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Wednesday 29th March 2017

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James S
Monday 20th April 2009
2:12 pm U.K.


Hi again, anyone got any ideas on this one? Just got an SL C9UB, and it all fires up, head spins, display/tuner all ok. It will accept the tape, but it will not thread at all, just starts blinking the eject lamp. If you run the threading spool by hand it will wind in the tape, and if you switch it off then on it unthreads itself perfectly. Any ideas anyone? I can't see anything mechanically wrong, and it's had the replacement loading gears fitted. I'm thinking something electronic maybe?

Noel Higgins
Monday 20th April 2009
12:22 pm U.K.



OK, even though the fuse is not blown suspect the power supply is faulty. Replacements cost $300AU when Sony had them but I don't think you can buy them now. Repair usually involves changing caps, transistors, a few diodes and crossing your fingers that there are no shorted turns in the transformer or associated inductors or they will take the whole lot out again.

I repair them by modification but that's not much use to you because your in the UK. Basically the 950 power supply is in two parts. The first AC/DC takes the 240V AC mains and delivers 12 volts at up 3 to 4 amps. The second part is a DC/DC which takes the 12Volts and converts it to all the other voltage that the machine uses.

The first part AC/DC is the part that generally goes wrong. I have developed a fix using switchmode power supplies designed for use with a laptop. I fit them in place of the original inside the machine but you could have the power supply outboard and feed the 12V to the four pin white plug in the centre of the power supply and it should work. If you do the full conversion (internal mod) as I do then you need to have a lead with an earth wire because otherwise the EMC filter current puts the chassis at half mains voltage (120VAC) which might either wake you up or kill you.

cheers Noel (betaheaven.com)

Monday 20th April 2009
5:47 am U.K.


Yet another final plea for any ideas about my SLHF100 problem - its point-blank refusal to switch from AV to tuner or Simul. Noel, you suggested that it might be the switch itself. I think I've probably eliminated that. There is a fix mentioned on this site for the REVERSE problem, refusal to switch from tuner to AV, but not the other way round. I have put in a Freeview box feeding composite video and sound to the machine so I can view and record off-air that way, but I live in the very last area designated for analogue shutdown, having several years before it happens, during which the analogue tuner will still be useable. In all other respects the machine functions very well indeed despite dating from 1984. Any ideas out there please? Yours in hope, Bill

Sunday 19th April 2009
11:44 am U.K.


I have had my SK -HF950 since the late 1980's. Have used it on and off for many years but not overly. Mostly to dowqn load camera video from 8mm for later editing. It has been idle for about four years but during the last year I have started to transfer my video to DVD using this machine. Suddenly without warning it just stopped, nothing, no lights working all seems dead. Tape still in drive.

Have tested fuse in plug and fuse in machine and all OK.I fear something expensive is accuring. Can you help please.


Ron Humphris
Wednesday 15th April 2009
12:47 pm U.K.


To Damian

regarding your VTC-7800.......I think you will find it to be internally identical to the VTC-9300

I have several owner's manuals as well as several examples of these early Sanyo machines amoungst them is a VTC-5200 VTC-9300PN VTC-9300P virtually all the same!

Where these machines differ is in the RF Converter that slots into the cavity at the back of the unit.........the difference in these being the different tuning frequencies that are required for different countries [i.e.VHF 0-5. 5A-11, UHF 21 - 68 for Australia]

The only difference in the owners manuals are the RF Converter & Converter Output details on the specifications page.

You may discover that the VTC-7800 was produced & marketed by Sanyo for an oversea's market ....Middle East or suchlike!


Ron Humphris

Matthew Gibb
Tuesday 14th April 2009
10:31 am U.K.


hey gang. hope you had a great easter break, I certainly did

On Saturday I was invited to the home of the friend of my new VHS repair manHe is willing to do what he can with some of my beta machines also.

anyway this man's father's hobby was amateur television and he had passed away last yearanyhow he had machinery everywhere in his shedfrom reel to reel video, ancient u matic machines, National EIAJ single spool, VHS and of course BETA machinery and video camera's.

there were nearly a hundred machines sitting outside the shed under the carport and I was given an offer to take whatever machines I wantedamazingly he found some SUMMIT, TDK Avilyn and Sony Dynamicron blank tapes that are still shrink wrapped

This is what I loaded carefully into my hilux

AWA Thorn 14 inch colour touchscreen TV


Sony SL C9 x 1Sony C5 x 1Sony C7 x 2 Sanyo M20 x 1Sanyo 5000 x 1Sanyo 5005 x 1Sanyo 5300 x 3


National NV7200 top loader National NV7000 top loaderNational NV370 front loaderNational portable VCR. looks like one of them 1980's music boom boxes

I got all these for free. not one cent payed

So I took them home and have so far got both C7 's hooked up to my good Sony C6 and they load and play like a near new machineThe NV7000 and 7200 work quite well

I just got my other C6 which has very worn heads fixed and that is being connected up as well

The Sony C9 is now in the hands of my new repair shop.

