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Sunday 26th March 2017

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Olive Thomas
Sunday 3rd March 2002
9:41 pm U.K.


Man, if you could ever smell a scam this sure is



Until NOW, these discount product source outlets were practically "UNKNOWN" to the buying public!! Most of these Beta Hi Fi Front Load VCRs are sold "completely outfitted" with accessories and extras, as well as including remote controls and owner's manuals!!

These Beta Hi Fi Front Load VCRs are all offered at deep, deeply discounted "UNMATCHED!! UNBEATABLE!!" liquidation prices of "JUST $10 TO $25 EACH OR LESS!!" ALL BRANDS AND MODELS!! All at a "tiny fraction" of their suggested retail, market or original purchase prices!!

It sounds like some computer selected a product catagory and generated a scam ad based on it. Especially when you see the following...

Have you ever thought of having that special Beta Hi Fi Front Load Infrared Remote Controlled VCR With All The "Bells And Whistles"? No Problem!! Just turn to my "Insider-Dealer's "2002" Beta Hi Fi Front Load VCR's USA Discount Product Source Outlet's Guide!!" And you can get it for far, far less than what the "Bulk" of the buying public are paying at retail or market prices. Even well below the overall costs of what you could ever find being sold on the web and Internet auction sites...GUARANTEED!!

Here's my special offer to you!! You can put to use my "Exclusive-Copyrighted", newly released "Insider-Dealer's "2002" Beta Hi Fi Front Load VCR's USA Discount Product Source Outlet's Guide!!" Buy all of the Beta Hi Fi Front Load VCRs as you desire. As Often As You Desire!!


Just imagine! Within a few short days from now "You" will be on "Your" way to obtaining, easily "Hundreds," even "Thousands" of dollars worth of Beta Hi Fi Front Load VCRs for "JUST $10 TO $25 EACH OR LESS!!" BUY ONE...BUY MANY!!!

It's like the computer scam generator doesn't get it that they've stopped making Betas a couple years ago and it's rather doubtful that there's going to be a lot of "Beta Hi Fi Front Load VCRs" floating aroung just waiting for somebody with ten or twenty dollars.

Sunday 3rd March 2002
4:32 pm U.K.


Hello:I Wanted to add a NICAM decoder to my 950. The problem is that I don't know how to do it and where to obtain a NICAM decoder. If anyone has got accaess to a 715/777/815 NC and tell me the NICAM decoder Sony part number. I wanted also to add that I opened my SLV-T2000 and saw strange things such as a port (with nothing connected) in the Hi8 video deck that said "PCM pb", "PCM pb RF" and other thing suspucting that there could be an "adding" that could expand video possibilities. Or could it come from an older Video Hi8 deck? Sony has kept this this things very well. And there could be a way to maka PinP the 950 with parts from a 777/815. I would conect it by a Computer parallel port / RS 232 with an exterior expand box with this components. Am I dreaming or it could be possible?

Dave A.
Sunday 3rd March 2002
12:31 pm U.K.


To Madness:

The PCM sound I was referring to with Video 8, is available on anumber of upper end models of equipment. PCM audio on Video 8 & Hi-8tapes is recorded in a manner similar to Beta Hi-Fi. That is to say,it is recorded with the video information, not as a linear audio track.No outboard processor is needed; the camcorder or VCR simply has the processing circuits built into the equipment. As mentioned, PCM audiowas typically available only on upper end Sony equipment. If your Video8 gear has PCM capabilities, it will probably be mentioned in your opsmanual or on the equipment.

Stewart Wolpin
Saturday 2nd March 2002
11:48 pm U.K.


I have an HL-SF750 and about 30 pre-recorded films (and some films I taped myself that can be used as blank tape) that I may be interested in selling in pieces or as a package if the price is right. If interested, please email me privately. I can supply a list of the pre-recorded films I have if that's all you're interested in.

Saturday 2nd March 2002
11:42 pm U.K.


To Olive (re the Beta tape-VHS adaptor).

Now why would anyone want to ask such a silly question as that? ;-)

Best wishes.


Olive Thomas
Saturday 2nd March 2002
9:25 pm U.K.


To Danny;

Beta tape dimensions - 6" X 3.75" X 1"

VHS tape dimensions - 7.45" X 4" X 1"

And there is no adapter to play Beta tapes on a VHS in case you were thinking of asking...

Saturday 2nd March 2002
8:30 pm U.K.


can someone tell me how big a betamax cassette is compared with a vhs video cassette? thanks!

Saturday 2nd March 2002
7:27 am U.K.


Dave: Yeah, thanx for the information. The thought of getting a Video8 deck crossed my mind for duping Video8 material over to beta while reducing wear on my Handycam. The tapes I've used seem to be OK despite being used previously for data backup. And you say PCM sound? Do you mean using a Video8 deck for w/ a processor (PCM-17/ F1 ) for digital audio? I figured w/ the exception of Digital8, regular Video8 would be analog hifi or not?

Olive: I got that same email you posted above. I have no desire to waste my time sending spam to 200, 000 Brits (nor would my ISP like it!). So to the trawler: No more of that junk, thank you.

Mark Boddy
Saturday 2nd March 2002
1:23 am U.K.


Can someone please advise me where I can obtain an idler motor for my SL-HF950ES. My repair guy here in Australia is having trouble finding one.Thanks, Mark.

video8 guy
Friday 1st March 2002
11:45 pm U.K.


my use of video8 (EVO-500 CCD-V90 CCD-V200) is fairly limited as I have found the picture to be substandard to Betamax ( HF150 HF950 ) and often VHS (SVO9600 SLV777), but the PCM sound is absolutely magnificent. As for metal particle tapes I have only used them on my Hi8 equipment (EVO-9850/EVO-9800 combo CCD-V900) and gained a beautiful picture as well as the magnificent PCM sound. However all my equipment is PAL and things maybe different for NTSC users. I have also found as I do alot of work on Hi8 that you can't make too many passes on a tape or dropout's start popping up all over the place, its not the most robust format.

