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Friday 24th March 2017

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Noel Higgins
Monday 4th February 2002
3:07 am U.K.



What you need for using you 950 off 110Volts AC is called a step up transformer. These are either a conventional power transformer with 110V primary winding and 220/240 secondary or what is called an “auto-transformer” where the primary is a tap off, or part of, the secondary winding. You will need one rated at about 100 Volt/Amps which is the power transfer needed worst case for a 950 I would estimate. You might have to buy the transformer and get someone with electrical (safety) knowledge to fit it in a box for you with input lead, fuse and appropriate three pin O/P socket.

Good luck – Noel Higgins (B1)

PS hullo B2

Sunday 3rd February 2002
10:36 pm U.K.


Re: my previous message. Does anyone have any info on NTSC sites.

Thanks again

Sunday 3rd February 2002
10:27 pm U.K.


I just dug up a used Sanyo Betacord 4650 and it seems to work Aokay. Can any one direct me to a page that will supply some info/specs.

Thank you

Sunday 3rd February 2002
10:10 pm U.K.


Hi, I've got a Sanyo VTC-M20 recorder but can't see it listed on your site. What's it worth and is anyone interested in buying it? I've also got several video cassettes

Sunday 3rd February 2002
9:08 pm U.K.


Thanks for the info Casimir. I was taken by "metal", but am wondering if Pro-X tapes are really "chrome dioxoid" similar to some of the BASF tapes? Still not exactly "metal" per se, but a similar formula to Type II audio cassettes. I'm also assuming betacam-SP are similar to Type IV.

If I can get a suitable power converter, I'll try out some betacam standard cassettes and see how they come out. Guess my DVD would be the best source to try a PAL recording from. I even checked the non-prerecorded tapes I got with the deck to see if any happened to be Pro-X type. No luck there.

An even bigger question to spike my curiosity: Why do PAL machines only have ONE recording speed? My 750 records at all three NTSC speeds, but it looks like the 950 has a single speed a bit slower than BII (example, L-500 tape: BII: 2H; PAL: 2H, 10M). No biggie, though.

Sunday 3rd February 2002
8:58 pm U.K.


Hi, I´m from Germany, so my english isn´t the best, but I hope someone can help me. I´ve got a problem with my "new" Sony SL-C7E. I got from a friend who stored it in his livingroom for more than 10 years. It was a bit dirty and dusty but after opening and cleaning for 2 afternoons it looks quite good again. The tuner works and all buttons are operable. It just sometimes needs a little "manual help" to eject the tape, cause the belt (the connection made of black rubber) from the motor from the left back side is a little weak. The only problem is the playback. The picture has no stripes and perfect colour, the sound is also good, but the picture kind of flickers all the time. I already tried the antenna connection on Channel 35 and the BNC conector and 2 TVs always with the same result, so I think its a problem with the player. Does anyone here know what this could be and how to solve this problem?Thanks for your help (and trying to understand what I call englisch :)

Sunday 3rd February 2002
6:07 pm U.K.


Also to tell Remo that PRO-X offers 280 lines and hi-band offers 360 lines :·)

Sunday 3rd February 2002
6:05 pm U.K.


To Remo:

PRO-X tapes are special tapes which where intended to work only with the 950. They're not the PAL version of highband which wasn't released in Europe. These PRO-X tapes aren't available at any price now. The near equivalent to them are Betacam oxide tapes and new Sony HG tapes. DON'T USE BETACAM SP because they'll damage your video heads (ED-BETAs are the only decks which accept Betacam SP tapes as mentioned lots of times in this chat). You're lucky to live in the USA because Betacam oxide tapes are available in some internet stores. In europe they're completely out of production and very very hard to find.

Sunday 3rd February 2002
5:34 pm U.K.


I stumbled on this site and I am from the United States. I own a Sony Betamax SL HF 400, Sanyo Beta VCR 400, and tons of tapes. I am seeking a market for selling these items other than e-Bay. Does anyone have any suggestions and can someone advise on the value?


susan mechsner
Sunday 3rd February 2002
9:22 am U.K.


i have many old records for sale i can send you a list if intrested

Sunday 3rd February 2002
6:42 am U.K.


I'll see what I can find for a power adapter. Also, what is the "Pro-X" mode? Is it the PAL version of Super Highband? The tape gallery on this site shows a Pro-X tape and states that it's metal (??).

Saturday 2nd February 2002
6:39 pm U.K.


OK guys, check this out: About a month ago I went to the UK on business. I came across this guy selling an SLHF950 PAL deck and a load of rare tapes not available in the US (yes it works, he demoed it first)! I bought the stuff and had it all sent back to the US to myself. My TV is dual-standard (NTSC/PAL), so I figured it would be able to directly work. My DVD is also and I also have a sizeable collection of R2 disks. But my problem with the 950 is needing a 110/120v to 220/240v converter that is rated for continuous use. Those I could find at Radio Shack were for temp use. Any ideas on this one? I'm willing to bet that my 950 will work perfectly fine and might even be able to dupe R2 DVD's in PAL format. And a side note: I also own the SLHF750 and it's sitting on top my TV next to the 950.

Saturday 2nd February 2002
4:58 pm U.K.


i have a sony slhf 150 and my picture is black and whitei tryed videos with other vcrs to compare to see if it was maybe the tape or the t.v. , the tuner is in colour , its just when you playback or record , it is b/w ... ???? can anyone help me?

Damon Shaw
Saturday 2nd February 2002
4:05 pm U.K.


Is Sony actually still supplying new Beta blank tapes for the UK market? Every time I telephone them I just get put through to a guy dealing with Betacam queries and get no real answer - I simply cannot find new tapes in the Manchester area!

Clare Simmons
Saturday 2nd February 2002
2:44 pm U.K.


Can anyone help me? Please take a look at my post from a couple of days ago regarding my tape loading problem.Thanks, Clare.

Emil Jensen
Saturday 2nd February 2002
1:13 pm U.K.


The fuse is on the LF-11 board... its a T 2A fuse...And the boards sits under the TM-10 board... or in the timer block... cant quite make it out on the Circuit boards location in my manual!

Good luck fixing your SL-C7. .. Its a great machine...!


Emil Jensen From DK

Saturday 2nd February 2002
10:41 am U.K.


My loyal C7 has developed its first fault, total power fail. Trouble is I cannot find the internal fuse F006. I have 1,2,3,4,5 and 7, is it hidden away somewhere ? Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

Friday 1st February 2002
8:10 pm U.K.


Does anyone know if the 950 has a clock backup battery/capacitor ?



Friday 1st February 2002
12:59 pm U.K.



Olive Thomas
Friday 1st February 2002
2:00 am U.K.


Here's an E-Beta listing for you Aussie Betafans...


A Sony SLF60AS VCR out of Adelaide

Another PAL unit up for grabs...


An SL-C6 from Heathrow (somewhere by the airport I presume)

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