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Friday 24th March 2017

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Thursday 10th February 2005
12:32 pm U.K.


To Paul Middleton,Would just like to 'back up' Noels' advice on his previous posts. Replacing the 4 Sanyo caps fixed the capstan and drum servo problems on both of my C5 's. Regards, michael.

noel higgins
Thursday 10th February 2005
4:38 am U.K.


To Paul Middleton who asked about repairs for the Sony SLC5. See my posts above dated 11 January.

regards Noel.

Ron Humphris
Wednesday 9th February 2005
11:54 am U.K.


G/day all fellow betaphiles, havn't posted here for a while as most of my beta's are ticking over nicely [famous last words I can here you saying] anyway I had the good fortune to come across half a dozen or so brand new Beta cassette winding units the details of which are: make KONTAKT.240 volts.forward & rewind direct control. auto stop & soft ejection. stylish,compact design. precise, no noise operation. led pilot light.As I say these items are brand new and were part of someones deceased estate, they are still in their original packing complete with warranty card and instructions.I have owned a couple of these units for quite a few years and use them frequently and I am sure they have saved heaps of ware and tare on my beta machines both the units I have were not new like these ones and have performed faultlessly over the years.All the new units I have are fitted with Australian plugs so for use in the UK would need the appropriate plug fitted.Anyone in Aus/UK interested in purchasing one of these units the cost to you would be 30AUD + postage [they weigh 1.3 kilos with packaging] I am offering palsite betaphiles first choice on these before going to eBay!Just remove [nospam] from my email address if you wish to email meregards


Olive E Thomas
Tuesday 8th February 2005
10:03 pm U.K.


Need a VCR-4400 manual?


Tuesday 8th February 2005
6:43 am U.K.


Hi,I have a Sony SL-HF900. Fabulous machine, but it has major issues related to the video circuitry.When in TV tuner mode, little gyrating lines dance on the screen. When in video playback, on pre-recorded or home-recorded tapes, sound flutters and there are red-green-blue rainbow patterns twitching and scrolling down the screen. When a tape is recorded on the SL-HF900, and played back on another machine, like my functional SL-300, the tape has the same video issues of the 900.Does anybody have any suggestions as to which components to check/replace? There's very little wear on the heads, and it'd be great to get it working.Thanks.

Olive E Thomas
Tuesday 8th February 2005
12:26 am U.K.


Get this hunk of krep off of me!


Paul Middleton
Monday 7th February 2005
6:46 pm U.K.


Hi Folks

I am kind new and old to Betamax! Many years ago I was one of those people that bought Betamax rather than VHS. I had a splendid Sony C5 which gave me many years of loyal service. But like these things do the head packed up, and I was advised to dump the machine, which I did, and have regretted ever since.

I still have very many Beta tapes and so recently I obtained another C5. However, it has a fault, despite my best efforts, the picture judders from side to side, a shimmer is perhaps the best way to describe it. Ihave replace the belts, pinch roller and cleaned and lubricated, but with no success, in every other way it is a fine machine. I ever rewinds properly!! Can anyone help please, I would be most grateful.

Best regards


Olive E Thomas
Monday 7th February 2005
10:22 am U.K.


The closest oxide-formula Betamaxes ever got to componant output was the SL-HF 2100 which has S-video in/outs. Betamax wasn't a componant video format so even if you can find an SL-HF 2100 the expense couldn't really be justified by any sort of results.

Robert Gibson
Monday 7th February 2005
9:19 am U.K.


Are there any betamax machines that have component output? If so where can I get one to rent or buy? I have a project using betamax recordings made in 1983-4 and wish to maximise their quality while digitising them into AVID at 1-1 compression.

David Dixon
Sunday 6th February 2005
10:40 pm U.K.


I know this is a beta site but if anyone colletts Laser Discs I have some to sell includingReturn of the Jedi, the whole dirty harry box set etcMake a offerDave

Friday 4th February 2005
9:06 pm U.K.


have some

Thursday 3rd February 2005
1:29 am U.K.


