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Sunday 26th March 2017

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Wednesday 10th August 2005
12:13 pm U.K.

johnscrtemail remove @internode.on.net

Hi Nico.

I have a few 950 's, one in great original condition and one fully rebuilt with new upper drum, new heads, new tape path guides, pinch roller etc. The rebuilt unit is not as nice in general picture quality, even though it was rebuilt by a tech I consider a master of his trade, having been the only place I have seen more than 10 HF950 's at once.

HF950 's are as you say, picky with tapes. I don’t know what the 750's are like in NTSC land though. I find there’s not a huge point in watching things on the 950 's unless the tapes are pretty new and less than 10 years old. As for super beta, I think that’s all a beat up. The 950 's with decent tapes do give a nice image, but not the huge beat up some people make it to be. Super beta pro mode to me just adds a bit more perceived punch to the image. Doesn’t add actual resolution but rather better colour rendition and less ringing on edges. I guess its the same reason good old umatic, which I use quite a bit for video clips, looks fantastic and crisp up on the big screen, and yet is only just 320-350 lines, because the bandwidth for the signals is so much higher they are a cleaner signal.

In all honesty I prefer the trusty old HF100 's and they are my main beta work horses, they give a picture of equal quality if you ask me. Also I have a HF77 PAL superbetahifi, the sibling to mother the HF99, and in general I would again say you cant tell the difference on superbeta recorded material or standard. And for the record, a pro-x superbeta recorded tape plays back fine in a hf100, a C5 and slf1 's. On PAL all it does is slightly raise a recording bandwidth, but not much more. I don’t think there was much margin left to do it due to beta hifi being laid down more between video tracks than underthem, thus there simply wasn’t much more which could have been squeezed out of the technology while keeping it cheap and backward compatible.

Maybe this is all just a rant from my crazy mind and complete miss informed and untrue - just my thoughts.

But if you have good crystal clear hifi which on a known good tape stays clear, non crackly in hifi mode through at least a quarter rotation of the tracking knob, your video heads should be in good condition. In general I would urge people not to play around with HF950 's tape path, they are a fickle east, and the few I have owned and used seem to never be the same again once the factory setup has been played with. I have gotten fairly involved with them, and even have my own set of dihedral head screws ;) To me 950 's are like British cars. Absolutely stunning and beautiful, but the minute you play with the internals they are no longer reliable and have minor niggles for life.

But as before, in all seriousness, the 950 is a great machine, especially for editing, and a pair of them together with a controller is fantastic. But for put a tape in hit play the hf100 is a better machine. I sat this, comparing them on a CRT with a screen where you can count scan lines and they are as thick as your finger.

Ask Noel on these chat pages, if you look at the history of this page you will see posts from him. He has replaced heads in 950 's and rebuilt various parts of them. I would say he qualifies as an expert on them, and his own home setup is quite impressive. Last time I checked Sony advised they were no longer making 950 heads, and it was only what ever stock was left floating around. I paid I think about $260 AU for a set of heads about 4 years ago and ordered a second set about 3 months later to find they were $290 AU. I am told they are up about $350 AU now but that’s hearsay.

My 2 bob.

Tuesday 9th August 2005
9:34 pm U.K.


According to your description there is no Audio in on the TV and no RF (cable) out on the VCR. So the best you could achieve would be picture without sound.

I would believe there is an audio input on the TV as well as an RF output on the VCR. Then you'd connect either A/V out from the VCR to A/V in on the TV set, or RF out from the VCR to RF in on the TV.

If the units correspond to what you describe then you'll have to use either another VCR or an RF modulator to convert A/V signals to RF.

JOhn HOlloran
Tuesday 9th August 2005
2:32 pm U.K.


Is it difficult to hookup my Betamax to my old Sony TV? The TV has a cable inlet and a video inlet-Betamax has 2 video and 2 audio outlets-anyone know the simple way to hook it up so I can watch Beta movies?

appyammer al
Monday 8th August 2005
11:00 pm U.K.


I've searched ebay for the last few weeks and have failed miserably in trying to acquire a decent betamax recorder/player. Ive got a box full of tapes that I want to play and maybe transfer to VHS or DVD. I use to have the infamous Sony C7 which was a mother of a machine in both size and capabilities so would'nt mind one of those again in good fully operational condition. Failing that anything that will do the job weel will do me! Can anyone here help or is ebay my only option these days?

Monday 8th August 2005
6:40 pm U.K.


......finally .It works out fine.....((the servo motor)) If may say so to my self.....

Monday 8th August 2005
6:15 pm U.K.


Hi. I normally have superbeta switched off. I didn't mention it before, but I keep the heads always clean also, gently using a lint-free cloth and some alcohol.

Olive E Thomas
Monday 8th August 2005
6:00 pm U.K.


