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Friday 24th March 2017

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Monday 16th March 2009
4:38 pm U.K.


Hello Everyone

I would appreciate any betaphiles help here.

I have an hf100 that was 100% up to last week.

I have now tested it and lost colour. Ive cleaned the pcb with cleaner and checked for dry joints. No luck . I also ran a hairdryer over the board to try and heat up any duff caps but no luck there either. Any help would be super. All functions and audio perfect otherwise. All my tapes play black and white.


Monday 16th March 2009
7:46 am U.K.


Peter, if you go back to the chatpage front end, you'll find a whole page devoted to V2000. Interesting format, but I have enough stuff already!


Peter Carmichael
Sunday 15th March 2009
8:06 pm U.K.


Thanks for the quick reply Noel. Oh well bang goes my chances of getting £750 for it on ebay, LOL! (Re: SL-C9 #170308850549)

I hate being beaten but this little baby sure has got me beat!

P.S. Does anyone know anything about V2000? I bought a VR2489 from eBay (European PAL, not PAL-I) and the screen makes a right racket when not in play/cue/review. It did tune in the first time, (UK stations without sound - like my Sony SL-HF99ES). Since itís been a right pain!

Sunday 15th March 2009
12:53 pm U.K.


Hi there to everyone Can anyone who has experience of repairing sony C7s reguarding Clock display faults (1)of the 4 digits the outer hour one this is almost not there if you have the display dimmed and the red light is on at the front indicating it thinks the video is set for a timer recording /I have read the article by david botto on repairing the power supplies in these complex but very advanced machines for their day (1)has anyone had any expirience repairing these faults comments welcome David Grant

Saturday 14th March 2009
2:23 pm U.K.


For Sale Electronic Visuals EV4151 Analogue Component Waveform Monitor. Good Condition, sharp beams and no burns on screen. The waveforms can be displayed as single or parade in both line and field timing £395 - Email me for further info See http://www.electronic-visuals.com/WAVEFORM%20VECTOR/EV-4151spec.pdf for full spec

Noel Higgins
Saturday 14th March 2009
12:16 am U.K.



I dont think changing the video board would help. Anyway the boards can be different between versions (serial numbers) of the C9. Most likely you have a tape path alignment problem and again you need a scope to fix that. Check that the flip up posts aon the load ring re going into their correct positions (in the upper black plastic supporting "Vs" when the tape is loaded and look for any areas where the tape may be folding or rippling as it plays

cheers Noel

Peter Carmichael
Friday 13th March 2009
10:15 pm U.K.


Thanks Noel,

The tracking problem sure is awkward; you donít get a quality picture, even at 75% clockwise, (the top of the screen starts to wobble and show interference as there is definitely something wrong in there)! Itís not like normal tracking difference, (thatís expected).

I donít have a scope, but do have a spare C-9 with defective nylon cog loading, so could you tell me if I should change a PCB maybe, as all the PCBs should be ok.

Thanks for your reply!



Dave A.
Friday 13th March 2009
9:51 pm U.K.


Hi to all! I will be closing down or selling my video editing and media duplication company after 20 years in business. I will soon be selling off some of my lesser used equipment, so if anyone is interested in some well maintained commercial and prosumer video gear let me hear from you. All inquiries from the USA only, please. I'm located in Portland, Oregon and likely have the original operation manuals and often the original factory shipping cartons for many of the things I'm selling. If you're interested, please send me an e-mail and I will have a list of gear in the near future to send you.

K . Lambert
Friday 13th March 2009
9:29 pm U.K.


Andy W.Hi,Can you elaborate further by what you mean by 'the pictures drops out'.Are we talking white flashes ( dropouts) or thew whole picture disappears?If it's the latter does the screen go black or is it full of static( snow)?Let me know..................Kevin

Noel Higgins
Friday 13th March 2009
4:37 am U.K.



The C7 problem sounds like the traditional rewind problem for which Sony provided an after market upgrade kit. If you have that upgrade kit fitted it replces a white plastic drive gear (located below and sort of between the tape reels) which drives a white "counter" reel with a rubber outside surface. This is the critical wheel/belt to replace. You can check by trying to rewind the tape when the machine is laced up. It will either be slow or not move.


There are both control for centering the mechanical and the electrical alignment. Mechanical you dont change unless the heads have been changed. Capaciotrs in the tracking circuit age which actually results in an increased tracking range but off centre. To redo the electrical you need an alignment manual and access to a 2 channel oscilloscope. Unless the tracking is out of range for your tapes and you have easy access to the facilities I mentioned then I suggest you use it the way it is.

regards Noel

Peter Carmichael
Friday 13th March 2009
12:03 am U.K.


