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Sunday 26th March 2017

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David Hadaway
Monday 9th October 2006
4:54 pm U.K.


Mercury Keller TV in Ohio is getting out of the Beta repair business in a few months when the owner's father retires. (614)258-9577I recomend them highly.

Noel Higgins
Sunday 8th October 2006
11:04 pm U.K.


Please disregard my earlier email about availability of parts for the Sony videohead drum motor.

I have sourced a supply of the hall effect sensors and can now offer a changeover repair service for faulty drum motors in the Sony beta machines in addition to my changeover repair service for the Sony SLC9 DC/DC convertors. See my website www.betaheaven.com This is probably only of use to Australian beta enthusiasts.

regards Noel

Sunday 8th October 2006
8:58 pm U.K.


Doctor1024, wash your mouth and keyboard with soap!Change to SVHS, that is insulting. Go to your room and think deeply about how many people you may hurt with such a statement. Unbelievable, VHS - that'll be the day.....

doctor1024 (393)
Saturday 7th October 2006
8:42 pm U.K.


But it still won't replace the loving hand of my dear sweet mum as she diddles my rectal cavity. Oh how I miss her "Dirty Sanchezes"...

doctor1024 (393)
Saturday 7th October 2006
2:22 pm U.K.


Firstly,I hate to gloat, but I picked up this little gem for a song. The seller didn't know what she had and I swooped in and got this baby for a song.

I remember when I was younger I saw this model at a super store on Route 283 in Elizabethtown, PA I asked the salesman if he could put it on lay away, he laughed and told me to come back when I had the money.

I wish I could show that salesman what I paid for the same unit today. Saved myself hundreds of dollars by waiting.

The only problem with this SVHS is there in NO POWER CORD. I'm sure the unit works and ON THE PLUS SIDE I have seen them repeatedly on ebay. Now with the BETAS gettin' on in years, we may all have to switch to the Super VHS side of taping.

Thanks DOC@ebay


Noel Higgins
Saturday 7th October 2006
8:22 am U.K.



Does anyone know where replacement hall effect sensors can be obtained for the drum motors used in the later model (post 1980) Sony beta machines. They have four legs and the symbol 3D printed on them. They are indicated on Palsite at http://www.palsite.com/pcat_hmotor.html

regards Noel

Grace Gardener
Friday 6th October 2006
11:13 pm U.K.


Mikey - this will hopefully cure what ails your VTC5000:


Grace Gardener
Friday 6th October 2006
11:10 pm U.K.


Thank you, Charlie. I need to get a STK5441 anyway. Besides, no matter how distant it seems, it never takes me long to reach a threshhold minimum order. Once I get a look at what you are talking about precisely, I may try the "Frankenswitch" thing from an old VHS machine.

Shame it's not a Sanyo where a new idler tire seems to fix more or less any problem.

This is not a bad resolution. I figured it might have been something broken down in the pendulum arm or something worse, like a bad IC. This sounds like a somewhat easier fix.

All I have on the NECs are the 734 and 739, which I believe are built on a different chassis. Give a shout here though if you think there might be something helpful in those manuals and we'll see what we can do.

Friday 6th October 2006
8:24 pm U.K.


Hi everyoneI have a Sanyo VTC-5000 sitting in my loft (it was left there by the previous householder) I dont know when it was last used or if it plays tapes at all or chews them up. Are service kits still available for this model ? I want to get this machine up and running.By the way does anyone have a Philips G8 TV set or know of any for sale ?

Friday 6th October 2006
3:44 pm U.K.


Grace-- The problem with your SL-HF-400 is very common to that and the 300 model. The Tact ( function ) switches on the front have gotten corroded or dirty and need to be replaced on the RW and FF buttons. They're very easy to replace if you can solder and are really cheap. Sony uses a unique five leg switch that is kinda expensive but regular four leg ones work just as good and don't cost nearly as much.They can be purchased at MCM electronics in Dayton, Ohio but you better have other stuff you need cause they have a 25.00 minimum order.If you've got a old Vhs unit that has bit the dust you could take the switches out of it. The Betas switches are real short so you might have to ExActo knife a little off the VHS ones but they'll work! If you're looking in the catalog for them the full name is Tactile. Hope this helps you. Anybody out there got a copy of a service manual for a NEC VC65?

doctor1024 (393)
Thursday 5th October 2006
3:54 pm U.K.


I bought a while ago a Sony SL-HF900 for $49.99 (Cleveland Browns Football Training Camp) that arrived in perfect shape.

I also bought a universal remote on eBay for this excellent HF-900 Betamax. On the plus side, the seller told me that it was a COMBO, infrared and wired in one.

I spent a pretty penny and sure that others have bought this COMBO Wire and Infrared in one?


