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Sunday 26th March 2017

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Saturday 27th August 2011
8:36 pm U.K.


Thanks a lot again, Bill.The thing about VTC5000 UK version was just trying to buy one in England for spares. I have three vtc5000 with thr same problem: terrible or no picture. I have changed all belts and got the whole tape path cleaned with no success. Also I have changed big Cs on Psu and nothing changes. Have to admit that I have a poor expierence servicing Sanyos. I guess they are better machines than Sonys, but further than changing belts, I can do almost nothing.

Thanks to this site, last week I succesfully repaired a Sl-C80 with audio problems due to dried capstan capacitors. However, it still lacks from poor torque on the eject/threading motor. I owned other C80 time ago and it suffered from the same. I have to check it more patiently, but I think it could be the motor drive or the power supply itself. Readings of +/- 8.5v are taken on motor leads, with and without mechanical load. I have also seen C30s doing the same. Any idea?

Wednesday 24th August 2011
7:18 pm U.K.


Hi, I am looking to buy a VTR model Sony BVH3100PS in good working condition. Thanks.

Tuesday 23rd August 2011
7:08 pm U.K.


Hello everybody:

I need the vu-meter board of the SL-HF950. Contact with me, please.

Best regards

Monday 22nd August 2011
3:03 pm U.K.


Wanted Sony SL-HF950. If you have one for sale, please get in contact with details.

Wednesday 17th August 2011
6:02 pm U.K.


I have just bought & fitted a video head disc for a sony SL-HF950 theprblem beforewas no picture only a blank screen but i found out that when pressing pause its the other that work as in picture search the heads were from sony 160.00

Tuesday 16th August 2011
6:17 pm U.K.


How much might I expect to pay for a service on a Sony SL-HF100 ? (Assuming there's nothing major wrong, just maybe needs a clean)

Sunday 14th August 2011
8:55 am U.K.


Gabriel - having had a bit of a think, there may be a way round the incompatibility. The UK is in the process of moving from analogue to digital TV. One of the two transmitters available in my area has already turned off analogue and the remaining one goes next April. Until switch-off nearly all transmitters are putting out both analogue and digital. The solution for analogue VCRs, whether Beta or VHS is to buy a so-called "set-top box", actually a digital tuner. I have several which cost me less than 30 each, and in my opinion produce perfectly adequate results. They're available everywhere, I got mine in our local supermarket! You could buy one of these and connect it to the AV input on your Beta. Your aerial lead goes into the box instead of directly into the VCR. The sound is digital as well as the video, so PAL I is irrelevant. The quality of video and sound is very much better than analogue.

I don't know whether or not you're bringing a TV from Spain or plan to buy one here. If you do buy one it's quite likely to be ready for digital, otherwise you'll have to buy another "box" so you can continue to watch one channel and record another. The digital system is called "Freeview". Hope this helps.

Regards, Bill

Thursday 11th August 2011
4:51 pm U.K.


Yes Noel, like I said the seller is an honest one.


Wednesday 10th August 2011
11:07 am U.K.


Thanks a lot Bill, your help is so valuable!

Noel Higgins
Wednesday 10th August 2011
10:10 am U.K.



I emailed the seller and it was an honest mistake. There is a not added to the ebay page but he cannot change the picture as bids have been made already.

cheers Noel

Tuesday 9th August 2011
4:02 pm U.K.


sorry to post again; some seller honestly doesnt know what they're sellingother pretend to be a fool saying excuses.

I assumed that seller is an honest one..


Tuesday 9th August 2011
3:57 pm U.K.



Noel Higgins
Tuesday 9th August 2011
1:05 pm U.K.



He has the C7 remote with it which wont work.

cheers Noel

Monday 8th August 2011
2:12 am U.K.


another rare beta come up Bay Item number:130559440645

a must have for serious betaphile


Eddy Chumaidi
Thursday 4th August 2011
9:47 am U.K.


Roderick & Noel, Thank's for the responds, I think the ACE Head is Ok.. Capstan & Pinch roller either, because the machine produced clear sound (non HIFI machine), and the recording made by this machine, the picture & sound is still perfect by playing with another machine (my SL-C9E )and I'm sorry for the information of trouble that I told before, it's not Blank Video.. there is a picture, but the picture just looks like poor video head, or dirty video head. I can't explaining what kind a picture that is.. (in english actually) if you both can read the trouble from that machine (SL-S660D) by seeing the picture the trouble looks like, can I send you both some attachment (photos) so you can see that from my monitor screen..?

Best regards.

Noel Higgins
Thursday 4th August 2011
12:43 am U.K.



Try cleaning the capstan pinch roller as well as the ACE assembly. Uneven grip on the tape by the capstan can cause the tape to pull up or down affecting either linear sound or tracking performance.

regards Noel

Wednesday 3rd August 2011
10:41 pm U.K.


Eddy, Could it be that your ACE head is dirty? I am not familiar with that specific machine but many recorders will blank signal if they don't receive or detect the sync pulse from the tape.Dirty video heads would show a noisy picture, not a blank one. If the audio drops at the same time as the picture, the sync pulse is the most likely culprit.


Eddy Chumaidi
Wednesday 3rd August 2011
1:47 am U.K.


Hi, Dave.

thank's for responding my post.the pre-recorded tapes played on another machine ( SL-C9e ) played just fine.the standard is PAL system. and this machine (SL-S660D) it use to be fine played the same tapes, the actually problem is when I recording a tv program on SL-S660D, and tried to play it back, it played fine just a view minutes (about 10 minutes, and then the picture go blank, it look like poor video heads, I tried to cleaning the heads with isoprophile alcohol (Follow the steps how to cleaning video head on this web) the problem is still the same.but I've tried to playing back the recorded tape that made from my SL-S660D with my SL-C9e it looks fine until the end of recording..I tried to record a tv program again with my SL-S660D with this condition (look like poor video heads when played back, ok on e.e)the problem is still the same, cannot played back of it owned recording, but played fine on another machine ( SL-C9e )so where is the problem with my SL-S660D..??any suggestions..??please help..the physical machine is similar with model SL-S600

Tuesday 2nd August 2011
4:45 pm U.K.


Hi eddy as for the precorded tapes may sure they are from your county and not from US or Canada as we are NTSC and you might be PAL or some other format

Eddy Chumaidi
Tuesday 2nd August 2011
3:17 pm U.K.


Sorry, if my english not well, I am from indonesia.I've got problem with my sony Betamax SL-S660D (Superbeta)it cannot Playing back Pre-recorded tapes, and playing tape recorded on that machine too,but, if I try to recording with this machine (my SL-S660D) and I play it back using another machine ( SL-C9e ) it's look perfect.I just wondering where the problem is..??please.. somebody help me with this kind of problem..I have to try to cleaning the head drum, try to change the caps. on the video output..but the problem still the same..

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