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Friday 24th March 2017

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Olive E Thomas
Thursday 4th March 2004
10:13 pm U.K.


The only Fergusen Videostar I've seen is this model...


At this page...


I wonder if he ever sorted out that glitch with his Sanyo Beta that wasn't allowing it to display the counter properly...

Mad Beta Collector
Thursday 4th March 2004
7:31 pm U.K.


Forgive me for saying the forbidden word.. but I need to ask..Does anyone have any pictures of Ferguson VHS 3v42 and 43 ?or can anyone tell me what is the different between these models?I just need to check something to confirm which service manual to getMany thanks :)

Antony White
Thursday 4th March 2004
6:22 pm U.K.


Help .....again I bought a Sony HF-950 for £250.00 about 3 months back now i am used to SLO1700 's and the usual Sanyo's and Sony varieties so was well chuffed to get this its been a great little gem.Here in the naff uk for betas we're almost dead, this was my pride and joy i use it a lot and today it wouldnt eject.The chassis is coming out but not far enough and the tray is not springing up.The eject button is sounding and knocking the chassis out so far but again its not lifting the tape in the tray.If I do it manually ie lifting the tray and putting the tape in after a bit of messing it does it winds the tape and functions ok but then to eject i have to pull the chassis out and lift up the tray.Can anyone help, i'm in the u.k. so if anyone can advise me on either how to do it or where to get it done i'd be grateful. If it can be repaired and serviced by anyone id pay whatever it takes.As I say I have 3 SLO1700 's and a couple of other sonys but this is my best one, my mate got another from e-bay that was a jap import but i aint seen any others.PLEASE HELP....CHEERS

Olive E Thomas
Thursday 4th March 2004
5:14 am U.K.


Well the good news is that VR-9000W (which is an SL-5400) can take the AG-300 tape changer.

Sean Meskill
Thursday 4th March 2004
4:45 am U.K.


Just came into a windfall Zenith VR-9000W in its box with remote. Seems that someone replaced its belts at some time since there are the torn-open packages of belts with some questionable belts stuffed into them. Unfortunately I believe that this is the equivilent of the SL-5400 not the 5800, which would've been cool. However it's still a good looking unit and it might still work. I have to test it out but I've been busy lately... Any advice?

Olive E Thomas
Thursday 4th March 2004
12:54 am U.K.


I'm thinking the VCR came to them in the box of the VCR that replaced it and they copied a buncha crap off the box. Or they just cut-n-pasted a buncha snazzy sounding VCR description text.

Brenda Ann
Wednesday 3rd March 2004
10:22 pm U.K.



Your seller above certainly earns either the most dishonest, or most stupid seller of the year award.. it looks like he took what he could off the machine itself, and then found a VHS Hi-Fi ad and copied the specs from it. And I'll bet there's some poor soul out there that doesn't know the differnce that will bid on it thinking they're getting a top of the line VHS machine.. I personally like the part about "rewinds a T-120 in less than... " They must stick it in sideways, huh? ;)

Sean Meskill
Wednesday 3rd March 2004
9:20 pm U.K.


Really, there's nothing wrong with getting a high price. On Ebay that's just the way it goes. You win some, you lose some, but you can score big with unassuming items. What there is a problem with is misrepresenting an item so badly that people think it's something it's not, it doesn't matter if you're selling it for an expensive price, a cheap price, or even giving it away. Plenty of other people have done similarly well selling SL-2300s for what they are; Low-end Sony VCRs. I really don't see any reason to try to pass off a Volkswagen as a Lincoln when plenty of people buy Volkswagens at fair prices anyway...

Olive E Thomas
Wednesday 3rd March 2004
7:47 pm U.K.


Well Scott I can only congratulate you. You put a start price of a buck on this and it went through the roof. Though for that same bid price I got a working SL-HF 360 SuperBeta HiFi AND a working SL-T50ME PAL/SECAM/NTSC multisystem Beta (with the remote and a couple PAL tapes to start off with) with change to spare. Now either those Betas could have 'owned' your SL-2300 and made it like it.

For the same price I probably could've bought a Vidimagic Beta VCR/projection TV on a good day. Or one of The Snail's lesser VCRs.

There is no logical reason for SL-2300 to do so well on eBay. I don't regard the SL-2300/2400 series as being very reliable. The ones I've found all suffer from dried capacitor syndrome which makes me think that Beta was built too densely and overheats accordingly.

