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Friday 24th March 2017

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Noel Higgins
Saturday 10th February 2007
1:18 am U.K.


Christian, This gets a bit technical.

The SLC6 has some design problems relating to the servo circuits. The light blue electrolytic capacitors on the drum and capstan servo boards dry out and have increased internal resistance. You may however still be able to adjust the unit to get a reasonable picture.

Take off the bottom cover and look for adjustable potentiometer control RV3. Put the tape into play mode and adjust the control to see if you can get a stable picture. Set the control to the centre point of the extremes of adjustment where the picture goes into vertical roll. If you have a multimeter, adjust for 5.5V (+/-0.3V) at test point TP5.

The drum servo adjustment is at RV9. If you have diagonal picture problems then again adjust for best picture between extremes. Service manual says to adust RV9 in record mode to establish 5.1V at TP2 as viewed on a CRO ( cathode ray oscilloscope)

Hope you could follow all that.

regads Noel

doctor1024 (405)
Friday 9th February 2007
4:39 pm U.K.


Answr christian swain tracking problem

FIRSTLY, I personally have bought on eBay way over 400 betamax's ranging from NEC to toshiba's to the Top of the line HF900 that I got for a song from the training camp of the Football Cleveland Browns.

Each unit that I own has a slight tracking problem from each other.

What I have done is catalog the different tracking features of the 30 working Betamax that I have at this time..

The other 370 Betamax in piles thru my home and basement dont work quite right. Sure they just need a simple tune up or a good cleaning.

Mildew is a problem in Vermont and a damp basement , Well that's not a perfect place to keep them. I have them on pallets covered with carpet, so the dampness kept to a minimum.

Let me not regress, I catalog the tracking features of the working 30 Betamax.

I also catalog the tracking features of the thousands of tapes to match the remaining 30 working Betamax and this works out perfectly..

What I do now when I want to play lets say a peewee herman tape, I look on the back of the cover and there is a model number of the Betamax that will play the tape almost watchable and its working out pretty good.

To sum this up YOU May want to buy a few Betamax and do as I did with the tracking situation.

It could be a nice way to start the Beta Hobby as I have done.. Just dont tell your wife. WEEEEEE

The Doc @ the old BAY

christian swain
Friday 9th February 2007
10:45 am U.K.


Hi everybody again. I've got my SL6-UB sending a signal through to my t.v, however the tracking would appear to be knackered. Is it possible to repair this?. Any advice greatfully recieved.



doctor1024 (405)
Thursday 8th February 2007
11:11 pm U.K.


THIS IS TO YOU, LISTENER;Do you want to tell the world that you are a lowlife loser with nothing better to do than abuse this site?

If all you are is a pimple on society’s ass, and all you have to do is spend your life looking at (and then idiotically reporting on this site) what folks buy on eBay then all you have to do is sign on using this moniker.

At the same time, you can delude your psychotic self that the good folks on this site care. Remember, the only requirement is that you are a no life loser.

Be sure to use CAPS liberally while you write your ebay sociopathic text, and then be sure to sign it LONGTIME LISTENER... thanks in advance,Alan.

PS: My wife thinks im sick, But you have surpassed me by a mile..

Longtime Listener
Thursday 8th February 2007
8:04 pm U.K.


Great looking deal on eBay:


SLHF900 nonworking (tape load) - $58.

doctor1024 (405)
Thursday 8th February 2007
12:19 pm U.K.


Might be able to help others who ran into the same problem as I did with their OLD beta movies.

I was getting ready for bed and popped in the old Cinderella tape.

Six minutes into the film, my heads clooged on my NEC betamax.

I uses my concoction of paint thinner and denatured alcohol and a secret ingrediant, cleaned the heads with a Qu tip.Put the Betamx completly back together, made a warm glass of milk and by golly 6 minutes later the heads glogged once again.

This went on for an hour, cleaning the heads , putting the Betamax completly back together and making sure that all the screws were back in the proper place. I nearly snapped off the door doing this. That would have been a catastrophe.

I decided to make a copy of this movie on a NEW blank tape that I purchased off ebay.

One problem was that the movie stated that there was a copy right and the film could not be reproduced. The second problem was that every 6 minutes the Betamax heads would clog.

I decided to pull out all the stops and brought in a bunch of Betamax from the piles in the back room and see if one would play the tape wihout clogging the heads. I did this for hours.