Could some one inform me what adapter is needed to transform this excellent remote into a SLF900 shuttle remote? I'm hoping someone has encountered this before and has a real, real easy answer. Anyone? The DOC @ ebay VT in the USA

Grace Gardener
Thursday 5th October 2006
3:36 am U.K.


This NYT article from 1998 was linked in my gmail inbox today. Might be of interest here. I'm posting both the link and the text of the article because the NYT may require a login.


April 2, 1998, Thursday Also Loving And Losing: Betamax Fans By PETER H. LEWIS NOT all dinosaurs were stupid, and not all of them are dead. Sony's Betamax, for instance, lives on. The video cassette recording and playback technology that Sony put in permanent ''pause'' mode in 1988 still has a devoted following and, thanks to the Internet, a number of lively forums where die-hards can swap technical tips, spare parts and commiseration. ''Just a couple of months ago, we had an E-mail writing campaign to Sony to demand that a new Betamax machine be marketed in the United States,'' said Wallace White, a mechanical engineering student at Stanford University who bought a relic Betamax at a garage sale and now lugs it back and forth from his home in Nashville because of its superior sound and visuals in recording movies.

NOT all dinosaurs were stupid, and not all of them are dead. Sony's Betamax, for instance, lives on. The video cassette recording and playback technology that Sony put in permanent ''pause'' mode in 1988 still has a devoted following and, thanks to the Internet, a number of lively forums where die-hards can swap technical tips, spare parts and commiseration.

''Just a couple of months ago, we had an E-mail writing campaign to Sony to demand that a new Betamax machine be marketed in the United States,'' said Wallace White, a mechanical engineering student at Stanford University who bought a relic Betamax at a garage sale and now lugs it back and forth from his home in Nashville because of its superior sound and visuals in recording movies.

But Mr. White said it did not take an engineer to figure out that the writing campaign of the newsletter, which has a circulation of about 350, was unlikely to cause Sony to rewind its decision.

A spokeswoman for Sony's office in America, caught off guard by a question about Betamax, declined to speculate on whether the company would ever introduce a new Betamax for the consumer market. She said the professional versions of the Betamax, for video producers, were going strong worldwide.

But when a reporter used Sony's own Web site to try to track down and buy the one Betamax model that is still supposed to be available in the United States, the database of dealers came up empty.

As recently as a few years ago, the Betamax community still counted several thousand loyalists. But like old soldiers in the technology wars, they are fading away. Some of the old soldiers have fought in more than one campaign.

At the Beta Informer site, a Betamax fan who called himself Ken H. wrote recently: ''Since most of us agree that the Beta format is the superior videotape format, I am curious as to which computer most of us use, i.e., Mac or IBM/Wintel. I use a Mac -- I own 6 of them, just like I own eight Beta machines.''

Randy Kaempen of Chicago responded, ''I have six Macs, a Quadra 950, a Quadra 650, a Powermac 7200/120, a Mac IIci, an SE/30 and a Powerbook 170. I also have a G3 266 on order.''

Mr. Kaempen also confessed to having a lone Gateway PC and (gasp) a VHS machine for playing prerecorded tapes, but he quickly re-established his credibility in the group by noting, ''My Betas include 2 SL-HF1000's, 2 HF-HF900's, an SL-HF650, and an SL-HF400.''

''My brother says I pick 'loser' technologies,'' Mr. Kaempen added, ''but I prefer to think that I pick technologically superior technologies, regardless of their popularity.''

What will it take to finally drive a stake through the hearts of Betamax fans, who, after a decade as the technologically undead, are now often reduced to pawing through garage sales for tapes, old machines and spare parts?

''When they come out with a recordable digital format, like DVD, that would probably signal the eventual end of Beta,'' said Mr. White, who maintains a Beta Lore Web page ''as a home for stories of man and machine, of the trials and tribulations of Beta patrons.''

Site-Seeing: Betamax

For those who still vow ''Beta forever,'' here are some World Wide Web links.


BETAMAX PALSITE: www.elektratec.demon.co.uk

BETA LORE: www-leland.stanford.edu/whitew/Beta

THE BETA INFORMER: www.chebucto.ns.ca/Recreation/EMA/ Beta/Informer

THE BETAPHILE CLUB: condor.lpl.arizona.edu/vance/ betaphile.html

Grace Gardener
Thursday 5th October 2006
3:19 am U.K.


You always know just what to say, Olive. I see that my clarification didn't do a lick of good though. Well, I tried and, on the plus side, didn't seem to make things much worse.