Do you have SuperBeta on when playing tapes on the 950? If the recordings weren't in SuperBeta you should try playing tapes with the SuperBeta switch turned off. This will (hopefully) improve dropout compensation.

Monday 8th August 2005
1:39 pm U.K.


Hi there friends, this is Nico from Madrid.

I'm the proud owner of a Sony SL-HF950 and a Sony SL-F70. Both of them were bought second hand years ago and are fully functional. The SL-F70 in like new condition directly from a friend, with very few drum hours. The SL-HF950 off Ebay also in excellent condition but drum hours totally unknown. When playing original ex-rental tapes or some more-used home recorded tapes, the SL-HF950 generally shows more picture drops than the SL-F70, though you can notice that the SL-HF950 gives more picture quality than the SL-F70 (excepting the drops of course). If the tape is like new, the SL-HF950 shows no drops and much better quality than the SL-F70 as could be expected.

I assume that this can be due to the SL-HF950 having many more drum hours than the SL-F70, am I right? Or is it just that the SL-HF950 heads being much better are also more 'picky' with older tapes, magnifying the faults of used tapes?

It's a pity that my best machine gives worse response with used tapes and I have to end up using the not-so-good-machine due tothese picture drops. Would replacement heads be a solution? They are dammed expensive (to me) and I don't know if that would solve the problem.

Thanks for any explanations.

Sunday 7th August 2005
10:14 pm U.K.



Sunday 7th August 2005
10:08 pm U.K.


Hiive just got a betamax vid recorder but finding it hard getting any tapes.does anyone know a site where i can buy used tapes with old tv on them/or is anyone selling(cheaply lol)any tapes.thanx trev

Sunday 7th August 2005
4:37 pm U.K.


BETAMAX Cassette transfers to DVD in high quality using the latest digital equipment, I can also transfer Philips LVC / VC Cassettes N1500 / N1700 and V2000 , Please contact me for more details.

Sunday 7th August 2005
12:07 pm U.K.


TISWAS shows complete with all adverts on 13 x Betamax Cassettes Recorded 1981 - 1982 great Quality , If you Dont have a working Betamax VCR I have the full set transferred onto 13 x DVDs , offers . I also have many other 70's 80's TV Adverts on of Formats contact me for more details.

Noel Higgins
Saturday 6th August 2005
11:18 pm U.K.



Your problem is most likely due to aging electrolytic capacitors in the drum servo and capstan servo boards on the base of the machine. They swing out for servicing when you remove the right screws. My suggestions on which ones to change are contained in the archive pages of this site and mention the C6 and C7 models as well as the C5 so I suggest you do a search. You will need to get someone with an electronics background to help you because pulling them apart, identifying the components and soldering replacements in the right way around is critical. The light blue "sanyo?" capacitors in those areas of the boards underneath the machine are generally the culprits. Good luck - Noel

Saturday 6th August 2005
7:11 pm U.K.


HI everyonethis is my first go at this chat page. I'm looking for some help with one of my btamax recorders. I've got a c5ub (uk model) it runs ok sound is good but the picture shakes when in run mode. Not very clever with repairing but does anyone know how I can repair this problem.? thanks in anticipationfoxy

Friday 5th August 2005
7:34 pm U.K.



Lars Roar Markhus
Thursday 4th August 2005
1:47 am U.K.


I own a SL-HF950 and I would like to add Nicam sound to it. Can anybody help me get hold of the parts I need for it?Tanks you for any help!

Olive E Thomas
Wednesday 3rd August 2005
7:59 pm U.K.


Here's one to watch...


SL-2710 with AG-500 changer and the original Star Wars trilogy at a start bid of $30 bux. Not a bad package deal.

Noel Higgins
Wednesday 3rd August 2005
9:38 am U.K.


To the recent requests regarding DC/DC repairs for Sony SLC9s, I do repair them as a changeover service in Australia but it's not practical for the UK. Try and get someone in the UK interested in using the Palsite advice at http://www.palsite.com/pcat_dcdc.html to repair them for you.

To Olive,

People putting you down to make themselves look good just shows how much they really respect you. (Or that they have forgotten to take their medication.) Anyway, I reckon your pretty much on the money with most of your comments and at least some people trying to keep their machines going reap the benefits.

Olive E Thomas
Monday 1st August 2005
4:24 am U.K.


How much do you thinks these SL-HFT7 speakers - likely the minimalist quality Sony could slap their name on with a straight face - will MrBetamax resell them for having won them at just under $45 bux?


I'm betting he'll relist em for $500 bux and use a lotta fluff on how they were precision engineered to match the SL-HFT7 because slapping a "Beta HiFi Theater" badge on particle board bookshelf stereo speakers takes the staff of MIT and Bose Labs.

Oh wait, there was a 39¢ metal peg hanger screwed to the back of 'em...

Monday 1st August 2005
12:16 am U.K.


where can i get betamax tape transfered to DVD in the Newcastle area,?

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