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Sunday 26th March 2017

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Thursday 7th April 2005
11:15 am U.K.


help,I have purchased a Japanese tv/vcr combo,but I only have 5 ntsc videos,anybody out there help with some more,please

Mad beta collector
Wednesday 6th April 2005
8:51 pm U.K.


Shaun.. yes it is composite video out..

I have a toshiba Beta 8080. the back tension is not in the tape path when the tape is inserted into the machine.. could this be that there is a spring missing or the belt is worn..? I have pictures of this problem. email me and I'll email the pics



shawn ogg
Wednesday 6th April 2005
4:33 pm U.K.


Can anyone tell me if the bnc video out on a Sony C20 is composite video or is it something else and if so what?



Wednesday 6th April 2005
4:07 am U.K.


Okay - here's a solution if someone steals images from your eBay auctions and is stupid/lazy enough to simply link to them rather than d/l and host them himself.

This is not intended for children or those easily offended.


Olive E Thomas
Tuesday 5th April 2005
10:01 pm U.K.


Trevor. Are you trying to connect using the antennae leads or A/V leads? In the US they make it easy by having RF modulators only use channels 2,3 or 4. On the SL-T50ME multisystem I have there's a European antennae lead and the RF modulator has a trimpot to select the channel between UHF channels 30 to 39. I'd peg it to the left or right (30 or 39) and tune the TV to fit if you can.

Otherwise of your TV has A/V connections you can go that route. Might need a BNC -> RCA adapter for the video output.

Tuesday 5th April 2005
6:59 pm U.K.



I have number of conectors single pin screw thread complete with phono socket they were supplied with the early video lead kits in uk. I used them with my early Sanyo video. Drop me an email and I will send you two. Bob

Tuesday 5th April 2005
10:24 am U.K.


Noel,no reply from Freeman in Brisbane

Tuesday 5th April 2005
6:41 am U.K.


hi i wonder if anyone can offer me some advice on how to tune a betamax onto a sharp tv set which only seems to accept vhs vcr s?its very frustrating because ive got a whole load of betamax tapes that i want to wacth but my sharp tv wont pick up the betamax signal!!!!!!!help!!!!!!!!i recently threw out an old granada tv set which worked with my betamax vcr although the picture was often quite wobbly.it seems to me that tv manufacturers make tv set for vcr only these days,which is frustrating cause obviously there is a huge crowd out there that havent given up on the old betamax!!anyway please advise me if you can.thanks.

noel higgins
Tuesday 5th April 2005
2:40 am U.K.



That type of video out connector is called PL-259 or "a UHF connector". What you need is a PL-259 to RCA female adaptor. The audio connection from this machine is a DIN plug, (from memory) so you might still have to get some qualified help with that unless you are lucky enough to have a lead already.

regards Noel

Monday 4th April 2005
11:56 pm U.K.


A freind of mine who has run a repair shop which has been an authorised Sony service center sice I met him has just received word that he will no longer be allowed to do warranty repairs for Sony equipment. This has alos happened to anoher Sony servicer he knows. This also means he is losing his account to get Sony oarts direct (he had been my source for blank tapes :( ) seems that Sony will now have anything smaller than a 32" TV shipped to ther service center in Texas, dealers who run their own repair shops wwill be allowed to work on big items, Last I heard their repair shops were not accepting Beta units since they were too old. Another friend of mine suggested that maybe Sony was getting rid of their authoised service centers since they had now progressed to the point where they only made things that never broke down.

I have an SL-HF 860 sittinga round and I recall when I was using it in the Chcago area it did get stations past 36 since the UPN oone ther is on 50 and I know it pickedd that up.

Dan Blundon
Monday 4th April 2005
8:44 pm U.K.


Hi, I have a Sony SuperBeta Hi-Fi SL-HF860D. A *very* nice machine, if I do say so myself. However, it has a few minor problems that I would like to see if I can repair on my own.

The main problem, is with the ejection system. Apparently, this is a known issue with these machines, the friend I got it from owned two of the same model. Had the exact same problem, and was able to get it repaired via a Sony dealer locally a few years ago. So, I know the problem can be repaired.

From what I have been told, the ejection system eventually begins to weaken, because of a design flaw, where the ejection motor rubs against the chassis of the machine, resulting in the motor becoming too weak to push a tape up and out of the machine. I would like to know, if there are any other models of VCR with a similar enough ejection system that I could salvage the parts I need, and if anyone has some schematics of how it all goes together that I could referr to?

As well, anybody who has experience repairing these machines and/or this specific problem who could help me, I would appreciate hearing from you.

The only other problem I have, is that the tuner in this VCR only goes as high as channel 36. Is there a way to get stations higher than that?

Thanks in advance for any help you may be able to offer. ^_^


Monday 4th April 2005
5:55 pm U.K.


Hi I have a Betamax SL-HF950 thats faulty. I would appear to be a power supply problem as the unit is dead. Can any one advise where I can purchase a service manual for this unit.A photo copy would be fine or even downloading one would be ok. Any help would be appreciated.best wishes. Bob

Monday 4th April 2005
3:55 pm U.K.


Hi. I have just bought a Sanyo VTC5600P beta recorder, but without any leads. Does anyone know where I might buy a lead to enable me to connect to the Video Out of the machine? (This is a threaded female connector about 15 mm diameter, with space for a single pin in the middle).Any help would be most gratefully received.Stuart.

Christine White
Monday 4th April 2005
11:00 am U.K.


I am having problems with my Sony SL-C9E. Until last weekend it was working if I removed the cover and had a fan blowing cool air on it. It would work for 2-3 hours, then stop playing. Power stayed on. I had to unplug the power cord at night if I wanted to use it next day, always with the fan going. Now, power comes on, but I can't get it to play a tape. Can anyone shed light on the problem and are there people in Sydney, Australia, who can fix these machines?

Sunday 3rd April 2005
9:02 am U.K.


Noel,no sweat,I fired off an e-mail to him at the addy you gave me

Noel Higgins
Saturday 2nd April 2005
10:30 am U.K.


Hey Doc,

Do you ind if I put you in contact with another guy in Brisbane who wants to borrow/use a machine to convert about 12 Betas to DVD?

Saturday 2nd April 2005
10:07 am U.K.


Rots of ruck to whoever buys it

Olive E Thomas
Friday 1st April 2005
10:38 pm U.K.


Bright red Japan Home Market Beta VCR on offer in the US...


Going cheap because the guy doesn't know that Japanese RF modulators won't work on US TV sets...

Friday 1st April 2005
6:15 pm U.K.


clyde allen;;Try to feed it with empty Casette(with no tape inside) see what'll happened.I got the same sympton ,its a Capstan motor.

Noel Higgins
Friday 1st April 2005
12:02 pm U.K.



OK, it's not easy to locate, took me half an hour with the circuit and layout. It is a 0.4Amp fuse and is on the output of a 5Volt regulator block DR801 around the centre of the main board. Next to potentiometer RV402. It is a small design probably soldered in. Probably not the fault or cause of the problem your looking for.

regards Noel

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