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Sunday 26th March 2017

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Saturday 17th July 2010
11:16 am U.K.


Will be having new heads fitted to my hf100 on sunday thanks to set of 150 heads bought from boby on ebay well over a year ago lol. I havent owned an hf100 for over a year but i knew they would be used at some point :)Question about star wars empire strikes back betamax pre recorded tape I own, it is marked stereo on the cassette shell but the hifi light on my 950 does not illuminate, whereas all my other hifi tapes are fine. Could it be a linear stereo ( c9 and c40 ) stereo tape and not hifi? Is this rare?My 950 has no hifi dropouts whatsoever no matter where the tracking control is set, even on recordings made on the machine itself. Would you say this is rare?

Friday 16th July 2010
6:28 pm U.K.


Thought so Kevin. I have new heads I am able to have fitted, just wanted to make sure first. Cheers Kevin!

Kevin lambert
Friday 16th July 2010
5:26 pm U.K.


Hi Sturat.

You've just described perfectly the first sign that those heads are wearing down.I have just seen Sanyo VTC M40 with exactly the same results that i was asked to overhaul for someone recently.The picture was superb!The Hi-Fi will always drop out before the picture deteriorates as the Hi-Fi signal goes deeper ont the tape.The picture will be great for a while and then you will notice deterioration there too.It should be fine for quite some time though.

The ultimate sin of a vcr(apart from tape chewing).


Friday 16th July 2010
4:35 pm U.K.


Hi, have an hf100 with lovely clear picture, but hi fi sound is suffering with dropouts and is only present with tracking at dead centre. Move the tracking just slightly and hifi sound vanishes. Heads worn? Cheers!

doc judd
Friday 16th July 2010
7:04 am U.K.


MY HS 100 a soldiers on playing old favoutes like The Life of Brian etc

Wednesday 14th July 2010
1:57 am U.K.


If anyone is interested I have several 100 used Beta tapes for sale in Illinos. Most of them I got from friends who know I still have a Betamax deck or were included with a second hand Betamax I bought. There are a few prerecorded ones, NTSC the rest have a variety of things taped off of TV on them. I have not gone and catalogued them, I know some have no labels, some have wrong labels and some have proper labels. Most are Sony L-750s althought there are other brands and some shorter lengths. I am guessing almost all of them are NTSC..

Depending on how manyyou wantStart off at $1 US each, if you want a few, 5c each if you want more than 30, 3/$1 if you want 90 or more and a quarter each if you want tham all guessing someweere around 300 right now, might ben more, might be less. All prices will be plus shipping.

If interested contact me at adm222@epguides.com

Friday 9th July 2010
4:25 pm U.K.


I've got a Sony Betamax VO-68000PS for sale. Good condition, but no power cable. Any takers?

Friday 9th July 2010
9:40 am U.K.


About twenty Betacam tapes (as new) going down skip this weekend unless somebody wants them. London area E4

doc judd
Thursday 8th July 2010
11:12 am U.K.


Gday Beta lovers I have 3 ntsc videos to give awayi,tHE HONEYMOONERS,2FUNNY LADY,3 THE MUSIC MAN

Wednesday 7th July 2010
6:59 am U.K.


PS:brand new in box...mail at bobymc@hotmail.com

Tuesday 6th July 2010
6:04 pm U.K.


I have 'replacement' Threading gears for C9,. .might be someone interested in..

Kevin Lambert
Thursday 24th June 2010
12:15 pm U.K.


Hi roderick.

As i understand it Sony made a brass or copper alternative to those breakable plastic gears.You may be able to find somone with some.Also i believe Noel said in certain cases they CAN be repaired if the damage is minimal.

As for the U matic page, the best thing to do with timewasting idiots like this it to ignore and not even mention the issues.THAT is exactly what they want to achieve.Ignore , make no comments about it and one day they will go away.......

Good luck with the gears..............Kevin

Wednesday 23rd June 2010
11:40 pm U.K.


Has anybody found a solution for broken loading gears on a C9? Just got another one with broken gears.....

And in relation to the U-Matic chat page, why not just close it? Ever since this nonsense started nobody has actually posted anything related to U-matics. Why these people bother posting irrelevant cr*p is beyond me but it seems the board is unable to stop it.

nigel f
Tuesday 22nd June 2010
2:29 pm U.K.


Hi, I have recently bought a Sony SL 3000 portable betamax recorder, but when testing it it will play fine for about an hour or so then the picture starts to wobble.

If anyone can suggest a cure i would be grateful. Nigel.

Buddy Roberts
Monday 21st June 2010
10:56 pm U.K.


I have a in box New AG-500 which is a changer for betamax VCR's for sale. It allows one to play or record 5 cassets automaticly.

Monday 21st June 2010
7:53 am U.K.


Take another look, Noel, it's up s**t creek again. To the administrators: can't you prevent this stuff getting on a page in the first place? Your excellent guidelines are useless if they don't prevent something like this. Is deleting everything the ONLY way you can clear it after the event? Presumably making the site username and password protected would help, but I for one would HATE to see it go down that road, where you spend fifteen minutes dreaming up usernames and passwords and answering a questionnaire in order to ask one small question. There must be some other way.


Noel Higgins
Monday 14th June 2010
3:33 am U.K.



That problems is not so simple to fix permanently but its done again now thanks to Martin.

cheers Noel

Saturday 12th June 2010
10:08 pm U.K.


Hi Kevin (& any board administrator....)Firstly if you click U-matic from the home page, it takes you to the Betamax page, confusing if you are new to this board.Secondly, have you had a look at the U-matic page? It has been like that for the last few months but nobody seems to care enough to sort it out.


Kevin Lambert
Saturday 12th June 2010
8:21 am U.K.


Hi Anthony.

If you look to the top left of this page you'll se one listed for U matic.That is where you need to post that message.This is purley Betamax (PAL).

Good luck with your endeavours too...............


anthony wilson
Friday 4th June 2010
8:39 pm U.K.


I have a National Panasonic Umatic edit suite which was originally in the office of the financial times in the 1970 s, it is in excellent condition and I have owned it since 1984.The set consists of an A960 CONTROLLER, AN NV9240 PLAYER/RECORDER & AN NV9600 RECORDER, it really is pristine but needs a good home now that I am moving house.

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