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Sunday 26th March 2017

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Saturday 16th April 2011
12:54 pm U.K.


Lauren, Does the green power light come on? I think your problem is the same problem that you had with yourHFR30 --- the voltage regulator in the power supply. Did you ever replace that on your 30 ? Smoko might be right about the gear but my money is on the VR. Charlie

Saturday 16th April 2011
12:16 pm U.K.


Lauren, WOW!!!!!!!!!!I wonder what that tape looks like that you were able to remove?

Assuming that you didn't destroy any guide posts when withdrawing the tape it appears the loading assembly has a stripped gear.

If you can dissasemble the loader and figure out what gear you need and then find a source for it, all well and good.

If you can't, then find a similar unit, probably on eBay, that has a good loader and cannibalize it.

Hope this helps, Somko.

Lauren H
Saturday 16th April 2011
7:35 am U.K.


Hi everyone, I am a total novice trying to fix an old Betamax that I picked up from my parents house. Its a Sony SDL-HFR90, and when I initially plugged it in it was working just fine until I put in another tape and it wouldn't eject. Once I finally got it out and tried another, it appears that the frame that catches the tape when inserted never popped back up to receive the tape. So when the power is on, and I insert a tape, it won't receive it since the frame never popped back up. I hope this is making sense...might anyone have an idea of whats going on or be able to help?

Thank you in advance for any suggestionsLauren

Noel Higgins
Friday 15th April 2011
10:53 am U.K.



You can get belts from Wes components in Sydney Australia.

regards Noel

K Lambert
Tuesday 12th April 2011
11:53 am U.K.


Hi Alex.

I can easily get those belts needed (X3-M10, X2 -5005)) but i am based in the UK so would'nt be viable.Noel Higgins would be your man.

Please don't retire ANY vcr because or worn belt's/ idlers! So many do this out of fear or not being able to get parts.The ones i come across are always in need of some love ,but work beautifully and very reliably after a good overhaul.Especially as now most are 20 to 30 odd years old and stored for the last ten or so years!!I still think some people want a vcr to work forever without and attention after two, three,four years (depending on useage).Vcr's are like cars, after so many miles/hours useage they need an overhaul/service and vital mechanisms checked,worn parts replaced and necessary items lubed.It does'nt mean ....'oh well it does'nt work off to the scrap heap'.Sadly a lot of todays technology IS treated as such..........which is a shame in some cases.

Good luck.....................Kevin

Monday 11th April 2011
4:03 pm U.K.


Hi,i am a long time betamax owner but it has come to the time that my machines require new belts Models Sanyo VTC-M10 and VTC-5005, would anyone know where i could find the replacement belt kits somewhere around the world, as i am not ready just yet to retire the betamax format

Thank you


Noel Higgins
Saturday 9th April 2011
8:35 pm U.K.



If the solution that Kevin has suggested does not work try this. The problem of a dead front panel on a C7 apart from the clock working can be caused by the switches in the timer control panel collapsing internally which causes the machine to lockup.You will be able to tell because they have not return action when pressed.

My quick solution if you cant find replacement switches is to remove all of the faulty switches and just leave the remaining good switches to set the clock function.

regards Noel

Thursday 7th April 2011
1:36 am U.K.


Can anyone send an emali of the sony SL-5800 or SL- 5400 operating manual scan please icant find it anywhere my email is ivanloeza@yahoo.com.mx

Thank you

Ewan mcwhinnie
Wednesday 6th April 2011
8:31 pm U.K.


I have a sony betamax pal SL-F1E which comes complete with power adapter AC -F1E with carry strap and all connections and original storage case.it is in new like condition. i have had it put away for years after inheriting it and am now looking to sell it. from my searches it would appear to be very rare. if any one is interested or have any questions please contact.

K Lambert
Tuesday 5th April 2011
5:30 pm U.K.


Hi Bloombi

I believe the battery for this model is NP1 (NOT NP11 as for their Betamovie).It's a bit longer in size.I think there was an alternative but equivalent for the NP1 that came up new on E-Bay a while ago.You may still be lucky enough to get one.As for the charger i have no idea yet.

Hope this helps..............Kev

Monday 4th April 2011
11:25 am U.K.


Sanyo vpr 5800 betacord

hello I got this baby without the battary and the power cable.I looking for help about the power for the video .1. what kind of power ?2 maybe schematics of the device.3 what kind of battary?

any help would be aprichated thanks Avi

Sunday 3rd April 2011
7:17 pm U.K.


i acquired a brand new looking sears beta scan could someone please tell me what they are going for? it even has the dust cover with it

Stevie Wilson
Sunday 3rd April 2011
10:13 am U.K.


Thanks Kev, Ill investigate pronto!

Sunday 3rd April 2011
8:34 am U.K.


JJ - The tiny button is for setting and starting the clock.

Regards, Bill

K Lambert
Saturday 2nd April 2011
9:34 pm U.K.


Hi Stevie

I've just found this info on this site in the technical area for the C7.

No functions. Check regulator transistor Q25 [2SC13641] zener diode D)on the system control panel .Hope this helps.............Good luck...............Kev

Stevie Wilson
Saturday 2nd April 2011
8:04 pm U.K.


Anyone got any ideas on the C7 problem of dead front panel apart from clock working?

Noel Higgins
Saturday 2nd April 2011
11:47 am U.K.



One thing to check is if the tape edge is damaged on either side. Sometimes a poorly aligned machine can do that. If it is that changes the position of the tape slightly hence the tracking. You just need to release the flap and observe the tapes surface.

cheers Noel

K Lambert
Friday 1st April 2011
11:31 pm U.K.


Hi tarik

I believe most were unaware of this Sanyo model including myself.It would seem to be a VTC 5000 with a different fascia and no ability to record.I believe Sanyo made that to get it into rental stores to promote the Beta format and their brand of vcr too.Maybe they decided to alter the front panel appearance and hence the VTC5000 was born.The biggest selling vcr for 1982 gaining Sanyo a total 15% vcr market share in the UK.No bad feat..........Kevin

tarik iqbul
Friday 1st April 2011
5:38 pm U.K.


i recently saw on e-bay, a sanyo vtc 1000 playback only betamax machine, its the first time i have come across anything like it, has anone any information on this?

K Lambert
Friday 1st April 2011
10:06 am U.K.


Hi Guys.What you really need are some good Beta Hi-Fi recordings(more critical) or even a Sony alignment tape to see how far out the tracking is at dead center.You can control the tracking range from inside the vcr.BUT you need to know which one to turn.As light movement(left to right) of the audio head assembly can put the internal tracking control out too.The head track width and control pulses are very small.If you need the tracking to one extreme end on ALL tapes you play ,it is'nt quite set up as it should be.I also would'nt go random twiddling either as some control pots will put other major settings out, and THAT would be a big headache, if you hav'nt got any means to set these up again.Good quality recordings from a well set up reliable Beta vcr can sometimes gauge how far out your vcr is.Most recordings from other vcr's should only need a minute tweak of the outer tracking control at best.It also depends too how well the one they were recorded on was set up too.Hope this helps...............Kevin

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