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Sunday 26th March 2017

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Thursday 4th November 2004
10:58 pm U.K.


why is the mono rec and playback on the pal sony hf100 so bad?

Noel Higgins
Thursday 4th November 2004
10:09 pm U.K.



Another thought, If the problem is plastic mounting pins (which mount into the metal chassis) breaking off the plastic slides it may be possible to drill and pin/screw them to the metal at another point. Sony's repair policy probably doesn't allow them to do other than fit a replacement part. (I know they are not allowed to repair the SLC9 DC/DC convertors to component level.)

It may also be much cheaper depending on the access available to drill holes. Such measures are much more drastic but better than giving up on the 750 machine all together.

Noel Higgins
Thursday 4th November 2004
9:59 pm U.K.



Sad to hear about your 750. This is probably the same reason plastic load gears are splitting on many of the Sony slim line front load machines I see these days. ( SLC30 to HF150 ) Until now the most common one with gear problems was the SLC9, but they are smaller and suffer greater strain. Pretty much a design fault. (Which Sony pretty much acknowledged by bringing out the replacement metal gear set.) At least there is the possibility of metal or plastic replacement gears for the other machines where your problem sounds more terminal.

The deteriation of plastic seems related to the climate you are in. Warmer high humidity climates seem to make the plastic go brittle quicker. I have seem this effect in the gear sets of Hewlett Packard 8640B radio frequency signal generators used in different climates around Australia.

If you can source a good 750 machine from a cooler climate area, you may get it to last a bit longer.

regards Noel

alan morton
Thursday 4th November 2004
4:22 pm U.K.


More bad news.

Wound up taking one of my 750s and a 1000 into the shop last week and got both back. The 1000 had a bad power supply regulator and was easily repaired. The 750 however was not so lucky and has a problem that may wind up dooming a lot of machines out there. It seems that the plastic pieces that are used to mount the tape transport mechinisms on are starting to crack and dientigrate and thus are no longer holding things where they are supposed to be. The plastic part which is more or less attached to the metal plates are no longer available from Sony and was told that even if they were they would also have been molded 15-20 years ago and would be subject to the same problem. I was also told that the tech replaced these on a machine once and charged $ 200 for labour and would never do it again for that cheap- it took him about 16 hours of bench time and the VCR was never quite 100% compatible with the rest of them. Was told that the older tank VCRs wont suffer from this problem since they were all molded in cast aluminium which does not break down over time.

Das Snail_@_oo
Wednesday 3rd November 2004
11:46 pm U.K.


Name: IanEmail: ian.menage@google.comWednesday 3rd November 2004 10:38 am U.K. Time

Can anyone help?

I have a double sided video cassette (A and B) with precious family recordings on it. PLEASE what type of video recorder do I need? Is this a Betamax format? If so, there aren't too many of these in UK!

What you have is a Phillips Video2000 format cassette not a Betamax and it's a rarer format to find.

PALsite has a chatpage...


And a website for that particular format


Wednesday 3rd November 2004
10:41 pm U.K.


hey all how r ya

Noel Higgins
Wednesday 3rd November 2004
10:32 pm U.K.


To chickasmith,

You can't get back more than you recorded from a tape. HiFi sound must be put on the tape at the same time as the picture information. The linear sound track is recorded in mono or stereo near the edge of the tape.

From my experience you are better off taping your current programs off TV on VHS. The quality of the later 1990s VHS units such as Sony SLV757, SLV777 and SLV815 is very good. The big plus is you can get VHS tapes new and cheap. Using old beta tapes, even in good condition, is risky because the tapes eventually break down (25 to 35yrs) and so will your older Beta machines eventually. It is a toss up quality wise. I use an SLV777 to time shift programs now and it looks good even through a projector. The electronics in the later VHS machines managed to compensate somewhat by sharpening the recorded image up.

regards Noel

Wednesday 3rd November 2004
10:38 am U.K.


Can anyone help?

I have a double sided video cassette (A and B) with precious family recordings on it. PLEASE what type of video recorder do I need? Is this a Betamax format? If so, there aren't too many of these in UK!

Ray Glasser
Wednesday 3rd November 2004
5:45 am U.K.


