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Sunday 26th March 2017

Please bookmark http://chat.palsite.com/chat_page.py as the new URL.

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Brenda Ann Dyer
Tuesday 12th November 2002
12:31 pm U.K.


In a remote, I doubt seriously if they would use over a 1/4 watt resistor. 240 ohm is a standard value for 5% and lower tolerances. If you have a parts jobber in your town, they would have it. If not, you could use two 470 ohm resistors in parallel (235 ohms) and be within 5% tolerance.

Hope that helps. :)

Tuesday 12th November 2002
11:24 am U.K.


The SL-2000 used the RMT-311. And yes the color stripes on the RM-81 resistor are in order; RED, YELLOW, BROWN, and GOLD. Using a code guide in the Radio Shack catalog I got about what you said (240 +/-5%) if the first two stripes mean the value, the third stripe the multiplier and the fourth the tolerance. However Rat Shcak doesn't sell 240 ohm resistors, just 220s or 270s and nothing seems to indicate the wattage of resistor needed (any help there?). 1/4 and 1/2 watt resistors are the only ones available in-store - the rest are special orders.

Tuesday 12th November 2002
6:01 am U.K.


Note for DasImperator: Don't ask Radio Shack for that resistor just yet. If the colors are as you describe, it's 240 ohms and the gold stripe means bang-on 240 (5% max error). Your source of info needs to visit http://webhome.idirect.com/~jadams/electronics/resistor_codes.htm

Tuesday 12th November 2002
3:08 am U.K.


I am glad you are back on line.I look forward each day to check on BETA FANS from around the world have to say.

Jesse Alonzo
Tuesday 12th November 2002
2:49 am U.K.


Stupid chat page registration. Brenda I don't want the drive anymore.. I am up to my ears in bad Macs. Anyways.. Does anyone know what model the original remote was for the SL-2000mie? Yes, that is what the heater is for. Leave it on for a few hours and see how hot the video block gets. You'll have a living 2000mie.. and if you play a video it is almost like a purring plastic kitty. :) Oh... Anyone know where I can get a remote for a Yamaha DSP-1 Dolby surround encode/decoder?

Brenda Ann Dyer
Tuesday 12th November 2002
12:12 am U.K.



I was going to send you a SCSI drive a while back, but we kinda lost touch when my e-mail was down for a couple weeks.. :(

Jesse Alonzo
Monday 11th November 2002
11:19 pm U.K.


eeeeeeeek! What drive, Brenda? I found a PowerPC 6100/66 (which I turned into 6100/66 A/V with a spare vidicard I had). Does anyone have any of the old Sony ECONOQUICK Trinitron tellies? They are so cute! Anyways, glad to see chat-page is back up. I had a question relating to beta.. Must have forgotten!

Monday 11th November 2002
10:58 pm U.K.


Hmm, nice to see the ol' Palsite back! Got a few rentals running off ta beta as we speak, so thought we'd drop in.

-- Two Boys & a ßeta ;)

Andy W.
Monday 11th November 2002
10:32 pm U.K.


Woohoo! It's back :) :) Long live ßeta! Long live the chat page!

Monday 11th November 2002
9:56 pm U.K.


I think the heater was for when you brought the SL-2000 from a shoot outdoors and needed to burn off dew from the temperature change.

Thanks to the fellow who informed me that the resistor for that RM-81 is a 270 ohm resisitor.

While I'm sure everyone's thrilled with the return of Chatpage, let's not go and ignore the Betaphile's Betelore page. http://www.quicktopic.com/16/H/7L8CrFSk7E7

It's a nice page in it's own right...

Sean Meskill
Monday 11th November 2002
9:32 pm U.K.


Wow! It's back. I figured the trolls killed it for good. Good to see it back amongst the living. I nderstand most of the guidlines but I think we all know what the ASCII art thing was about... Well I won't look a gift horse in the mouth. Anyone have some dead NP-1s to sell? I know where I can get the revived and since I have an SL-2000 (Hooray for me.) WITH the backpack case!!! (Hooray again) I will need a couple of these. Oh, and does anyone know what the "Heater" switch on the TT-2000 is for? this is not tube equipment!


Monday 11th November 2002
8:29 pm U.K.


Hi all,

I'm looking for a CCK-4MP cable or just the 14 pin connector.

Can anyone help?


Olive E Thomas
Monday 11th November 2002
2:36 pm U.K.


To Joseph looking for the HiFi Multistandard Beta;

No such animal existed as far as I know. Sony produced several mono and HiBand multi-standard machines but never brought out a HiFi unit. Other Beta makers like NEC, Sanyo or Toshiba may have produced multi-standard machines but I have yet to hear of one.

Most of Sony's Multi-standard Betas had an 'ME' suffix to their model names and with some exceptions the model number indicated the number of usable TV standards. There were also several European 'PS' units that did PAL and SECAM.

Monday 11th November 2002
12:21 pm U.K.


Currently looking for a high quality multistandard hifi stereo Betamax machine.

If you have one for sale please email me on josephsb@localnet.com.au

Monday 11th November 2002
8:56 am U.K.


Hi all, Its Back - Can anyone help with a problem I have on my SLHF950. When I select AV on the VCR the carriage wil not eject play or anything. When I switch to Tuner it all comes to life and works. However I have noticewd that I have no picture through the tuner. The machine plays tapes back fine. any ideas?

Brenda Ann Dyer
Monday 11th November 2002
1:35 am U.K.


Nice to see the chat back. Jesse, I don't think I've sent you that drive yet, please e-mail me.

Andy S.:Still waiting to get the time and money together to send my 1000 back for service. Hopefully it will be soon.

Everyone else, welcome back. Take care, and stay well. :)

Monday 11th November 2002
1:23 am U.K.


According to my SL-HF 300's manual to get stereo sound you have to use the A/V leads. THe RF out is a mono mix of the HiFi channels. Should apply to most other VCRs as well.

Made up a little page for the RM-81 Betamovie commander in case anyone wants to build one for their 'Betamie'.


Mad Beta Collector
Monday 11th November 2002
12:38 am U.K.


I have a stereo Tv (1983) if i connect the Tv with my 1983 Stereo VCR will I get stereo sound? If so will it only come in phono and scart or just aerial connection?BTW it Dolby Stereo.. (UK only)

Sunday 10th November 2002
11:42 pm U.K.


Got that RM-81 Betamovie remote commander that I sleeched out from under MrBetamax. I took the liberty of opening it up to see how to make another from Radio Shack bit and it looks to be fairly easy to do. One thing though, Does anyone know how to read a resistor's 'color code'? The colors from L to R are Red, Yellow, Brown, and Gold. I suppose I could just ask for resistors with those 4 colors in that order but I'm sure I'd get dirty looks from the sales staff...

Sunday 10th November 2002
11:29 pm U.K.


Hey man it's back. Let's hope it keeps on track this time!

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