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Friday 24th March 2017

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Olive Thomas
Friday 5th April 2002
2:21 am U.K.

Olive Thomas@yahoo.com

To Madness... You lucky #@$%^&*!!!! What did you end up paying for them and why can't I find somebody with an old Beta they don't know anything about but will let go for say $20 bux...

Still dreaming of that warehouse full of SL-HF 750s that Sony forgot about....

Maybe the mob hijacked a shipment but by the time the coast was clear enough to fence them the market for them was gone....

And now Tony Soprano has to move a bunch of these never used ED Betas...

"what are 'Eddie Betas' anyways? Fugettaboutit...."

Friday 5th April 2002
12:25 am U.K.


Check this out: I had to go down to Providence, RI, today to do a job. I come across this ham/computer fest. So, I go check it out and pick up some computer parts & cheap software. So then I come across this guy near the rear of the hall where it took place and made one major score! This dude had a mint HF1000 w/ box, remote, manual, all other accessories -- even the demo tape! He guaranteed me that it works; decision was quickly made! I'm like ecstatic at this point; I mean me, ME!, finally getting a 1000! As of the time of this post, I'm reading thru the manual learning about all the things this sucker can do! On a side note, he also had an HF300, so I bought that, too. But a 1000.....I feel like the leprechaun who struck gold at the end of the rainbow!!!

Thursday 4th April 2002
12:46 am U.K.


Betamax parts for Sony , Sanyo and Toshiba: http://www.pacparts.com/

Wednesday 3rd April 2002
7:09 pm U.K.


My VTC-5000 is no more :o(The idler mech was the first to go, after that it just went down hill, I guess 10+ years of being stored in a garage eventually killed it.

Nevermind I've still got my trusty VTC-9300 so all is not lost. I'm off to watch Where Eagles Dare that came with the 5000 :o)


Steve Whelan
Wednesday 3rd April 2002
2:51 pm U.K.


To Bill [who needs the idler for the VTC5000 ]

There's a company in Manchester called Wizard Distributors [tel: 0161 872 5438] who stock mechanicals for beta machines. THey might even have some heads left, but no cosmetic bits. Also, they're unlikely to stock manufacturer specials such as capstan motors/ reel drives etc, but they do stock copy parts for the usual wear and tear items.

as for getting hold of more machines, it's luck of the draw - car boot sales, loot [www.loot.com] - then do a search on 'betamax' or local papers. It's getting increasingly difficult to find decent machines now, and HiFi ones [or even C9s] are virtually non existant.

Wednesday 3rd April 2002
1:54 pm U.K.


Hello all,

Does anyone know where you can buy beta video recorders in the UK?Are there any dealers out there or is it a case of scouring places like Ebay and car boot sales??



Brenda Ann Dyer
Wednesday 3rd April 2002
11:55 am U.K.


Just this evening I got in my latest e-bay acquisition of 20 Maxell Professional/Industrial Grade L-750 tapes.. altogether they cost me only US$49.20 including USPS shipping by Priority mail. This made each tape US$2.46 for high grade Maxell tapes, new, still sealed in the factory wrap (not rewrapped, these still have the pull tab on them.) The seller is msoccer@aol.com .

I gather that this person sells a lot of tapes this way, and I will buy from them again. :)

Take care, and stay well.

Wednesday 3rd April 2002
11:30 am U.K.


Sony Betamax HF-400. Original Remote Included. Works Fine. Comes with Beta Rewinder (new in box), Sealed Blank Tapes (Radio Shack), box of factory recorded tapes, Genuine Sony Head Cleaning Tape, etc.). Whole System - $250.00. Located on East Coast. Email dp149@hotmail.com if want pictures or more details.

Olive Thomas
Wednesday 3rd April 2002
10:12 am U.K.

Olive Thomas@yahoo.com

Did a Yahoo shopping search for Betamax item and these are the results... http://all.search.shopping.yahoo.com/search/all?P=all&clink=&p=betamax&did=59 . A lot of stores (20) still carried Sony Beta tape but the price differential was amazing. From a low of $3.19 to a high of $7.95 for the same Standard Grade L-750 tape...

Wednesday 3rd April 2002
9:38 am U.K.


To Howard: Right on dude! Beta forever! My dedication to the battle is strong: A week ago, I got this really sweet beta tattoo on my left arm up near the shoulder (own design). Multicolor beta logo w/ "Beta" above and "Forever!" below.

Wednesday 3rd April 2002
2:39 am U.K.


For anyone interested, I have a SONY BMC-500 Betamovie Camera in Sony Beta Camera Hardshell Case I would be interested in selling. I don't have the power adapter or charger, but I do have three batteries for it. The camera and case are in immaculate condition, as if they came off the shelf yesterday. Please refer any SERIOUS inquiries to my email address. Thanks,Robert

Tuesday 2nd April 2002
8:48 pm U.K.


