know one person who has one of these boxes, and he's keeping it, because he has one hell of a lot of early recordings of his band on the format [prob should transfer them to DAT] but like everything else it's finding the time. YOu might be able to get a hold of a PCM unit, but I'm looking for one too and as yet, have not come across one. Trouble is, you can't record PCM sound and picture at the same time, so it really just made the C9 into a big DAT machine. I'm also not sure what the sample rate or number of bits of resolution the PCM signal was. I know the HI8 PCM sound system is only 8bit 15KHz, hopefully the beta one is at least 16bit 20KHz like DAT.

Good luck in finding one! and how did you find spares for the loader on the C9? I need some too!

Speaking of DAT and digital audio - is anyone interested in a Sony DTC60ES home DAT deck for 100 pound?

Chris Christou
Thursday 3rd January 2002
2:04 am U.K.


Hello fellow Beta freaks. In desperation I traweled the internet and look where it got me. Four or five years ago my young son managed to jam his hand inside my hallowed C9, managed to miss the VHS completely just to rub salt in the wound. As a result it's been out of commission for far too long, although luckily I think I have found someone to repair it. If not I now know where to sound out for further advice. Having been through a few VHS rubbish machines and now own a DVD, I still hanker badly for the quality of picture that only a good Beta machine will give, so cheers to all you Beta freaks and thanks for helping me realise that this obsession is not a lone one. While I am here can I pick your collective brains? I seem to recall that the C9 could be fitted with a PCM Digital interface or somesuch that allowed it to function as digital recorder (audio only. Is this readily availiable?, or is it widly expensive? Or just a figmant of my imagination?

thanks and keep the flag flying, Chris

Wednesday 2nd January 2002
9:13 pm U.K.


I have a BETA video SL-F1 and I canīt get rapaired here in Spain because Sony official repair service tell me that there are two pieces that Sony doesnīt manufacture. A6749058A (Solenoid OSB)and X36693090 (Arm assy, press pinch OBS). Could I buy a completepiece that could include them or there is no easy way out? PleaseI would be very pleased if someone could help me!


Wednesday 2nd January 2002
9:01 pm U.K.


Does anyone know something about Sony SL-F45 model? I need to buysome BETA video to transfer my tapes to DVD and I donīt knowthe quality of this video. The seller says he rarely used it anditīs totaly new???

Wednesday 2nd January 2002
2:24 pm U.K.


Hello all. Is anyone interested in a Sone Video Cassette recorder, SL30 Betamax. Located in Southern Ontario Canada.It was in good running condition last time it was used. I have just disconnected it from my regular system setup.MAC, Ont. Can.

Wednesday 2nd January 2002
9:46 am U.K.


Happy New Year for everybody! I tried to spool VHS tape into a Beta shell. I took a BASF/Emtec E-300 PHG tape. As a result I obtained a Beta cassette that is approx. L-870 i.e. it runs 3 h 55 min in PAL. There is interesting feature with my SL-C44PS which I recovered some time ago. In manual it is said that tape counter won't work with blank tape. From this I made a conclusion that counter readings are somehow connected with CTL signal pulses. Counter reading may be considered as a "quasi real time". The response between counter and time is: 1800 = 1 hour. (Sometime ago Olive mentioned about counter on Aiwa machine that shows readings in feet.) It appears that there are used same remote codes in SL-C44PS and my Pioneer LD player because this Beta machine responds to some commands from LD player remote. However I am going to continue to work on this.

Keith McHugh
Tuesday 1st January 2002
11:58 am U.K.


To Chris (sav@btinternet.com),

I don't think I've got any Betamax recordings that pre-date 1985, but I do have 3 x Video2000 format cassettes that would have been recorded no later than around Easter 1983 (that's when my grandparents stoped renting V2000 and bought a VHS).

I've also got a box full of N1700 (VCR-LP) cassettes - I've not idea of the contents of these or when they were recorded but the format did come out back in 1975 so there potentially could be some really old recordings on them.

mike grant
Tuesday 1st January 2002
9:53 am U.K.


Hi ThereJust a quick line to say that i have 50 old beta tapes with possible old programming and the like currently for sale on ebay....sorry but due to heavy box its only possible to post within the UK

Happy new year


Olive Thomas
Tuesday 1st January 2002
2:30 am U.K.


To Carl and Mark, barring any other unmentioned mechanical damage, you may be able to get your machines working with a simple change of belts, especially in the case of that Toshiba machine, which used a fairly large drive belt for the capstan drives. Studiosound electroincs at URL http://www.iglou.com/studiosound/index.htm#video sells belt and repair kits for all sorts of VCRs (VHS & Beta)

If you just want to buy another Beta there's always E-bay

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