Olive, thanks very much for that help regarding the Murphy Beta, i have my own collection of over 6'000 original tapes and have a slo1700 and two sl-hf950s as well as the oldies in my collection that ive hoarded that my recently married wife isnt impressed with.Anyway i will take a stack of photos if you wish of it of the fascia and insides or whatever you could use if you wish as i will probvably do a trade with a tape collector soon.....I really cant hoard anymore its a shame youre not in the uk i could have got it to you if it was any use.Anyhow many many thanks again.

Olive E Thomas
Tuesday 1st February 2005
11:34 pm U.K.


The first thing to check for is to make sure the cassette loading/unloading sequence is running properly. If the loading gear belt is shot it could be improperly resetting the sequence. With the power on and looking into the works press the eject button. the pinch roller should shudder back and forth slightly. You should see a plunger switch on the left side of the reel table. This is the door closed mechanism. Try pressing it to see if the loading gears engage. Let it cycle through and press eject. See if the door closes then

The next possible failure point is the latch mechanism itself. If you look to the left hand side of the reel table bay near that plunger switch, you should see the latch mechanism that engages a hook underneath the cassette tray. The latch is a two-parter - one hook is metal with a tiny tyre attached to it and a plastic bit that closes in when the door is shut..

If you're lucky only the latch under the carraige itself is bent or the rubber belt driving the loading gear is the problem.

The latch mechanism is a modular part that can be removed and replaced without requiring a 'retuning' of the VTR upon reassembly - though it is an extremely bothersome "last resort" process. I have a spare but it's for the American SL-2000 (I have no reason to believe it wouldn't be good for the F1 as it's just some switches and leads). I also have the rubber belt.

peter croggon
Tuesday 1st February 2005
9:46 pm U.K.


I have had my F1 for 21 years and until recently it worked fine. My (silly) problem is: the loading door will no longer close. I could mend it myself if I knew what spare to get (if available) and what is required. I have looked at it with the door cover off and cannot see what is wrong. Can one of the great brains out there give me advice. Thank you.

Olive E Thomas
Tuesday 1st February 2005
7:39 pm U.K.


All of the SL-HF models record and play. In fact there were only a relative few playback-only Beta format VCRs.

Sony had maybe less than a dozen models of the 'SLP' line - half were industrial source decks for edit systems, the other half were consumer player only models - at least two or three of them were SuperBeta players (I've gotten conflicting moodel nubers but it seems there was an SLP-8800R and an SLP-44R model at least) and one was a player only variant of the Japan home market SL-3100 portable known as the SL-230P. There was at least one PAL player model, the SLP20CH.

There was at least one Toshiba and one Sanyo player-only model - both of which were OEMed for the 'Rent-a-Beta" series of overnight rental market player-only models.

The Rent-a-Beta models (the RB-100 was a Toshiba OEM the RB-500 was a Sanyo) came in a blue PVC plastic carry case and were intended for people who couldn't afford (or didn't want) to buy a VCR (back when VCRs were in the $500 to $1500 price range) but wanted to see rental movies from time to time.

Sanyo also OEMed their player (which I have no data on other than it's a variant of the VPR-4800 - don't even have a model number) for Sears Roebuck who marketed their as the 30200D.

Of the player only models only the SLP-303 and SLP-305 industrial units has stereo playback but it was linear stereo - not HiFi stereo - and only the SLP-305 offered BII and BIII playback in the industrial player catagory. As far as I can tell no player-only unit offered HiFi playback.

Tuesday 1st February 2005
6:04 pm U.K.


Does the Sony model SL HF500 record as well as play?


Jon Westlake
Tuesday 1st February 2005
3:25 pm U.K.


Max Beta: Thanks for the hints. I shall have a play with it when I am home at Easter... (You may well hear from me again then!)

Olive E Thomas
Tuesday 1st February 2005
1:29 am U.K.


For example, you could get this very nice SL-HF 350 unit...


Olive E Thomas
Tuesday 1st February 2005
1:01 am U.K.


Oooooooh! Too late Rita! Somebody BIN-ed it already... These units show up all the time on eBay. For the bid price you're willing to pay why not step up to Beta HiFi Stereo?

Max Beta
Tuesday 1st February 2005
12:36 am U.K.


Rita: Check out


and your wish may come true for a third of your price.

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