Half the Betamax I pulled from the old pile didnt work (Guess they need a tune-up) and the best I could get was 7 minutes 6 seconds on my SL-HF900 that I got for a song from the training camp of the Football Cleveland Browns.

I decided to break the law and copy the tape (HEE HEE).

My kid suggested that I not put the Betamax back together with all screws and clips as I had been doing and to just leave it open. This way you I could save a lot of time. What a great idea!! the kid is a chip off the old block.

Took me a total of 18 hours and 36 minutes to achieve the Cinderella copy tape. Now I have a procedure in the event that my 1500 + beta collection start to glog heads.

Peace and love. The DOC@ebay

Longtime Listener
Thursday 8th February 2007
4:16 am U.K.


Oops. Here's the link to this rare, rare, "Hi-Fi Ready SL-10."


Longtime Listener
Thursday 8th February 2007
4:14 am U.K.


Here's a little puzzle for you all to test your Betamax model skills:

Analyze this "Hi-Fi Ready" "SL-10." I think I figured out what's going on here.

Noel Higgins
Wednesday 7th February 2007
11:29 am U.K.



Re the Sony SLC6UB. If you have a monitor with AV in and out you can check the quality of tapes on playback. If you are going only to your TV by the TV cable then you will have to set the TV to view the VCR. In Australia the output is adjustable from UHF channel 31 to 38. The control is at the back and you need a special plastic screw driver.

There is a cover on top on the machine top left hand side. Take it off and set the switch closest to the centre and front to test. This brings up the test signal which may already be on by your description. Next tune your TV in for best picture tone. You don't need a tape in to do this. When tuned in to your TV put the test switch to off.

Without a tape playing you can set up the tuner channels using the adjustments under this same top cover. Play a tape and see how you go now. Adjust the external tracking control to give bets picture. A common fault with these machines is loss of vertical (capstan "tracking") and horizontal sync (drum control).

See how you go.

regards Noel (betaheaven.com)

christian swain
Wednesday 7th February 2007
10:31 am U.K.


Hi guys.Since last Sunday (4th Feb).I have become the proud owner of an apparently fully functioning SL-C6UB recorder. It doesn't have any problems with switching on, lighting up, playing forwarding and rewinding tapes or any of that stuff. I just can't actually get any kind of picture from it on my telly. I managed to bring up something that may have been the test signal (I can't be sure) but actual playback pictures have been conspicuous by their absence so far. If anyone has any idea what I might be doing wrong. Please let me know. All advice greatfully recieved.



Brand new inexperienced betamax owner

doctor1024 (405)
Monday 5th February 2007
4:41 pm U.K.



Placed a bid on the above baby to bake my shedding beta collection, but as you can see others had the same idea..

My wife Grace told me after the fiasco with melting Beta tapes in her oven to stop this nonsense with theses filthy piles of Betamax's and grow up and find a healthy hobby.

She really let me and my kid have it and said that its sick enough that you made my home into some sort of Beta shrine for these Piles and piles and piles of Beta machine, now your destroying my kitchen... Boy was she wound up, the kid and I were laughing inside as she scolded us..What does she know about these piles of beautiful Betas..

I went to one of the many Beta rooms and contemplated what I have done to my family and my home because of this sick fetish with buying and storing old Betamax's. Many are the same models..

I looked deep in my soul and tried to think of what I have done to our lovely family because of eBay and buying Betamax's and honestly I could think of NOTHING>.Enough Said!! I feel better now!!

I went on with thoughts of repairing my shedding Beta tapes. I turned on one of my many computers, went to the old bay and typed in the search ( Beta oven). I was surprised that nothing was listed. I tried cooking VHS tapes, Baking Beta and so on..

Finally my kid said (HELLOOOO)dada , Put in the ebay search for incubator dad.. BINGO!!! I found one on ebay!!!!!!!!

As you can see I was the FIRST to bid on this baby and then a bunch of others who probably have shedding tapes came in like a bomb and bought this ( BETA OVEN) to over $700.00 bananas.

As other who bid on this Tape oven, I now know that this particular incubator is the ONLY type that will do the job and will bid on the next one that is listed on eBay. Money will be no option..

Will keep you all updated on this situation Doc @ the BAY

Monday 5th February 2007
3:36 pm U.K.