The Sanyo 5300's need to have new plugs put on them. the plug was cut off and the machines hard wired somehow.

Videos of my new collection of machinery will be coming onto you tube in a few days

If U matic services cannot repair the C9, the T9ME multi standard machine and any others that I now have, they will be coming the way of BETAHEAVEN

If you need machines for parts, I am happy to donate a few Just give me a month to get plugs for the rest and have them checked out at u matic's

Tuesday 14th April 2009
8:30 am U.K.


Hello All

I hope you all had a good easter.

I just wanted to know if anyone had information on the Sanyo VTC-7800 Betacord.

It seems that no web sites have any information on the player.

I looks the same as an VTC-9100 or VTC-9300.

If anyone has information on it please if possible let me know.


Monday 13th April 2009
8:17 pm U.K.


Antonio, the display elements burn out gradually over time, making the display dimmer, however dust also builds up on the inside of the window on the front panel. This dust can easily be removed. First, flick all the switches behind the drop down flap into their lowest position. Then remove the front panel from the machine. The inside of te display panel can then be cleaned as can the actual glass display itself. Replace the front panel taking care to fit it correctly to mesh with the now loose switches on the front panel. Your display, though not dazzling, will be brighter than it was before.

Saturday 11th April 2009
7:43 am U.K.


Hi people! I've got a sony SL-HF100ES. I have a problem with the display: the light is too dim. I'd like to know what I have to do: do I have to replace the electrolits? Which ones? Thank you guys!

Thursday 9th April 2009
6:47 am U.K.


To the moderators: my most recent and edited down posting re my SLHF100 problem has disappeared. Why?

james b
Wednesday 8th April 2009
1:12 pm U.K.


hi anyone intrested in a sl-c6 for spares or repair, you can have it if you pay postage although it has no top front or bottom. e-mail if intrested just has a picture wobble but works heads are fine

Tuesday 7th April 2009
11:31 pm U.K.


I need a belt diagram for a SL-5800. I replaced a broken belt on the bottom side. Not sure which pulleys it was on.

Monday 6th April 2009
6:00 pm U.K.


Homer, turns out your email isn't real...

Just email me when you can.

Monday 6th April 2009
5:53 pm U.K.


Homer, Fantastic just what I needed!

I have emailed you re: price of product and shipping.

Best Regards


james b
Monday 6th April 2009
5:16 pm U.K.


Hi does anyone know what causes the capstan motor to run too fast on the sony sl-hf100? ?

Sunday 5th April 2009
10:27 pm U.K.


Madbetacollecter, I found the part I think is the one you need for your SL-C9. It's a brass rod about 1.5 cm longer than a beta cassette, and it's got a 10 teeth gear of about 6 mm diameter on each end. Is this what you are looking for ?

Sunday 5th April 2009
10:20 pm U.K.


Ian,Don't know the 2500 but usually it works like this:

VCR Video out -> PCM Video In => Audio out

If that doesn't work, you can buy a manual here:http://www.datrecorders.co.uk/pcm2500.php

ian ferguson
Sunday 5th April 2009
11:30 am U.K.


After many years i once again have a slhf95o pal super beta deck ,Yes! see my last post :


- ref EN Altern 8 Video : today im trying to get pcm (rave recordings) out of a slub25 into a pcm-2500b im a bit stuck! any ideas anyone ? so many un named ports on the pcm-2500ub 2500b dat combi .

Thursday 2nd April 2009
9:07 pm U.K.


I think I may still have one of these loading bars with metal gears at home. It was ordered for a SL-2700, however I'm pretty sure it would fit. Let me look for it over the weekend and I'll let you know.

Wednesday 1st April 2009
6:17 am U.K.


I've found out there is a Metal Cog available to replace the nylon loading gear on the C9,

Anyone got one?

Have a SL-f30 with broken threading ring and end sensor.

Heads are good. Anyone got those two parts or anyone want to offer to buy this machine off me?

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