Hi all, I have 3 Sony SL-C9 ís. One has a bit of a problem with the tracking, (I think it has good heads though) - tracking needs to be 75% clockwise to get a picture with a good quality original PRV or L-750. (I am sure I read somewhere you can replace an I.C. that has gone down)? One has had the upper drum sanded and works well, leaving an earlier C9 for spares (early DC-DC converter/nylon loading gear type).

Can anyone advise on a possible internal repair to the tracking problem? :( Cheers!

Thursday 12th March 2009
10:36 pm U.K.


I have just picked up another C7, in a beautiful condition. But it had some problems unthreading and ejecting tapes. Opened it up, gave it a bit of a clean, found the threading ring very loose and tightened that. Now it will unthread and eject perfectly but has problems loading a tape, strangely enough the same problem my other C7 has.It will start, I can hear the motor buzzing but it needs a gentle push to get started and then it completes fine. I have also noticed that if I move the lever on the left hand side a little, it works fine.Any suggestions how I can fix this?

Andy W
Thursday 12th March 2009
7:29 pm U.K.


Hi, i am the owner of a VTC-5000, the machine works okay, it can play tapes recorded on another machine fine, however when i make a recording on it and play it back, it seems okay for the first couple of minutes and then the picture dropsout every 10 or so seconds, does anyone know what is wrong here ?, Many Thanks, Andy.

Matthew Gibb
Tuesday 10th March 2009
9:36 am U.K.


here we go folks


Sunday 8th March 2009
12:10 pm U.K.


Hi to everyone espcially noel who suggested wes components for sony heads i sent them a email to them and they replieyed saying no more sony betamax heads are being stocked anyone got any ideas C9 heads oh and looking for the whole front surround and need a cassette cariagge damaged or not does"nt mattter I have got the metal gears Thanks

Noel Higgins
Thursday 5th March 2009
11:31 am U.K.



Sounds like two issues. The second first. Not recording could be because the record tab has been punched out of the cassette meaning the machine is operating correctly and not recording over something you wanted to keep. If not then possibly a faulty recodr inhibit swith.

The not lacing problem could be a broken load ring (very bad) or more likely a faulty load gear which is the same design as in the C9. If you remove the top cover it is the large plastic V pulley (gear) driven by the only rubber belt in the machine and it is located just behind the tape when loaded. If you remove it you may find that underside small plastic gear formed of plastic surrounding a brass insert has cracked increasing the tooth gap and jamming the gear enough to make the aging and stretched belt slip. If so, fit a tighter belt and score (scratch) the inside surface of the V pulley to increase tension and see if that works.

cheers Noel

Matthew Gibb
Wednesday 4th March 2009
9:16 am U.K.


I must get my two C6 's off to you NoelThey are both in need of capstan lock repair and the second one needs a darn good tape path alignment. putting a tape in is fine but picture playback is bad, three noise linesWhen I push eject, I have to manually turn the head to unspool the film strip.it will not do it under it's own steam

Anyhow, that's life. it's 1983 machinery after allDue to my car detailing work load lately, doing exotics and family cars being booked in for three months straight, bugger all time has been spent to enjoy some beta flicks

Will post up pics of my video shed once I clean it all up over the next five nights

Tuesday 3rd March 2009
2:07 pm U.K.


Have a Sony SL-F1UB and PCM Tuner etc..all in excellent condition but have been stored for a long time

I cannot eject or insert tape as Lacing mechanism seems to have failedn ( Slight Motor noise when I press eject but no main lacing motor operation). Anyone know the Pin Voltages I should expect on this circuit or have access to a SL-F1UB SERVICE MANUAL as reference?

Playback is fine. but Record seems to not function ( stops after I press record)

Many thanks


Sunday 1st March 2009
7:05 pm U.K.


Hi Guys, Those who know me also know that I have only ever ďhelpedĒ outside this Forum, but on this occasion I am making an exception because I have to find a home for six C7 ís (one has its cover missing but is otherwise intact and all are ideal for spares/repair.) Iím offering all six FREE to anyone who is willing/able to collect from Northamptonshire England. Iím not prepared to enter into postage or carriage discussions as itís pick up them all or unfortunately they will go down the local tip before I sell my Brother-In-Lawís house. If you want an independent assessment PM Stuart because he has seen them (and we may have actually fixed one while he was looking at them!) but he was only interested in buying the F1 ís that were also there. I hope this offer is of interest to someone but I appreciate size, weight and location may be a problem. Just remove the nospam from my email address if you are interested. - They have a history associated with this forum but Iíll explain to anyone interested. Best regards, Ian.

Martin Caldow
Sunday 1st March 2009
9:24 am U.K.


Cheers for the above Noel.

I'll let you know how I get on.

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