Question for anyone: my SL-HF400, after a lenghty hiatus in the back room, has come up for rotation "in service" but has developed an interesting problem: the transport system moves the tape fast forward whether I press FF or Rew, and does the same in Cue/Review/Betascan mode as well. Play works fine. Picture, sound etc. were never better. It's just that one thing.

Before I start digging around in there, I'm hoping someone has encountered this before and has a real, real easy answer. Anyone?

doctor1024 (392)
Wednesday 4th October 2006
6:55 pm U.K.


Firstly, I bought this baby for a song. It looked like it was stored in an open barn. I whipped off the mildew, sprayed a little WD on the play buttons and it worked like the day it was manufactured. Most every Betamax I buy operates after a 20 minute "spruce-up". This is why I get so upset with the units with a new belt, MISSING doors and no remote portrayed as "factory new." These old units were made to last and if you spend more than $30.00 on e-Bay, you are just as stupid as the sellers that charge 8 times that price for the same models with lipstick.

I also bought this vintage CINDERELLA on beta.. They don't make cartoons like that anymore. Shame, I could watch that movie 100 times. My kid likes it too. Each time I view this film I see something I missed the last time. A bag of popcorn a beta and Cinderella is like winning the lottery .

Just my opinion..DOC@ebay



Wednesday 4th October 2006
6:08 pm U.K.


Well hello guys,I have this SL-HF860D running in perfect condition that I wanted to sell.How much does the Bettie goes around the net? 50,100,150$ ?Can I have the picture from you fellas?Regards


Olive E Thomas
Wednesday 4th October 2006
9:39 am U.K.


To Grace. I wouldn'tt worry too much about that toothless chupacabra trolling under assumed names from his mommy's AOL account.

Grace Gardener
Wednesday 4th October 2006
3:02 am U.K.


To clarify the plagiarized use of some information I had previously posted here, it is incorrect to say that ziggi charges the same for machines as does MrBetamax. What I had originally stated was that for what the ebay seller tvvideoman charges for low end machines like a VCR4650, you could get a similar or the same unit for about the same price (and sometimes even less) from MrBetamax and get a fully refurbished unit, etc., instead of the aircanned, windexed POS garage sale Sanyos without doors, manuals or remotes that tvvideoman sells. And you wouldn't have to endure the obnoxious, patronizing, smarmy sales pitch in which this putz insults and browbeats the same people from whom he purchased the very machine he is listing.

I didn't read the entire post regarding the 7300 in which my original material also reappeared, but it looks at first blush to have been sloppily pasted into an othwise rambling post as well and probably also does not reflect proper context. Even though you can scroll up and find these mangled quotes from me, there's no point in naming names since anyone can post under any name here, but I will say that the person who is doing it, based on what appear to be other posts in the same style, comes across as about as reckless, chaotic, disorganized and sloppy a "hobbyist" I have ever encountered anywhere. For example, it seems remarkably incongruous to give advice on portable beta machines (in the form of stolen info on the VCR7300) yet not know that an SL-2000 is not a HiFi machine, and not understand the Beta 101 distinction between Betamaxes and beta format VCRs from manufacturers other than Sony.

It's great to be enthusiastic about anything that shows an appreciation for the works of others, old technology and breathing life into things otherwise destined for the scrapheap, but to do so in such a scatterbrained and borderline hysterical manner tends to dull the edge of even the best intentions.

Noel Higgins
Tuesday 3rd October 2006
12:40 am U.K.



The power supplies of the C5 and the C7 are quite a bit different and not interchangeable. The C7 usually blows a fuse when the switchmode capacitors dry out, hence no noise at all. If yours still makes a noise then maybe the capstan or ring load mechanisms are trying to work but it has belt problems. That is the most usual problem in C5 and C7. To check the belts requires removal of the bottom cover and swinging out the circuit boards after you remove "key" marked screws at various points on those boards and two connectors as you swing the boards out. You might also be able to see the load position of the machine from the top side anyway when the cover is removed.

Regards Noel

Olive E Thomas
Monday 2nd October 2006
10:23 pm U.K.


Available PDF Betamax Manuals from Sony









http://www.docs.sony.com/release/ SLHF300. PDF






Lars Chr
Sunday 1st October 2006
9:31 pm U.K.


I recently bought a Betamax C7 on a flea market. When i plug it in, the display lights up, but if i press the "on" button it makes a "fzzzz..." sound and nothing more happens. Probably some kind of short circuit. I was wondering if anyone else may have experienced this problem and knows what may have happened. May it be as simple as a power supply problem? I have a perfectly working Betamax C5 which seems to be a pretty similar construction, and i am willing to take parts from the C5 to get the C7 working if necessary. I have fairly good electronics skills, and i am well equipped with tools, like multimeter, oscilloscope, function generator and so on, so i schould be able to test most things in there.

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