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Sunday 26th March 2017

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Beta is Better
Wednesday 5th May 2004
1:18 pm U.K.


Re: David Adams message(s);

In regards to your Sony Betamax machine with a non spinning video head-

You were correct to try cleaning the Hall effect devise on the head motor assembly. The jitter that the head does indicates the usual problem that occurs with the motor. Cleaning off the glue only fixes 2 out of 10 machines.

I have had to switch out the motor assembly on many machines. I salvage heads from cheap mono machines for this purpose.

Hope this helps

David Adams
Wednesday 5th May 2004
9:27 am U.K.


Sorry folks, I forgot to mention that the heads/drum do actually "judder" when play is pressed, but then lock themselves still (must be the magnets I guess). So it looks like there is some sort of power getting there (maybe).

David Adams
Wednesday 5th May 2004
8:29 am U.K.


Hi Everyone,Having read through this much of this forum, I have a glimmer of hope that someone out there can help me with a fix for my non-working Sony SLC-30UB. Basically, it was working fine until last week when it suddenly began to just STOP after about 5 seconds. This occurred in play, ff and rewind modes. On looking inside, I discovered that the head did not spin when I pressed play. The tape was fully loaded around the drum, etc, and the tape actually moved forward, BUT THE HEAD DID NOT SPIN. I have looked everywhere for help and have done a couple of adjustments.... these include removing the glue from the hall effect device and adjusting the tape/cassette position (in case it was a microswitch). But still no luck. Unfortumately the machine I keep for spares has the same problem, so I can't take the parts from that - but first of all I need to know what is wrong.

Can anyone help please ?? If so, would you explain exactly which part is which and where it is in very non techy terms please..... Thanks.

Olive E Thomas
Wednesday 5th May 2004
3:50 am U.K.


I have a multisystem Beta that could transfer the audio and video to black and white, but I'm in the Upstate New York area.

Wednesday 5th May 2004
2:13 am U.K.


Hello Folks, hope someone can help me out. I've got some Betamax PAL tapes that I would like to get the audio only out of and onto cassettes. I'm from Canada, but my wife is in Northern Ireland right now with the pile of 11 tapes. Does anyone have a deck they would like to rent out to her or know of anywhere that could perform this service either in Northern Ireland or England?

Many, many thanks,Rob

Jeff Kenyon
Tuesday 4th May 2004
7:47 pm U.K.


Hello everyone. I've had my SLHF-400 for a month in a half now and enjoy it very much. I have especially liked going through the tapes that came with it, and have had a few surprises in addition to the moovies on there. This mainly has been MTV recordings that include music recorded back when they played strictly music videos through the mid 80's, mostly in 1985 and 1986. Prior to getting my 400 I had a tape that was recorded from WKBD TV-50 in Detroit of me when I was a baby on Detroit Today which was recorded in 1977. I enjoyed watching the commercials that were on TV when I was a baby and am happy to say that this tape works great. I am currently looking for any tapes recorded from TV from the mid 70s through about 1985, which is when my tapes that I have now were recorded at the earliest, though it may be 1986, as I am not sure when the previous owner to my machine got it. I am hoping to find stuff recorded down in the Detroit area, but if it is national TV I guess it won't matter much. I am also looking for any technical help with some switches on my SLHF-400. I am concerned with the switches in the little compartment on the bottom of the front of the machine. Any help with this would be great, and thanks in advance.

Sean Meskill
Tuesday 4th May 2004
2:06 am U.K.


Nothing but an ED machine should ever have any business touching ED tape. It wears the heads out very quickly. I know you can use S-VHS tape the other way 'round, though. In fact if you use a good quality VHS tape you can even drill the shell and record S-VHS. I know from a while back someone tried using a regular tape to record ED-Beta and it didn't work.

Das Snail_@_oo
Tuesday 4th May 2004
12:24 am U.K.


_@_oo - SL-HF 450 will playback X-1, BI and BIS recordings. Won't playback ED recordings.

Monday 3rd May 2004
11:34 pm U.K.


Can anyone tell me if my Sony SL-HF450 will playback B1 format?I know it will playback and record in B2 and B3 formats.thank you very much.Joe.

Cristiana Camisotti
Monday 3rd May 2004
6:13 pm U.K.


Does anyone know of power supply faults on the slc7ub betamax vcr? Please let me know ifyou do

Das Snail_@_oo
Sunday 2nd May 2004
10:48 pm U.K.


BIs has a White Clip of 260%, Y-carrier of 4.8Mhz, White Peak of 6.0Mhz and 280+ lines of resolution.

Sunday 2nd May 2004
9:09 pm U.K.


'Lo folx. Hadn't been around in awhile. But what is the actual resolution (lines) of BIs? I know it's gotta be somehwere between Superbeta and ED-Beta.

Sunday 2nd May 2004
11:13 am U.K.


I have a Sony C20 it needs lower and upper drum and a new head can anyone help?

Das Snail_@_oo
Saturday 1st May 2004
11:37 pm U.K.


A Betamax recorder will decidedly NOT play Beta-SP Tape recordings. The two formats are absolutely incompatible.

Saturday 1st May 2004
11:22 pm U.K.



WOW! Let's stampede over to flea bay and snag this.

Saturday 1st May 2004
8:05 pm U.K.


Guys I try the remote RMT159 its Japs' works on HF950 +HF1000D+HF95D origininating,

RMT230 works on SL800ME +HF77K+HF77ES

Saturday 1st May 2004
7:50 pm U.K.


Eeey My dear Olive Have U seen this..


I was a kid at that time....Also dont miss it tonight


Saturday 1st May 2004
7:40 pm U.K.


The Mr BA from A team ...seems so familiar......

Saturday 1st May 2004
6:47 pm U.K.


Does anyone know if A 1980s Betamax recorder deck will play beta sp tapes??Thanks for any help

Olive E Thomas
Saturday 1st May 2004
6:20 pm U.K.


Another Italian Betamie...


BMC-500P - 15 Euro start.

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