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Friday 24th March 2017

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pacific force
Thursday 5th January 2012
5:21 am U.K.


Hello. Im just posting on here in hopes of selling off my collection of beta max cassets. All adult xxx in nature. These are master copies with paper work used to duplicate onto vhs and dvd by a adult company now out of business .Also available are VCRs and a Beta Max play. other recording equipment aswell.Any advice would be appreciated.

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Tuesday 3rd January 2012
6:33 pm U.K.


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J Ru
Monday 26th December 2011
3:20 am U.K.


hello, is anybody interested in buying a sony SL-T50ME betamax. its fully functional and in good condition with remote and manual.

Sunday 25th December 2011
8:19 pm U.K.


Alex, I guess you are referring to the BNC connectors?Try Jaycar: http://www.jaycar.com.au/productView.asp?ID=PA3654And to split the mono audio signal: http://www.jaycar.com.au/productView.asp?ID=PA3560Now you can use the stock standard yellow, red & white RCA cables to connect it to the telly or other recorder.

Sunday 25th December 2011
7:20 am U.K.


Hi does anyone know where I can get the required av cords/connection adaptors for a Sanyo VTC-9300? It has the really old-school type that I have not seen on any newer models. I'm in Australia..

Thursday 22nd December 2011
8:16 pm U.K.


good morning: I have a sanyo vtc 5000 vide and only plays in white and nero. You Agrdeceria technical information to be able to repair it.Thank you

Wednesday 14th December 2011
11:27 pm U.K.


Hi everyone,

Does anyone have the alignment tape KR5-2H for Betamax? I see itīs difficult to find and expensive. Maybe it could be possible to get a copy of it so as to perform some tests on my videos. Of course I would pay for it.

Sunday 11th December 2011
11:14 pm U.K.


Hi KevinIt does not matter really just because remember a person selling a 950 board on ebay and wondered if they would be the same, from the image they looked similar but not spending Ģ40+ if not 100% sure.Thanks

K Lambert
Sunday 11th December 2011
10:10 pm U.K.


Hi Alex:

No problem.As for the two boards being compatible.I don't think so.I hav'nt looked at a 950 one for a while so i can't say 100%.


Sunday 11th December 2011
7:29 pm U.K.


HiAlso is the VU board in the hf950 compatible with the hf100 ? Thanks

Sunday 11th December 2011
7:19 pm U.K.


Hi, KevinThanks for you postYeah it doesn't really bother me but it would have been nice to have them all working. In the end all the red led's work so their the important ones when recording. Maybe one day i will replace them, its a shame these parts aren't available anymore.

K Lambert
Sunday 11th December 2011
7:09 pm U.K.


Hi Alex:

Yes i too have a near mint HF100. (luckily for me mine are still all working fine).Sadly those LED level meters are prone to this.The Sony 950 Superbeta can also have failing LED's but i belive the LED's themselves fail,not the control IC.It's usually in groups of three leds at one time on either channel.If ike you say it's at the beginning first three LED's,why not do what i did once.Remove the front panel and mask off the first three LED's over the cover see through appeture and you won't notice it.If they fail at the end it's another matter,you will notice it.It's the control IC that's at fault and sadly also,due to their design, is'nt repairable.The only source for one is from a 'spares' HF100 i'm afraid.

Hope this helps and good luck................Kevin

Sunday 11th December 2011
6:38 pm U.K.


Hey, Recently Bought Sony SL-HF100UB and brilliant example, works like brand new, only problem first 3 led's on both right and left channel VU meters, have failed. Does anybody know where this part can be sourced from?Thanks

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Sunday 11th December 2011
7:30 am U.K.


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Saturday 10th December 2011
3:00 pm U.K.


The STK 5441 is used in ntsc models and the model that Rich gave was a ntsc. But yes that component is very prone to failure. Charlie

Saturday 10th December 2011
2:04 pm U.K.


Is the STK5441 prone to fail? I have a Sony Beta SL-F90 with full display and erratic behaviour. Does anyone recommend me a supplier for such component?

Noel, do you still have the schematics for the Sanyo M30s PSU? It would be great having it.

Thanks in advance.

Saturday 10th December 2011
7:29 am U.K.


Hi - I live in North Manchester - I've got quite a collection of recorded Betamax tapes - but no player - and I'm trying to find a particular tape which I want to have converted to a DVD for one of my Son's 40th Birthday - unfortunately over the years the tapes have got mixed up - so I need to find a way of getting them viewed so that I can find the right tape - can anybody point me in the right direction to get this done?

Thursday 8th December 2011
7:12 pm U.K.


Rich, The fact that you still have the display function tells me you probably shorted out the voltage regulator. It's STK 5441. Easy to replace -- located in the power supply.


Sunday 4th December 2011
4:23 am U.K.


hi, i have a sony betamax sl-hfr70, was working fine until i caused a small electrical spark in the power supply section, now unit powers up with full display but cannot operate any functions. did i lock up the processor? how do i reset or reboot ? did i torch the power supply chip, where can i find the voltage power supply out spec's for this unit? any help is much appreciated, rich s.

Noel Higgins
Thursday 1st December 2011
11:23 am U.K.



I sent you an email. I assume your email address is the same as previous.

regards Noel

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