As far as I know there is no Sony beta (ntsc) that unloads the tape during rewind, perhaps this is a Pal only feature. I have a Sanyo made Sears beta from 1980 and it stays loaded during the rewind but this is the only Sanyo I've seen that does this. The NEC betas are kinda rare here in the states and since NEC I've heard doesn't deal with consumer products any longer you're pretty much on your own if you own one (like all Betas) I'am not familiar with any of the Pal models but I'am sure your correct in your evaluations . Thanks for the input. Charlie

Sunday 4th February 2007
6:17 pm U.K.


Hi Noel, the guy who worked on my slc9 said the can had been removed from the dc to dc in a previous repair and not replaced. He was unsure if that repair had been successful or not. As for removing it myself, I don t even know where in the vcr the converter is located. I am currently feeding the c9 through the av inputs from my freeview digibox and have a panasonic nvhs1000 connected also to freeview and analogue tv as well. Just a shame my c9 isn t fully working. The c9 gives better picture and pause frame than the panasonic!

Sunday 4th February 2007
2:41 pm U.K.


Regarding "Charlie 19th January 2007" posting:

Some Sanyo machines stayed laced during rewind, whereas some Sony machines could unlace. Just as with VHS some machines unlace fully, some unlace partially, and a few don't at all. It's not really a format thing, but rather how the individual machines were designed.

I agree that some Sony models do sometimes outperform Sanyo for the ultimate in picture quality, though given some worn tapes I occasionally find a Sanyo will give a better result than a Sony. Toshiba on the other hand were not sold in large quantities here in the UK. Any you find these days nearly always have worn heads. What did they make them from?! They were hopeless. Here in the UK, very few machines of other brands were sold (NEC, Aiwa etc), so few I've never even seen one.

If you like different machines, it's a shame that stateside you don't get to play with V2000 machines too. Now they are different. The first time I saw one, I thought it was not so much a different format as made on a different planet. But I've grown to almost like them now.


Noel Higgins
Sunday 4th February 2007
12:39 pm U.K.



I can repair the DC/DC convertors. It is just a matter of whether you want to sent it this far (Australia) for a repair. (just the can module that is.) See betaheaven.com.

The SLO 420P would work OK in UK because it does not have a tuner and thats the main issue difference between the UK and other PAL TV countries.

regards Noel

Annette O'Donnell
Saturday 3rd February 2007
9:07 pm U.K.


I have a HVC-1000 camera and Recorder SL-3000, and ac power adaptor AC 300C and would like to sell.

Saturday 3rd February 2007
6:52 pm U.K.


Hi people, I just got into betamax late last year and it really is better than vhs! I bought two sony machines on ebay, a non working c9 (dead dc to dc and chewing tapes as well as uneven play speed, and refusal to stay in ff or rw) Sent this away to wolverhampton for repairs and now has perfect tape transport and play record, but was not possible to repair the dcd to dc. Second purchas was a fully working hf100. Thing is I have seen a sony SLO-420P on ebay in hong kong and this looks identical to the c9 except for the camera connector on the front. But...is it the same and will it work on uk pal? Any help appreciated. Cheers.

Friday 2nd February 2007
11:18 pm U.K.


Hi ColinWell,it's funny you mention that as after your excellent 'Betamax the future' feature i had a lot of trouble in getting a copy in the shops , knowhere had them.WHSMITH and the like always had them monthly but strangely never seemed to stock it anymore , as did'nt the other places i knew usually had one.I found the mag very helpfull and interesting at times and will miss it too.Maybe the unavailability caused the collapse.Sad but probably true...............Kevin

Friday 2nd February 2007
8:46 pm U.K.


You may well know of the trade/hobby magazine called "Television and Consumer Electronics", formerly Practical Television or just Television magazine, which has been in publication for over 50 years. Over the years it contained heaps of useful info on servicing video equipment, and still had fault repair reports on Beta and V2000 models in recent editions.

Well I'm afraid to report that the magazine has collapsed. It had wilting sales recently and perhaps a few too many changes of editor and style. The last edition published was January 2007 (sold in December 2006), and there was no warning of impending doom at that point.

Television magazine will be sadly missed.

Thursday 1st February 2007
12:51 am U.K.


Hi my name is Ivan from Mexico and i,m looking fo the operating manual of the SL-5800 betamax NTSC VCR If anyone have this manual please let me know via email by cliking on my name on the list

Thank you

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