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Wednesday 26th April 2017

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K .Lambert
Sunday 9th September 2007
2:56 pm U.K.


Hi again Garymax:Actually i made a mistake it's the SERVICE manual , but still informative all the same:).................Kevin

K .Lambert
Sunday 9th September 2007
2:47 pm U.K.


Hi Gary:Yes i have it in PDF format.Where would you like me to send it.................?...........................Kevin

Saturday 8th September 2007
10:50 pm U.K.


Mr Jim

I think your the guy who just bought a Sanyo Betamax off me, yes its a BNC you can buy an adaptor that attaches to it and turns it into an RCA which you can then use to connect to a camera, tv set, vhs machine or whatever you like (scart to rca cable)i've a spare in a toolbox somewhere if i find it i'll pop it in the post. or you can get a cable


catalog number L47BA

Saturday 8th September 2007
10:30 pm U.K.


Has anyone got a pdf of the user manual for the Sony SL-hF100ub? That doesnt want money for it?

Saturday 8th September 2007
6:32 pm U.K.


Mr Jim, it is a bnc video connector. If you have a stereo machine, the following link will provide the lead you need to connect to a scart tv. http://www.maplin.co.uk/Module.aspx?TabID=1&ModuleNo=4702&doy=8m9 It is a two way lead, meaning you can also connect from a scart vhs vcr ot the inputs on your beta as well.

Saturday 8th September 2007
3:54 pm U.K.


I just bought a Sanyo Betamax and it has a video input which I have never seen before. Can anyone identify it and maybe let me know where I can get the corresponding lead or adaptor for it. You can view a photo I've taken of it at this address www.anime-games.co.uk/images/mystery-input.jpg

Saturday 8th September 2007
12:35 pm U.K.


I'd swap it anyway if you already have a spare.

Saturday 8th September 2007
9:48 am U.K.


Hi! I have solved problem of my non remote responsive c9. .I was about to swap the tu24 board when I noticed cn101 and cn105 were connected the wrong way round. Swapped them back and it now responds to the remote. Also though I noticed the board is damaged around the screw nearest cn101 - the corner is broken off and has damaged the print in that area, however all functions do work. Should I replace the board anyway? Obviously someone has tried to lift the board and forgotten or not seen that particular screw.

K .Lambert
Thursday 6th September 2007
7:40 am U.K.


To 'Downer' and any other potential idiot that comes onto these boards to make negative derogatroy remarks or slam others...............get a life!!!!Your comments are'nt appreciated and ,if you read the rules to posting on this board,you've just about broken most of them.Racist comments too are NO GO and certainly not welcome here.The site moderator has been informed. So please move along and leave this site to those who offer advise/help and appreciate the Beta format............................

Wednesday 5th September 2007
11:33 pm U.K.


Das Perado

Nice computor (you can store 2 mp3's tops) you bought on ebay, I take everything back that I said..

Im sure when the Meds wear off you will be fine..

Nice toys too..

NOW i SEE why you bought the Sanyo.. Enjoy your buying cause I sure do!

Will keep this board a breast of ALL your BIDDING practices





Wednesday 5th September 2007
11:16 pm U.K.


To 119585 119574/1189032320 cache-dtc-ah11.proxy.aol.com

I guess I hit a nerve, but I don't really understand what you said.

You reference to anal-rectal kind of sums up what you are and what you buy.

In the future try to purchase items that don't cause you shame and cause you to

use filthy language. /////Thank you

Das Imperator
Wednesday 5th September 2007
10:45 pm U.K.


to 1 / 1189025554 / cache-dtc-ah11.proxy.aol.com

"How could you even let people know you bought it?"

You see, there are these things called "computers" that have a device called a "keyboard" attached to it that lets you type "messages" onto what are known as "chatpages". Seeing as you have mastered the task despite a chronic case of cranial-rectal occlusion it's a very easy one indeed.

Olive E Thomas
Wednesday 5th September 2007
10:25 pm U.K.


I see our resident loser troll is back from his TV appearance with Chris Hansen.

Wednesday 5th September 2007
8:52 pm U.K.


Das Imperator:

it's apparent that you haven't aquired any Betamax in some time.

The market is strong on working Betamax's.

You must not have read that the seller only "sucessfully powered up the unit, but we have not tested."

Sounds lke a lovely project and lots of fun trying to get belts and getting this portable ash tray to even load a tape..

it's a shame that people put this type of grabage on eBay and others who know nothing thinks it's fun to purchase this refuse..

I saw this and thought what a shame if someone gets this dissapointment. How could you even let people know you bought it?

Best of luck and please, stop crowing about this thing..

Wednesday 5th September 2007
7:47 pm U.K.


