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Sunday 26th March 2017

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Chris Margrave-Gregory
Tuesday 7th February 2012
11:23 am U.K.


Hi I am currently looking for a 2" machine that plays back "PAL M"

I believe its a RCA TR600 or a RCA TR70. The 2" machine must play back PAL M, Please let me know if you have anything available to help.

Kind RegardsChris

K Lambert
Monday 6th February 2012
10:25 pm U.K.


Hi james:

No problem.

The Toshiba V33. I remember that.I had the V31b and picture wise it's great but head wear and struggling in FF and REW notoriously bad.The belts will all need changing, that's why you have that problem..I have a set or two of those.


Monday 6th February 2012
9:42 pm U.K.


Any chance we could get the posts sorted so that the newest are at the top?Used to be that way until the rebuild of the forum to stop spam.Many thanks

Monday 6th February 2012
7:44 pm U.K.


Thanx for the email Kevin, well it seems i have another to relinquish to the betamax pile up room, lol well maybe not I have a Toshiba V-33B and it works ok when i prompt the drive to take the tape round. So I have to manually move it round then its fine, lol not sure how long i can put up with that though.

K Lambert
Monday 6th February 2012
1:37 pm U.K.


Hi Bill

No problem.

As for the tuner memories.I know the Sanyo VTC M30 stored it's channels using one thumb wheel over digital (as per later Sony's) to 'tune them in'.I would imagine they utalise a small high capacity long lasting battery either hard wired or ,in later vcr's, a button cell that's easily replaceable.Hope this helps.............Kevin

Sunday 5th February 2012
12:53 pm U.K.


Hi Kevin,

Thanks for the courier info. You'll get it very shortly, sorry to muck you about.

Just airing my ignorance yet again with another question generated by my SLHF100 having kept its channel memory for nearly four years of disuse: How DO these machines keep their channel info, long before any high-capacity solid-state non-volatile memory was generally available? I've got a 7" dual standard Panasonic colour TV/monitor dating from 1985 which still works perfectly EXCEPT for having lost its channel memory and refusing to accept anything more. I've now established that it may be due to an ancient expired button battery on the main board. I'm going to replace it and see what happens. Did any Betas ever use such a system? If not, how did they do it?

All the best, Bill

Saturday 4th February 2012
8:27 pm U.K.


The video connectors on Betamax machines are called BNC.Most electronic stores sell BNC - RCA adapters fro a couple of dollars.

Saturday 4th February 2012
5:39 am U.K.


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Saturday 4th February 2012
5:28 am U.K.


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Saturday 4th February 2012
5:17 am U.K.


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Saturday 4th February 2012
5:06 am U.K.


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Saturday 4th February 2012
3:24 am U.K.


I have just picked up a sony betamax SL-800ME. I didn't get any A/V cords with it and don't know what the type used is called. Trying to find a cord to go from the beta to an RCA. Anyone help with what type of connection in on this model? It kind of looks like a coax connection, but has a tab on the top and bottom of the plug.Thanks for any help I can get.

Friday 3rd February 2012
8:03 pm U.K.


one more thing... i tested that. I put cassette in and "play lit", player loads tape and there's resistance in head drum while player start playing the tape. Head drum start spinning. While there's no play lit, head drum spins freely without resistance.

Play, record, rewind and forward - also play fast forward stops after few seconds. Only slow play continues longer normally. Hmm, is it easier to sell that player...

Friday 3rd February 2012
7:11 pm U.K.


i opened the top cover and left head drum spins okay. I can see the picture few seconds. Player worked okay for 20 cassettes but now it started stopping. It stopped few times before those 20 cassettes. Also 'cooling down' seems to help little bit. I tried to clean that hal sensor.

Do you know would this sl-c30 advice help: "Stops in play, record and reverse/forward windDo not confuse this with the above symptoms. The problem in this case is due to lack of 4.43MHz colour sub-carrier reference in the servo circuit. This in turn is normally caused by failure of silicon fuse PS1 on the YC-25 board."

K Lambert
Friday 3rd February 2012
3:57 pm U.K.


Hi Ami:Sounds like it the 'hall effect' sensor.One way to know for sure.Remove the top cover.Insert a tape,initiate play and then whilst the play light is lit try to turn the disc at the top of the head drum left or right.If you feel resistance only WHEN the PLAY light is lit then it's defenetley the 'hall effect' sensor.Good luck...............Kevin

Friday 3rd February 2012
12:27 pm U.K.


Hello, I have Sony SL-C9e player and it stops after few seconds. Also same happens when fast rewinding or forwarding. Is this same "hall effect sensor" -problem or would there some easier solution to fix it ?

Thursday 2nd February 2012
4:55 pm U.K.


Noel if I switch off and on or I eject and enter the tape dissapear the problem, but if I pulse pause in play sometimes occurs again

nick kilen
Thursday 2nd February 2012
8:03 am U.K.


hi everyone came across this site thought its exactly what was looking for i got between 50-75 beta videos. that also ranage for shirly temple to the stooges to superman all in great shape and most in origanal box even. lots of disney and other kid ones, japan anami, along with few other forien (to me at least lol). e-mail me if anyone wants more info, wants to buy some at n_kilen@hotmail.com Have a nice day!:-)

Noel Higgins
Thursday 2nd February 2012
2:39 am U.K.


Interesting how the message got changed. Maybe a spell check thing.

Noel Higgins
Thursday 2nd February 2012
2:37 am U.K.


David,The problem with your F30 is probably due to the microprocessor that controls the machine seeing a condition which it does not expect and hence locking up. Powering the machine off and on puts it through a startup cycle and if the sensors detect the tape, conditions etc are OK then it will accept control instructions again.


I like the Sony machines better because of. How advanced tenor designs were getting away from rubber belts. Whilst they are more complex and plastic becomes hard eventually and can break, oknce these 3GS old machines get a thorough service and the gears that can break are pinned or otherwise strengthened then they are good for many more years. A plus for Sony is that you can still get new HiFi heads whereas Sanyo suppllies ran out in the 90stoshibas are the other belt driven brand but they have reel motor noise and torque issues so I prefer Sanyo over them

Cheers Noel

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