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Friday 24th March 2017

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Olive E Thomas
Monday 7th March 2005
4:19 am U.K.


If you were ever thinking of getting an SLO-340 portable Betamax (records in BI takes 10-pin cameras) but balked at doing so because you never seem to find one with a power supply...


The AC-340 power supply. $9 start $30 BIN. This is for a US NTSC model.

Sunday 6th March 2005
11:46 pm U.K.


Philips N1500 / N1700 Vintage VCR VC and LVC tapes transferred to VHS or DVD in high quality using the latest digital equipment,DVD's have menus to find the program you want after transfer. Faulty N1500 / N1502 machines wanted for spares please contact me for more details. Web page :http://tape2dvd.mysite.wanadoo-members.co.uk/

Sunday 6th March 2005
10:49 pm U.K.


I have some beta tapes with films on recorded from uktv. I am asking only 20p each. Email for details.

Sunday 6th March 2005
2:00 am U.K.



Derek Clermont
Sunday 6th March 2005
12:22 am U.K.


I am selling a pair of Sony GCS50's along with the editing controller RME50,these unitshave been tested and are in excellent working and physical condition. They also come with origonal manuals and cables etc. Please, serious inqiries only. Thanks very much. CheersBest offer takes them at this point.

Olive E Thomas
Saturday 5th March 2005
10:06 pm U.K.


I'm sure this is gonna sound familiar to everyone else, but the sluggy Sanyo M20 probably has worn idler tyres and maybe the drive belt. Might also be back tension problem. I used to do a trick with getting the back tension right on Sanyo by loosening the back tension clamp that held the felt and tin tension strip, then pushing the tension arm towards it's limit and tightening the back tension grip screw. It worked well enough for the VCR 4400 I used to have in the 90s.

Check this page on how to service the idler tyres...


bob walters
Friday 4th March 2005
9:03 pm U.K.


I've got a sanyo m20 betacord . Playback of tape, speed fluctuates and tape sometimes stops especially towards end of tape.Can anyone help , I live in mid wales.Where can I get the machine serviced.Thanks bob

Olive E Thomas
Friday 4th March 2005
8:15 pm U.K.


Someone in the market for Olive Thomas' movies?


Friday 4th March 2005
5:46 pm U.K.


Did someone mention that the Olive Thomas classic silent flics may be available on Beta? If so, I'm looking for 'Daughter of the Sheik" circa 1923. Thanks for your consideration. Tom

Alan Morton
Friday 4th March 2005
4:18 pm U.K.


I think many people over estimated the effect of quality would have on the consumer. I have copies of several old issues of the Videophile Newsltter - where one of the ongong debates in the letter columns was wether the publc would ever accept the lower quality of a Betamax pic (which was ~$25 for a 1 hour tape) when for only $15 more they could get the much superior quality of a Umtaic tape. There was also the factor that the Umatic VCR was much more than the Betamax one.

Also I have a suspicion that the Olive Thomas who posts here is not the actress who died ~80 years ago- if she somehow was I would think she'ld be hawking copies of her movies in Beta :)

Friday 4th March 2005
12:45 am U.K.


Hi, I'm doing some research about Betamax and VHS, and I'm trying to figure out what are the true factors that affected the Betamax vcr and decreased its populartiy compared with VHS. I'm quite sure it's not the price, since both products had a similar price at the peak of their populartiy ( mid 70's and 80's ). I'm also sure it's not the product because we all know that Betamax has a far better quality over VHS. So, if somebody knows some details about the history of Betamax, please let me know. Thanks.

Thursday 3rd March 2005
7:46 pm U.K.



Im writing from France so excuse me if my English is not that good :-).

I have an old SL-C6F (the SECAM SL-C6 ) out of order and Id like to repair it (I have some knowledge in electronics but Im not a VCR expert!).

Here is the trouble: when I switch on the general power switch of the back panel, the clock switches on and blinks as it should, leading me to think the power supply works (or at least a part of it). When I push the ON/STANDBY button, nothing happens. The associated LED doesnt light on and the VCR remains in STANDBY mode.

Ive checked the two fuses of the power panel and they are OK. The ON/STANDBY switch itself is OK too and its connection to the power panel as well.

Can anyone give me a clue? I guess theres no SONY service manual available on the net for this model?

Thanks in advance for your help! :-)

Kind regards,


PS: if you give me an answer via email, change the end of my address by removing the 4 X of the domain name ;-)

David Hadaway
Thursday 3rd March 2005
4:52 pm U.K.


I have the 3M beta head cleaners for $7 ea. or 2 for $10. Plus shipping.

Christian Knig
Thursday 3rd March 2005
3:20 am U.K.



as I know, the head cleaner tapes for Beta are only sold at SONY JAP and AUSTRALIA anymore, or ? The price in AUSTRALIN $ is around 18 $ + postage. ($ 10)Or has anyone a cheaper source ?

Wednesday 2nd March 2005
9:02 pm U.K.


I have bought 3 500's, and two had bad ACE heads despite being in mint or near-mint condition. I don't know whether that's a failing of this model or my bad luck. It might be the latter because, although I don't have complete info on this, I think the 500 uses the same ACE head as the 300.

I agree about the 300. In my opinion, for what it cost at the time it was sold, it was the best VCR ever built. I own 5 (a lifetime stash), but I have encountered several others for a total of about nine - not a one had anything wrong with it mechanically or electronically. They're rocks. Their knock is lack of special features. I use mine to watch movies and record TV programs. I'm glad Sony put the money into the guts. Frankly, I just don't "see" the Solarization feature as something any VCR needs. The picture is sharp and crisp, tracking and picture controls are tight, and I have yet to toss it a SuperBeta tape it can't handle.

Wednesday 2nd March 2005
6:36 pm U.K.


Philips N1500 / N1700 Vintage VCR VC and LVC tapes transferred to VHS or DVD in high quality using the latest digital equipment,DVD's have menus to find the program you want after transfer. Faulty N1500 / N1502 machines wanted for spares please contact me for more details.

Olive E Thomas
Wednesday 2nd March 2005
5:36 pm U.K.


I've seen several of those on eBay over the years. Good choice for an everyday use Beta VCR. Basic reliabilty of the SL-HF 300 with some step-up features like being able to advance or decline frames whilst in pause mode. If I ever have to replace my SL-HF 300 I'll probably get a 500.

Of course the all-black model is no where near as rare as the all-silver model The Snail managed to fob off on some unsuspecting soul a few moons ago. It was apparently an SL-HF 500 given a silver SL-HF 300's top cover and face plate but with an SL-HF 500's silver flipper door.

Wednesday 2nd March 2005
3:11 pm U.K.


Interesting. An all-black 500.

Never seen one of these before.


Olive E Thomas
Wednesday 2nd March 2005
2:09 am U.K.


Must-have for SL-F1 owners indeed...


It's funny that eBay now "translates" pages from Australia and the UK and even offers the opportunity to view the results in their native language...

BTW it looks like the BNC connectors have been replaced with standard RCAs. Am I to presume BNCs have been dropped on some equipment in the UK?

Wednesday 2nd March 2005
12:11 am U.K.


The reels move but the tape don't move ?? How can the reels turn but not the tape ??

Ah ! I guess you mean the reels turn when there's no tape in. Most probable cause of this problem is a worn idler tire. Take this opportunity to replace the whole belt kit.

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