Olive Thomas
Friday 1st March 2002
11:44 pm U.K.


To Alan; I'd covered myself by stating "there were TV/VTR combo units as far back as the mid-sixties" deliberately using TV/VTR in that sentence...

To Mike Hart; Good old E-bay lists about 8 or 9 Betamovies of various types a month. Betamovies seem to be the better buys in E-bay land. I've gotten the ones in my collection for around $35-$40 each so don't get suckered into paying $100 for a 'rare' find...

Mike Hart
Friday 1st March 2002
10:14 pm U.K.


Hi, I'm looking for a Betamovie camera, does anyone know where I might find one, for sale or being thrown out?

Dave A.
Friday 1st March 2002
9:45 pm U.K.


To Madness: RE: Your inquiry about Video 8. I have had Video 8 playback andrecording equipment in my studio since 1989; and have always consideredit a pretty decent format. A bit better than VHS in terms of colorreproduction and certainly at least as good in terms of quality. For mytwo cents worth, it is of similar quality to standard Betamax; but wellbelow the quality of SuperBeta. One of the nice things about the format is that it uses a metalparticle tape that tends to be relatively problem-free. The machine heads, however, do need to cleaned somewhat regularly due to their small size. Also, if you can find a machine with PCM stereo capabilities,you will find the sound quite an improvement over the standard monosound tracks.

Friday 1st March 2002
6:50 pm U.K.


BTW the Sony 1901 was the first TV ?VCR combo the earlier units were not cassetes but reel to reel tapes VTR. Just a slight technicality.

About a year ago I did see and advert in an old ~1974 Radio Times for a home video recorder that had never heard of before. It featured a guy in a plne being happy that he could take a cheaper flight and still be able to watch a football match that was on as he was flying when he got home. The details at this point get a bit foggy.

Friday 1st March 2002
6:46 pm U.K.


I got the evil CD message also but did not take the time to read it.

If I recall the Sl-100 was being marketed as a cheap deck for people who had a much older aka top loading beta deck and lots of tapes that they wished to continue to play, but had switched to VHS to use as a main VCR. I guess they thought people who could not afford the infamous Beta to VHS adaptor would buy it.

Olive Thomas
Friday 1st March 2002
6:35 am U.K.


OK just one more thing - I got this E-mail from someone trawling this site...

1 Million world wide email addresses including 200, 000 UK for just 5 incP&P!

The list comes on a CD in 2 files, one containing 200, 000 UK emailaddresses and another containing 1 million world-wide emails (inc UK) ,both in .csv (comma separated value) format.

The emails have been physically validated in the last 3 weeks, removingaprox 25% bad emails from the previous amount, so there should be a verylow failure rate.

To purchase the CD please send a 5 cheque/PO payable to "Teletech" (nocash please) to:

TeletechOffice 434405 Kings RdLondon SW10 0BB

The CD will be sent by first class post as soon as your money has beenreceived.You will also be given details of a FREE download for FULL version sendingsoftware.

That address for anyone in London who'd like to prove that even without the access to high powered firearms like us Americans, Britons can still deliver a savage and well-deserved beating to some damned E-spammer...

TeletechOffice 434405 Kings RdLondon SW10 0BB

Friday 1st March 2002
3:51 am U.K.


How can I play my large stash of Betamovie beta tapes? the Sanyo tapedeck does not turn although it powers up. Can this older portable Sanyo player-receiver (two components) be repaired?

Jim Young
Friday 1st March 2002
3:47 am U.K.


To Olive: Thanks for your response. I bought the SL-HF300 at the Berlin, N.J. Farmers Market. The motor seems to run just fine with no tape on the spindle; there must be some type of over amperage device protecting the motor when it is under load in the play speeds either in Bll or Blll. The burn mark cannot be seen unless the tape carrier chassis is removed. I will do what you suggest; perhaps I can save the Betamax. It is a vey solidly constructed VCR, very different from the modern VHS machines.

I bought the SL-HF300 because I thought my stored SL-100 Betamax was also inoperative. I pulled the old Beta out of storage and gave it a test run. It runs perfectly; I'm watching home movies that I recorded in 1987 as I'm writing this. The only thng bad about it is that the SL-100 is a mono unit and was built after the lawsuit. It only has "out" connections making dubbing more tedious. Take Care...JIm

Olive Thomas
Friday 1st March 2002
3:01 am U.K.


to continue...

Unplug the machine, turn it over and open from the bottom, unscrew and pull down the PC board covering the underside of the drive mechanism (it's hinged on the side closest to the middle so you'll want to put the machine on it's side). The capstan is the round thing covered by a plastic shroud which is held by a metal tab. Remove the tab and shroud and try rotating the capstan wheel. It should turn freely - don't try to pull the capstan wheel out. If it's not turning freely, then that was the problem - turn it around a few times till it loosens up. Dabbing the works with some trusty alcohol helps. If it was turning freely, then most likely the 'Halle effect' coils of the capstan moter have burned out. They sometimes do. If you can find a spare capstan assembly that's plugs compatible you might be able to change it out.

was talkin
Friday 1st March 2002
2:34 am U.K.


To Jim; by any chance are you from San Antonio? I was talking to somebody in San Antonio who saw a fire scorched SL-HF 300 at a swap meet...

Anyways, most likely the capstan is either dead or just stuck. That's the part that pulls the tape through the system. The reel just takes up the slack.

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