To: Madness, regarding your post of Oct. 24th. Regarding the Sony SuperSaver tapes you bought: I bought a load of theseSuperSaver tapes, they came out sometime in the mid 1980s I think. It seems that the duplicating houses had an overage of the odd-length duplicator Betatapes ( L435s, 530s, 625s, etc.), so Sony packaged them with the standardlength tapes closest to the duplicator length and sold them as two-packs. Igot a bunch of L625/L750 combinations, because an L625 at BII is 2:30, greatfor those movies that run over 2 hours but under 3. Hope this clears thingsup! --> Ray Glasser (www.betainfoguide.com) Best, Ray Glasser betainfoguide.com

Andy W.
Tuesday 2nd November 2004
3:42 pm U.K.



Whole lot of the old K-60 tapes. I wonder if they still contain X-1 recordings?

Olive E Thomas
Tuesday 2nd November 2004
9:39 am U.K.


Whoever was looking for a late-model Multisystem Beta VCR should check this puppy out...


SL-T700ME SuperBeta Multisystem VCR.

Tuesday 2nd November 2004
8:49 am U.K.



Fredrick Thompson
Tuesday 2nd November 2004
7:36 am U.K.


oh by the way it would preferably play s and l beta tapes, thanks again

Fredrick Thompson
Tuesday 2nd November 2004
7:30 am U.K.


I am new to this (hence no favourite model) but hav some tapes i NEED on dvd. i am in australia and need a working australian specced (i.e. 240 volt, australian plug) Beta player for less than a hundred dollars. (inc shipping if at all possible) thanks for your reply.

Tuesday 2nd November 2004
7:26 am U.K.


In case there are any vintage betamax collectors out there, the very first betamax which was sold originally only in a console with a 19" trinitron monitor- model LV-1901 is up for bid on ebay (US) This was history in the making- it is the Great Grandparent to all the Betas, and Sony really went all out with a beautiful teak console and lots of features. Check it out if you've never seen one. Item number- 6128644158

Tuesday 2nd November 2004
5:34 am U.K.


Hello again - a few questions today.

Stupid question to start with. I guess that if I have recorded a show 20 years ago with a non-hi-fi Beta VCR, it will not therefore instantly turn into (and play) as hi-fi on a hi-fi Beta? If so, does that mean I need to tape on an hi-fi as hi-fi so that the audio quality will be superior?

I am still using my VHS to record footage from TV. I recently have acquired an SL-HF 150 in Australia. I plan to keep on using a VCR to record before I transfer all recording in the future directly to DVD (too expensive at the moment - maybe within three years time?) Has the VHS quality 'caught up' in recent times enough for me to be recording on the VHS (with new tapes), or would people recommend that I use the Beta still (where Beta tapes are rare although some pop up on local ebay in recent times)

Take Care and Many thanks :)

Monday 1st November 2004
11:13 pm U.K.


can anyone tell me where i can get a betamax video tape transfered to a VHS tape?in the uk?

Monday 1st November 2004
6:48 pm U.K.


Hey guys, know I haven't been here for awhile. Just been busy helping Setting a new POOL STATION for a friend.Glad to be back.........................☺;;☺;☺;☺;☺;☺;☺;☺;☺;☺;☺;☺;☺;

David Hadaway
Monday 1st November 2004
5:17 pm U.K.


Take a blank tape and record and play it a few times to make sure everything is OK before trying your valuable tapes.

Bill Wishart
Monday 1st November 2004
3:42 pm U.K.


I need your advise. I have 10 Betamax cassettes of home video of my children, taken 26 years ago and never looked at for that length of time. I live in Northern California, near San Jose. The tapes have been stored in the garage. I have purchased a Betamax player from E-Bay. It will arrive in about a week. The Betamax is guaranteed to work so it has been tested. Do you think I should just put in my old tapes and start viewing? Would it be smarter to first take off the cover of the Betamax player and carefully remove the dust and lubricate the mechanism first? Also, I have to tell you I have spotted some very small spots of mildew on the spools of tape as you look through the window on the cassettes. What will happen if I play such a tape? I would greatly appreciate any comments you have on this situation

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