Hi guys, need a little bit of advice on a c9 problem. I have a c9 bought off ebay recently which had a tape stuck in it and consequently a knackered loading mech. I have replaced it and also cured a rumble on the audio which was nothing more than loose connection on the ace leads on the pcb. However I have found that the vcr will not respond to the remote in any way at all. My other two c9s respond as normal, so the fault is with the c9. Any ideas?This c9 has the original fault label from a repair shop still on the bottom panel, dated 2nd december 1988, and no wear line across the upper drum is evident! Also there was no flaked oxide in the usual places round the threading rung. I would say it had very little use before the loading gears broke and somehow it has survived 19 years since in storage somewhere and is in remarkably good condition. It just won t respond to the remote and other than this is perfect.I intend to sell it on but would like to resolve the remote issue if possible. I do have a spares donor c9 I can swap the relevant board from, I just need to know which board handles the ir processing. Or maybe it could be the ir sensor itself?

Das Imperator
Wednesday 5th September 2007
5:52 pm U.K.


Haven't acquired anything Betamax for a few years now so this ought to be fun...


Just won a VCR-7300 HiFi porta-beta for the start bid of ten bux - the eBeta market must be cooling off. It's fairly complete and includes the NP-1-shaped AC power brick so even if it's otherwise a dud I'll at least have an extra power pack for my portabetas.

In other news, My Betamax page is less than 120 hits from the 10,000 mark...


I really ought to work on some updates...

K .Lambert
Wednesday 5th September 2007
10:32 am U.K.


Hi AdamIt would seem by your query and the machines you have you are in the US.Myself and Noel are in Australia and the UK so in effect not much help with your models as they are NTSC and our's PAL 1.The resident US advisers don't seem too previlent on here at the moment but rest assured WILL help if they can.Don't fell you're being ignored.....it is'nt that way , more knowone on here at the moment IS ABLE help you.Be patient and you will be assisted............Good luck..............Kevin

Tuesday 4th September 2007
8:37 am U.K.


I guess I'm just talking to myself on here, I have a few issues with a few beta vcrs and no one ever replys.

Question last asked, a few messages ago....Looking for parts in the US for a Sony SL-5200..

Problem two. It seems that the SL-5100 and 5101 have common problems. I have two and both seem to have the same problem. Vertical problems. Picture on both vcrs are not stable if the signal from the tape or antenna is not perfect. the V-hold goes nuts. The SL-5101 has a noise bar a the top of the screen with the picture bending when tape is playing, If I hit play and stop, after a few times it will play without the noise bar. I tried to replace the IC001, as this site says (board says IC1 where the chip is) nothing changed. All blue sanyo caps have been replaced too...

Please let me know.....

K .Lambert
Tuesday 4th September 2007
7:42 am U.K.


Hi Matthew:No i'm afraid not i reside in the UK.I'm sure Noel can sort that out for you though:)Good luck with the racing too..................Kevin

Matthew Gibb
Tuesday 4th September 2007
3:11 am U.K.


Thanks Kevin.It plays perfectly but for $50 bucks, I'm really happyAre you in Australia?

if not, when I have some spare cash to put aside for it, I'll send it to noel who I could of dropped into on the way home from phillip island raceway yesterday morning. We were racing our MG Midget as the MG B's new 180 hp 4 cyl engine wasn't ready in time

K .Lambert
Monday 3rd September 2007
8:10 am U.K.


Hi Noel:You're very welcome my friend..................Kevin

Noel Higgins
Sunday 2nd September 2007
11:53 pm U.K.



Thanks for the info on colour problem fix for that machine. Sounds like I will have to get the guy to send it too me so I can replace the chip as you suggest.

Cheers Noel

doctor1024 (413)
Sunday 2nd September 2007
11:24 pm U.K.


Firstly - , let's talk NEC BETAS!

Up for discussion, the NEC VC-739E, is my 4-head Beta HiFi that has lots of nice features (e.g., 3 slow motion and 2x speeds). I also happen to have 3 others, two of which had the same problem as the last one I won. In other words, here is a machine that I know very well, know exactly how to fix, and even have an extra remote and manual to use with it. The machine is cosmetically excellent, so clearly there is no particular reason to believe that the machine has been dropped or been abused.

I’m sure you all will be delighted to know that within 20 minutes of opening the box, without spending another penny I had the machine working like the day it was made. It was cleaned, nicely aligned, and every function worked perfectly. The extra VC-739 remote also worked it perfectly.

Some on this site have commented that the VC-739E made by NEC is the best non-Sony Beta HiFi ever made.

Oh and by the way,I also just bought a Sony SL-HF900 for $49.99 from the Cleveland Browns football team in perfect shape along with a dozen L-750 tapes. I wonder what you all must think of the buyer who just paid more than $380 for the same machine tonight?

That's it for now, back to scouring the auctions for SCUMMY sellers of Beta so I can let you know about them. Doc/MaxBeta/Grace

Sunday 2nd September 2007
1:51 pm U.K.


They are books about bygone items!

Sunday 2nd September 2007
1:06 am U.K.


Howdy guys, I'm not really good at this but can you tell me what's this?



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