I can only presume people are getting more desparate for Betas to transfer their tapes to DVD as DVD recorders penetrate the market and just don't know any better.

I bet if you asked for anything more than $50 bux it would still be sitting by it's lonesome. There seems to be some sort of voodoo working that the low starters do better in the long run and the high starters have to get relisted again and again.

And Bobby, apart from the usual complaints of being as old as the u-matic format I'm pretty much OK. Thanks for asking.

Wednesday 3rd March 2004
6:41 pm U.K.


What's happenin to Olive.....

Wednesday 3rd March 2004
5:00 pm U.K.


There's nothing wrong in getting a high price for an item but there is something wrong with misrepresentation, such as stating that a SL-2300 is among the finest (in which case they're ALL the finest), and saying that it actually responds to a IR remote control.

Homer Simpson
Wednesday 3rd March 2004
4:06 pm U.K.


Whats the problem with the folks out there? Apparently theres a mysterious price police that looks after ebay prices. well let me ask you guys a question. If you have the chance to sell an item at a good price vs at a low price what will you do? Also, apparently there are people on this board that ridicule others selling their system off, but when its their turn to sell they demand high prices for their junk!


I call this " terror pricing"

wheres homeland security when you need it?

Wednesday 3rd March 2004
1:32 pm U.K.


Hey all,

Does anybody know where I may be able to download a copy of the manual for my SL-HF 950? Thanks


Wednesday 3rd March 2004
11:36 am U.K.


Hello again all. Well, Olive seems your assessment of my top-of-the-line SL-2300 was way off. Got a wopping $177 for it...HA HA!!!


And don't tell me all those bidders are idiots. You people, Sean included, got severe problems. You probably wanted to steal this off me for yourselves at a low price. After listening to you, I would have let it go for $50.00. Nice try gang.

BTW, the plasma remote DID work some of the functions.

I'm suprised at a chat page that specializes in Betas would knock one of the finest Betas ever made. I'm out of here....--->Scott

Olive E Thomas
Wednesday 3rd March 2004
9:16 am U.K.


From the "We'll say anything to sell this stuff" school....


Sony Super Betamax VHS Casette Recorder SL-S600

* Like New Condition!!

* Excellent


* Energy Star? Compliant

* 1 Analog Audio Output

* 1 Composite Video Output

* 2 Analog Audio Inputs (1 Front/1 Rear)

* 2 Composite Video Inputs (1 Front/1 Rear)

* RF Input & RF Output

* Index Scan

* Instant Replay

* Auto Head Cleaner

* 1-Month/8 Event Recording Timer

* Digital Auto Tracking System

* ChildLoc?Circuitry

* Multi-Lingual On-Screen Display

* Dual Azimuth 4 Head

* VHS Hi-Fi Stereo; MTS Stereo TV Reception

* Plug & Play for easy set up for Auto Tuner Preset and AutoClock?set

* Front & Rear Audio/Video Inputs

* Commercial Skip

* 19 Micron Heads - Superior EP Recording Quality

* Flash Rewind - Rewinds a T-120 in about 60-seconds

* 17" Home Theater Size Chassis

* Cinema Illumination Multi-Brand TV Remote Control

* Quasi S-VHS Playback

* Complimentary Wega?TV Styling (silver finish)

* VCR Plus+?Programming

Tuesday 2nd March 2004
9:18 pm U.K.


for sale slc5, slc6 and a stereo vtc9300 £100 for the lot 2 workingQUICK SALE NEEDED OR THESES MACHINES HASVE A ONE WAY TRIP TO THE TIP!only £100 for the lot or will sell seperatley for a price.

Olive E Thomas
Tuesday 2nd March 2004
6:51 pm U.K.


It's a Yamaha 4X drive. I have it in an old IBM 5.25 external floppy drive case.

Brenda Ann
Tuesday 2nd March 2004
11:56 am U.K.


What speed is your SCSI burner, Olive? We have a nice older Plextor PlexWriter 12x4x32 drive that works great, but we don't use SCSI for anything anymore... would like to see it go to a good home.

Olive E Thomas
Tuesday 2nd March 2004
11:21 am U.K.


PAL/SECAM-'ost' Multisystem SL-HF 950 SuperBetaHiFi!


Olive E Thomas
Tuesday 2nd March 2004
1:08 am U.K.


Suck it RIAA! I just ripped my first CD on my new (well old) Mac SCSI CD burner!! Yeehah!

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