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Friday 24th March 2017

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Noel Higgins
Saturday 21st November 2009
10:43 am U.K.



I have been working on a VTC M30 and both tracking potentiometers have failed internally. I have managed to repair them where the small internal plastic pins broke off the centre wiper using superglue. I dont know if you are familiar with this problem. I have sen it before on a VTC M10 but did not know it was common.

cheers Noel (Betaheaven.com)

Saturday 21st November 2009
8:11 am U.K.


That head is for a sanyo vtc5550

Friday 20th November 2009
7:41 pm U.K.


sorry it says on the top E3PS

Friday 20th November 2009
7:32 pm U.K.


i have just foud a brand new betamax replacment head up the loft which says on the top EP3S, does anyone konw which recorder it fits ? i forgot i had it

Tuesday 17th November 2009
7:21 pm U.K.


Pranav you numpty, I have said before that is not BETAMAX equipment. Post it on the BETACAM chatpage as you will find no buyers here.

Tuesday 17th November 2009
7:18 pm U.K.


Nick, re your f1. The two screws at the back hold the top on. Make sure the cassette door is open first without tape in. Undo the two rear screws, then place palm of each hand on the sides of the top cover towards the rear. press gently but firmly with palms and slide the top backwards. It will slide about 2cm and stop. Lift the rear of the top cover upwards and look in the rear right hand side. There is a two wire cable from the battery compartment. Reach in and release it from its connector in the body. You can now lisft the cover upwards and backwards away from the body, but keep it at 45 degrees until it is free of the cassette door area.

Monday 16th November 2009
5:41 pm U.K.



Sony JH3



Sony DSR 450WSP

Sony DSR 570WSP

Sony DSR PD170P

Please call or email for more info.. Tel:+44(0)2083396021

Email: pranav@digibroadcast.com

Monday 16th November 2009
3:06 pm U.K.


I have an issue with a Sony SL-F1UB VCR. After a few years on the shelf, I decided to copy some of the tapes onto DVD. Fine, however I have the same problem as Seb (22/10/2009) that the tape stops after about 2-3 seconds. However, I can toggle the pause button and play the tape (not ideal) and the sound comes through Ok when it plays for the couple of seconds it does.I'm afraid the first basic question is how do I get the cover off to see what is moving and what may not be? The four screws underneath appear to expose the back of a circuit board and the 2 at the back don't appear to do much. It works in a fashion now, I really don't want to destroy it!

Thanks for any help anyone can offer.

J Gibbens
Sunday 15th November 2009
1:17 pm U.K.


We have two boxes full of Betamax tapes, all used but are re recordable. Any takers to a good home? JMG

Andy W
Sunday 15th November 2009
5:02 am U.K.


Has anyone with a Beta or old VHS VCR that used a lot of rubber idlers and belts ever, when they started to show signs of slippage, treated them with a product called "Rubber Renew" instead of replacing them? How about on the pinch rollers? How long did the repair last? I'd like to hear about people's experiences to see if this would be worthwhile to try on my Sanyos, and my RCA VJP-900 portable VHS editor.

Friday 13th November 2009
4:24 pm U.K.


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Friday 13th November 2009
4:23 pm U.K.


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Tuesday 10th November 2009
8:22 pm U.K.



There is a Yahoogroup for 1" and 2" collectors.Look for OLDVTRS in Yahoo groups.

Saturday 7th November 2009
5:34 pm U.K.


Hi and hope you are all well , has anyone started an "A" or "C" format club or chat page for the broadcast one inch reel to reel video systems,dating fron 1966 onwards which was the mainstay of broadcast for 15-20 years? Anyone interested in one inch formats or need any tapes copied to DVD or Hardrives for archive? Is anyone interested or is it only me?Thanks for reading this and any replies? Peter

Thursday 5th November 2009
8:26 pm U.K.


i have recently bougt a Sony VO-9600P recorder, for viewing some old tapes. I was able play only 1 tape...Each time I switch on the power button, the VCR starts rewinding a little bit. Then, when I am trying to load a tape, the "Standby" indicator immediately lights on and the VCR seems "asleep", as the VO-9600P doesn't load the tape.