Situation Report from the Beta Battlefront: Report #1) I was conversing with a longtime fellow worker in my office a few weeks ago when the subject of audio/video entertainment came up. He mentioned casually that he once owned a beta VCR, which unfortunately broke down many years ago, but still owned a whole bunch of treasured beta tapes that he could no longer watch. I immediately reminded him of beta's better video quality and resolution, and encouraged him to go out and acquire another beta so that he can once again enjoy beta's better video resolution and most importantly watch his valued beta tape collection again. Yesterday at the office he happily came to me and announced that he had finally found a working beta VCR at a thrift shop (it's a used Sanyo Model 4020 Betacord) and that he is in hog heaven watching his beta tapes again and wondering why he ever gave up on beta in the first place and switched to that wretched other format! Report #2) Another fellow worker transferred to our office about a week ago, and overheard my conversation with worker #1 from above about his Sanyo Betacord find. This newly-transferred worker then approached me and inquired about where to fix an old Beta VCR, as his parents own an old Sony SL-5000 that munches tapes, and they have a "zillion" beta tapes that they could no longer watch. I gave him the address and phone number of my favorite beta VCR repair shop, and also encouraged him to look for another beta VCR in case the SL-5000 is not repairable. He was very happy to receive the info, and was eager to inform his parents that they may soon be able to watch their beta tapes again. I sat back in my cubicle and relaxed, secure in the knowledge that I have won another small skirmish in the continuing campaign to keep Beta alive; but also aware that the Battle for Beta is an ongoing struggle, one we must do our utmost to continue...

Chuck Ivie
Monday 1st April 2002
7:53 pm U.K.


I finally gave in and went digital. As a result I have the following SuperBeta machines available for a loving new home.

GCS1 Super Beta Movie camcorder With operators, tech, and service manualsThis camera has been converted to use NIMH batteries. comes with two batteries and a charger

GCS 50 Industrial superbeta editing deck including operators manual.

SLO 420 deck, plays Super Beta tapes beautifully

RM 580 wired controler for the SLO 420 IR controler for the SLO 420

Over 20 BETACAM tapes in near new condition. These tapes work better than standard superbeta tapes on these machines.

I thought I would mention it here before putting it up on EBAY.

I can send pictures if you want to see them.

All of the machines work perfectly.

Chuck Iviecivie@gte.net

Martin Suess
Monday 1st April 2002
2:55 pm U.K.


Hi Betamax-fans!Open your eyes and read: I have got an almost unused State-Of-The-Art Sony SL-HF 950 ES VCR 4 home use 2 offer. Unfortunately I bought myself 2 of them 18 years ago, but the 2nd issue I never used except now only once, 2 see, if it works. And it does! Was always stored the right, recommended way; cool and dry. The machine is still originally packed. U profeesionals know, what I talk about. It's a rarity! Some features: weight 27 pounds, the box/surface is of black colour. I bought it 4 a 3500 DM. And because I need only 1 item, I'd like 2 sell the 2nd. $ intereseted people I would give many tapes too as a tipp or bonus.Write 2 the address given below, or call: +49-30-4413903my best wishes 2 the Betamax-community

Monday 1st April 2002
2:11 pm U.K.


Does anyone know where I can go to get my BETA tapes converted to DVD? Please help. Thank you.

Joan Corneloues
Monday 1st April 2002
12:51 pm U.K.


- Hello from sunny Hertfordshire, England!! Just found this site and wanted to let Betamax fans know that I have a Sony C7 (no instruction book) and a Sanyo VTC6500, (with instruction book and remote), plus a Sony HVC-3000P Colour Video Camera with instruction book, for sale, also some used tapes. Only UK enquiries, please, as I would wish to show them working to prospective purchasers. However, I have "Rupert and the Frog Song" and The Everly Brothers Reunion Concert, which I would be willing to post overseas if required. I am open to sensible offers.....

Casimir Alonso Taulé
Monday 1st April 2002
11:03 am U.K.


I've got some questions:-1 Thanks to Martins now I know how to get NICAM on my 950 but I have a little and very important doubt. In Spain and other countries which have got NICAM but English isn't the principal language there are bilingual emisions. The 950ES (the one which I have) has the ability to receive analog "Bilingual" programs and movies. Nicam in Spain is also used to do this bilingual emisions and The fact that made me decide to put NICAM on the 950 was that in non hi-fi beta it sounds the two languages together. NICAM L R chanels are used for doubled language program and original version respectively. I think that decoders also are different. Has anyone adapted the 950ES to biligual NICAM? ( oh, I forgot. I don't know if you have ever heard of NICAM mono which is showed as bilingual but the two channels sound the same ) Adn how can you make the biligual indicator light?-2 Where could I get a good condition SLO-1700 Pal Beta-hifi?-3 Are betacam oxide cleaning tapes (BCT-5CLN) suitable for betamax (although I think they are like a L-125)?

Thanks for your help. Regards to all,


Olive Thomas
Monday 1st April 2002
10:36 am U.K.

Olive Thomas@yahoo.com

Before anybody dials that number on Franny's post do keep in mind the date and what the numbers spell on a telephone keypad...

2-7-7-4-5-3-6-6-5-7 = a-p-r-i-l-f-o-o-l-s

Monday 1st April 2002
5:56 am U.K.


During a recent pack stuff up in order to move it I came across an original owner's manual for a Sony SL HF 900 (I have several of these machines) and thus this is a spare, if anyone is interested you can have it for $5.00 plus postage. I am in the US.

Franny Wentzel
Monday 1st April 2002
4:32 am U.K.


Sae this Ron Popiel informercial off the satellite. Seems he's got a mutisystem 'universal' VHS/Beta VCR that can play HiFi VHS and Beta tapes from any country. It's got the two heads stacked on top of each other that rise and fall and the reel drives automatically switches to the proper tape size. Even the audio/control head rotates to the right position.

He's marketing it for people switching to digital video and need a machine for their analog tape collections - VHS or Beta. He notes that even VHS machines are starting to get scarce and since most can't record in LP speed (in the US) and this one can, it'd be a good buy even if one never bothered with the Beta feature. But if one used the Beta features you'd be able to record the 'highband' feature Only 8 'easy payments' of $49.99...

the number to call for that was 277-453-6657

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