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Friday 24th March 2017

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Noel Higgins
Monday 13th October 2008
2:35 am U.K.



I have had a few 950s break their slide tray. The upper plastic guide rail on the centre side of tape load mechanism in the machine cracks toward the back. It is the reason why Sony provide transport screws, to avoid just such damage from the weight of the tray when the machines are being shipped.

If you take the top cover off you should be able to see it. If it is that problem then repair is tricky because you basically have to cut away the broken plastic to give a neat leading edge. You then have to make a right angle bracket/channel to replace the broken upper edge of the guide. This bracket can then be screwed to the centre metal plate to restore the continuous channel upper edge necessary for the mechanism to function properly. When this guide is broken the tray tries to lift fouling the tape mechanism or at least putting upward pressure on it despite the fact tape is loaded.

I have no idea why there is a difference in record. Might be it has nothing to do with the problems I have found. The worm gear and toothed gear that push the mechanisn in and out could be damaged also. That is the only reason I can think of why there is 1cm play in the tray. You might be able to see that also if you could take the front cover off but that is tricky.

cheers Noel

Noel Higgins
Monday 13th October 2008
2:22 am U.K.



Click on the C9 link that shows on your message the click technical page and the a licture half way down the page under faulty mechanism.

cheers Noel

Sunday 12th October 2008
3:10 pm U.K.


Hi, been away from thee pages for quite a long time. Just had a Sony C9 come in for repair with an unusual problem. The front load assby seems to be in pieces. As I havent had to put one back together for a long time, I have forgotten exactly how it all goes. lol. I noticed the service manual doesn't contain a diagram of the front load assembly. My main problem is where the metal rod goes. Does anyone have a semi-decent picture of a working assembly? I dont often work on Sony's so I'm a bit rusty with this one.

Sunday 12th October 2008
2:23 pm U.K.


Slightly off topic, does anyone know if the provider googlemail.com actually exists?

Thanks, I think it's clean-up time again.

That story about the 950 drawer was like Alice in Wonderland. Dude, are you serious?

Sunday 12th October 2008
3:00 am U.K.


To anyone who can help - I apologise in advance if I end up picking Noel's brains yet again! Hi, mate, if you're out there.

I have a problem on my SLHF950ES. Something in the drawer or the bits that the drawer travels through is fouling either the tape path at the start, or the top of the cassette or the cassette protection guard or something thereabouts. At its worst the transport is too slow and sticky to get any signal. It affects PLAY but not RECORD - I find that weird. Fast forward is OK, rewind can be OK if somewhat jerky. The workaround is to play with the drawer out, when ALL functions work OK but that's hardly an ideal way to use the machine. Unlike my good quality but cranky SLHF100, I have had to do very little work on the machine in the seven or so years I have owned it so I am a fount of sheer ignorance about the drive setup.

I don't know if it's relevant, but with the drawer closed there is more in and out play on it than I seem to remember, at least half a centimetre where previously I think there was hardly any.

I hope I'm right in thinking the fault is mechanical rather than electronic. My problem is that I can see b****r all of the early tape path or the workings of the drawer mechanism from the top. My question is this: how much of the scaffolding of the drawer and its path can I remove so I can see what's going on before I disassemble it too far for it to keep functioning? Of course if anyone has encountered the basic problem and has a good fix, I'll be very grateful.

An off-topic but I hope a still relevant query - does anyone know if mail providers called "dabetamaxchatpage.co.uk"and "font2.com" actually exist?

Regards, Bill

Saturday 11th October 2008
8:54 pm U.K.


Salty aka Stuart...PLEASE let's not start the nonsense again, I beseech you.

Saturday 11th October 2008
8:36 pm U.K.


I see that a crock giving false information...probably Ed Beta..also on betacam chatpage.

Saturday 11th October 2008
2:05 am U.K.


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Noel Higgins
Friday 10th October 2008
12:33 pm U.K.



In that case my next guess is that you have somehow lost the tracking pulses to the micro processor. If they are missing for long it suspects problems and shuts down. Try cleaning the audio head first. Also check that the tape path is not a long way out causing the edge of the tape to not align with the pickup head.cheers Noel

Thursday 9th October 2008
7:27 pm U.K.


Hi Noel, the head disk does indeed spin up in all modes, just as it should. I am pozzled to say the least.

Noel Higgins
Wednesday 8th October 2008
10:56 pm U.K.



On the F1 does the head drum spin? Stopping in all modes after 2 seconds is a typical symton of head drum motor failure. The drum motor connector is polarised so you should have connected that properly.

cheers Noel

Wednesday 8th October 2008
9:39 pm U.K.


STUART: "....been away for a while while this page was in stupid mode."

With your return, the "stupid mode" returns.

When you were away, it was fine.

We all remember you...go away for a while again.

Wednesday 8th October 2008
8:35 pm U.K.


I have dug out of the recesses of our family basement a Sanyo 4400 batemax / betacord unit and I am currently in the process of trying to get it working. The symptoms are as follows: 1) will not always rewind the spool of the tape thus it catches on some part of the mechanism.

2) will take the tape sometimes but you can hear a motor slowly die.

#3 unable to get picture.

As far as I can tell no problems with fast forward or rewind, and strangely I have found a head cleaner tape for this unit, and as far as I can tell its still good. Any ideas as to how to go about fixing this would be great. Thank you.

Wednesday 8th October 2008
8:29 pm U.K.


Hi all, been away for a while while this page was in stupid mode, need a little advice...Bought an f1 which worked fine, but had excessive drum and disk wear. I fitted a known good complete drum unit and reassembled, but now the unit stops after 2 seconds in any mode. Any ideas? Have I connected something up incorrectly on the side of ma3? One of the white 3 wire connectors from the head connects here and there is another white connector with 3 pins that I may have connected wrongly? Any help appreciated. Cheers

Wednesday 8th October 2008
3:57 am U.K.



Tuesday 7th October 2008
10:58 am U.K.


This is not a technical question in any way, but I am looking for one or two programs from the eighties - and because these are the video recorders from that time, just maybe someone here can help me. I am looking for the Noel Edmnds Saturday Roadshow from 1988 (sorry, I have no specific date)? Did anyone perhaps record this on their betamax (or VHS or VCC or Umatic etc.)? There was an item on there called "clown court" that I am trying to find. Thanks.

Jamie Dodds
Monday 6th October 2008
4:10 pm U.K.


Amazing this stuff is still alive. Anyone for chat about it?

K . Lambert
Thursday 2nd October 2008
8:08 pm U.K.


Craig:No problem my friend.I'm always happy to help or advise if i can...............Kevin

Wednesday 1st October 2008
4:27 am U.K.


Kevin: Thanks for the tip. As far as I know, nothing has been spilt on the remote; I'm far too careful to do something like that, but yeah, after a few beers, who knows!...Will pull it apart and have a look and try your suggestion. Thanks mate.

Wednesday 1st October 2008
12:29 am U.K.


To Pete: send me your email address and I will send you the 3M white paper.

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