The misfunction seems to be a black trap located on the left of the tape tray. When I gently push it with a screwdriver, the Standby indicator lights on.

Does somebody already encounters this kind of problem?

I would be very grateful if somebody could help me to fix this issue.

Big thanks & regards,


Andy W
Thursday 5th November 2009
1:48 am U.K.


...and I have NO idea why my attempt to copy and paste the Beta symbol screwed up like that...

Andy W
Thursday 5th November 2009
1:47 am U.K.


Hi, I haven't been on much lately. I'm looking to unload some of my surplus NTSC ‚eta VCRs now that I don't have as much use for the format as I did say 7-8 years ago. I have the following models to offer up in varying levels of operational condition:

Sanyo VCR-4650 w/instruction manual - works except probably needs new rubber parts soon

Sanyo VCR-4027 mono Super‚eta - ditto as above

Sanyo VCR-6400 - 4 heads, faux wood exterior, 1984 Olympics sticker - works but audio sounds a little muddy for some reason. Has some cosmetic damage on the top from when another VCR that was stored with it (a VHS, go figure) had its power supply capacitors blow and leak. I cleaned it up as best I could and it didn't seem to affect it operationally, as the slight audio problem was already present.

Zenith VR-8500PT w/original box & manuals - Top loader, contrary to what it says on Ray Glasser's site it records ‚III only like the later VR-9500. Very odd problem in that it will not output a picture in Play mode, only in still/‚etascan modes.

Sony SL-5200 w/instruction & service manuals - Original ‚eta Hi-Fi unit, has trouble threading the tape, will thread if I open it up and give threading ring a push, but picture bounces and jerks on playback.

NEC VC-739E and VC-734E each w/remote and instruction manual + service manual for the 739E: Both of these are partially disassembled as I attempted to restore the 739E with parts from the 734E, but I found them to be not quite compatible. Could be used for parts to repair other NECs.

Anyway, if you are interested in any of these, make me an offer via e-mail and if you want I can provide more details as well as pictures of the VCR(s).


james irving
Tuesday 3rd November 2009
1:41 am U.K.


hi kevin,many thanks for your response to my question.i'm just getting into the betamax format,so new to the whole experiance.the reason i'm getting into beta is i'm getting bored with vhs as i'm a big video collector and want to expand on the video format also i've been lead to believe that betamax was a superior format to vhs.thanks for that web address and if i get stuck i'll give your kind offer much consideration.all the best,


K Lambert
Monday 2nd November 2009
7:49 pm U.K.


Hi JamesI saw that item on E-Bay i have one myself too.A good reliable vcr with quite a few un Sanyo like (for the time) features.What you'll need is a good quality twin Phono lead and BNC standard connector and a scart lead(preferably switcheable) because some only allow the signal to go in one direction.cpc.co.uk will have all you need.You put the BNC connector on the 'VIDEO OUT' of the Sanyo and the other phono pin connector inside the 'AUDIO OUT'also on the Sanyo, then you connect the correponding phono lead to the VIDEO and AUDIO (LEFT as you'll get the mono sound on BOTH channels of your TV (but not if using the right audio out socket) on the rear of the scart and turn the switch to INPUT and connect this to the rear of your TV.You can also buy a cheaper scart lead with the Phono and BNC connectors already fitted but this might be harder to get now.If you get stuck let me know as i have what you need NEW and could do a deal with you if required.Good luck.....................Kevin

james irving
Monday 2nd November 2009
6:54 pm U.K.


hi,i've just purchased a sanyo vtc-m30 betamax vcr and was wondering how it can be connected to a 42 inch lcd tv by the way of scart.can anyone help?thanks.


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