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Friday 24th March 2017

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Kevin Lambert
Friday 16th April 2010
7:18 am U.K.


Hi Alex:

The best place to obtain your C9 would be E-Bay.co.uk.A lot listed on there will have some fault or another ( the C9 was particularly prevalent with them).

Cynthia.Looks to be a high tech piece of kit.I don't know of anyone here who would be interested in it though.Good luck with the sale.


Cynthia Hairston
Friday 16th April 2010
1:30 am U.K.


will sell sony vo-5850 cheap. any offered considered and will probably take!

Thursday 15th April 2010
12:32 pm U.K.


Hi Can anyone please tell me where i can get a sony SL-C9UB Betamax Cheap. Please Email

Cynthia Hairston
Wednesday 14th April 2010
7:29 pm U.K.


Hello again. This is Cindy from USA, wondering if any one has had a chance to review my listing?

Cynthia Hairston
Wednesday 14th April 2010
3:25 am U.K.


WOW! It is 4am over there! It is just now 10pm on Tuesday night here. No wonder no one is responding! My bad! I should have noticed that. Anyway, if ya'll would just look and I will check back in morning (your early evening time) or if anyone cares to, please feel free to shoot me an email with any ideas. Talk to ya'll tomarrow....CHEERS!

Cindy Hairston
Wednesday 14th April 2010
3:18 am U.K.


By the way, I am in Austin, Texas (USA) and it is on the US EBAY site. I just sent a JBL mixer a guy in Melbourne, Austraila, though, so I'm sure you guys can look it up. I hope you will. I would be honored to have your input, from brilliant experts like yourselves!

Cindy Hairston
Wednesday 14th April 2010
3:10 am U.K.


Did my message post?

Cindy Hairston
Wednesday 14th April 2010
3:09 am U.K.


Hey ya'll, I just listed a bunch of equipment on ebay including a VO-5850. I don't know much about this stuff, and wondered if anyone would mind looking at my ebay listing and telling if all the equipment in the listing goes together? Pardon my ignorance, please, and help me out here. I couldn't even talk about it intelligently!! please, anyone and everyone, tell me how to make it sellable. I can take the criticism and you can even laugh, but do I need to eliminate some of the components listed if they are irrelevant to the Sony editor, which is the main feature item. It is listed as "Professional video editing & recording equipment" subtitle says "sony umatic vtr editor, oxmoor, panasonic,extron" I will be checking periodically for input. Thanks a MILLION!!! Cindy

Taghi Amirani
Tuesday 13th April 2010
7:56 pm U.K.



Thought you may like this blog post about a long neglected Betamax movie collection.


Although the SLC9 played old tapes OK, the loading mechanism is a wee bit sticky. So I am looking to buy a Betamax machine in good working order. Would welcome all suggestions and offers.


Tuesday 13th April 2010
6:31 pm U.K.


Hi All,

I have a lot of BETAs that are leftover from DVD/35mm productions. I want to put these into climate controlled storage in boxes. Do you have any reccommendations for me regarding the storage of BETAs?



Monday 12th April 2010
1:26 pm U.K.


Hi. I have a Sony T7 ME Betamax VCR which I picked up off my old boss about 5 years ago. I dont think he hardly ever used the machine and it still had some stickers (in Japanese??) from when it was bought. The problem (or first problem) is that it does not eject so i cannot test it to see if it works or what else could be wrong with it. Does anybody know of anyone in the London area (preferably North) that might be able to fix it?

Craig Felsmann
Sunday 11th April 2010
11:34 pm U.K.


Noel: Got the ole C-40 back in good order...Thanks for the prompt, professional service; you're a legend! Hope the money has gone thru...Cheers,Craig.

Steve Dellow
Thursday 8th April 2010
11:02 am U.K.


I have a Philips V2020 available for spares or repair (plus a couple of tapes).Seems to power up but no 'activity' when front panel buttons pushed.An old rental machine, I used it daily before being relegated to the loft when more modern machines became available.Anybody willing to give it a good home?!Based in Warwick, UK.

Wednesday 7th April 2010
11:16 am U.K.


I have a Sony SLC9 which I am using to convert old tapes to DVD. Some times it plays fine and other times it has a tendancy to chew up tapes. It also seems to put a lot of interference into the video, I know the tapes are old but they have been kept well and not played for years. I have followed your advise on your website and it does not seem to have made any difference. I read that you do repairs and I was wondering if you would be willing to look at this unit if I sent it to you. I live on the Gold Coast in Queensland.

Stevie Wilson
Monday 5th April 2010
9:58 pm U.K.


Dunno if the switch is faulty, but the timer switch wont come on either, no buttons do anything other than the clock. Is there a way to tell if the switch is faulty? The machine worked fine when i got it, I put it away for a month and came back to it and it wouldnt come on. Someone suggetsed to me 'I don't know much about the C7 since I am NTSC but it would be my guess that the belts have slipped or broken and the threading ring can't stage itself to the proper location for accepting a tape. It would remain in standby until a micro-switch has detected that it has moved to the proper seating location.'What do you think?


Monday 5th April 2010
9:03 pm U.K.


Has the standby / on off switch on the c7 gone faulty?

Stevie Wilson
Monday 5th April 2010
8:37 pm U.K.


Update on SONY C7 - I got to the fuse board and all the fuses look fine, is it still worth replacing them anyway? I still have nothing working on the front panel except the clock, which functions perfectly well. Machine wont come out of standby and there is a tape in the machine. Can it be manually removed or is it stuck?


Stevie Wilson
Sunday 4th April 2010
2:01 pm U.K.


HiI still have work to do to find the fault with my SONY C7 (clock lights but no buttons do anything on front panel - fuse?)I also have a SONY C6, got a belt kit and I believe the caps need replacing (picture wow and flutter) Has anyone got a guide as to what caps to replace and what to replace them with? All I have read so far is light blue Sanyo caps cause problems.


Noel Higgins
Friday 2nd April 2010
12:24 am U.K.



I live in Australia so I am probably a little far away to offer direct help. I have service manuals for the 950 and I don't think you need them for this repair.

I have repaired quite a few and they are still running fine. I also actually have a spare new chassis for the 950, but I don't think it is worth the effort of going that far. What you need to have is a source of hard plastic and a belt hole punch to use to create your "plastic" packing piece for the hole the motor shaft rests in. You mainly have to work with the machine upside down, remove the base cover then the tape carriage cover then remove screws securing the reel board and carefully disassemble the unit to access the reel motor board.

The real issue is whether the motor board wire coil reels have been too badly damaged by the magnet hitting the coils. You need to inspect the coils and clean off any copper which may have rubbed across to adjacent wires thus creating shorted turns in that electro magnet coil circuit. I expect the driver circuit eventually blows if presented with an unrealistic load for a long enough period.

Clean between the wires of the coils that are damaged and reseal the wires using nail polish. Once you have reassemble the reel drive motor check that the magnet no longer rubs the coils and reassemble the machine.

I hope all of the above is of some help.

regards Noel (betaheaven.com)

Thursday 1st April 2010
2:06 pm U.K.


If only...



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