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Friday 24th March 2017

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Monday 20th August 2012
12:05 pm U.K.


Hi I have a SONY SL-F1 and I have a problem: works perfect all the butons but no picture comes on the screen, then if you press, pause, FF, REW, X2 the image appears "perfect" on the screen.

Has anyone an answer?

Thanks for all.

Monday 20th August 2012
10:50 am U.K.


Hi again lol

I forgot to mention that I am also seeking video heads for a Sony SLO-1700.


Sunday 19th August 2012
1:23 pm U.K.


Hi everyone,

Just thought I would ask to see if anyone out there has a working power supply for a Sony SLO-1700. Or even the side circuit board that is attached to the power supply on the side.I think the part which I am not fully sure what is called (Part number 1-464-180-11)is making a weird noise like an electric motor spinning fast, well it sounds like it is coming from that part.

Or maybe someone can tell me where to locate that part (Part number 1-464-180-11)

Thanks in advance,James

Sunday 19th August 2012
12:04 pm U.K.


Hi Durn and Bruce. Also Kevin and Noel.I have tried this, so I know it happens.Take off the bottom cover of your SL-HF950. The first large PCB is the YC40, (Lum Chrome board).There is a wiring loom that runs, the full back to front.Down the centre of the machine that connects to the PCBs via connectors.The middle two of YC40 board are CN010 CN004.Pin 1and 2 of CN004 are marked 4.433Mhz.Pin 1 is the live.It goes Directly to C720, A disc ceramic .01/50v Cap.Maybe this Cap as changed in value.Stopping the 4.43 signal triggering the Colour processing. What I found whilst Probing with my fingers. Around the area of these two connectors.With the machine hooked up.Using the Scart out, playing on its end virtically.So that i could press on the board.Was that the colour came back.My thoughts are. That there is a cap on the board.Whose value has changed blocking the colour.And when you probe around with your fingers.You alter its value sufficiently, to trigger the colour into operation.The colour would remain for a number of hours or weeks.Thats Sods Law.The reason that I never tracked down exactly this fault.Was because My brother owns two more and they are still working.I am just the "Piano Player".Good Luck and Good Hunting.


Sunday 19th August 2012
4:35 am U.K.


Hey Bruce,

I have the same issue with the SL-HF950 with tapes playing in B&W. I have cleaned out my machine and it didn't fix a thing. If you find anyway way to fix it, please let me know.Cheers

Friday 17th August 2012
4:37 am U.K.


Hello all, i have been working with some of the older formats in hopes of setting up a conversion buisness.Unfortunately i am forced to move and our new flat has no room for these things.Send me an e-mail if you are interested in buying any of the following making sure to include an offer and a return e-mail address.1 Sony sl-hf 950 ES beta HIFI.1 Pioneer CLD 1450 Laser Disc player.1 Pioneer CLD 1750 Laser Disc player.1 Revox 2 track A77 15/30 ips reel to reel tape player. (Broadcast Quality)1 Revox 2 track b77 MK2 15/16 / 1 7/8 ips reel to reel tape player (Radio station logging unit)Thanks for reading.

Friday 17th August 2012
4:14 am U.K.


Hello All,I just bought a working betamax SL-HF950, which was delivered to me by courier. When I received it, all my beta tapes play in black and white with perfect visual and audio. I can only get colour with TV channels played through the beta player. Does anyone know how I can get my beta tapes to play in colour? I have used a wet and a dry head cleaner but with no luck.Thanks in advance

Tuesday 14th August 2012
4:27 pm U.K.


I have two Betamax models, SL-8200 and SL-5800 (no remote). Both are not working, and will be soon hauled off to the landfill. I live in Nashville, TN, and don't think I want to deal with shipping these heavy units (never done so before). I recognize that there are some enthusiasts who could use these for spare parts, if nothing else. Yesterday I posted them on Craig's List, but both got flagged and removed (for reasons that are still unclear to me.)Any interest from a BetaPAL? So suggestions? The clock is ticking...

Tuesday 14th August 2012
5:43 am U.K.


Heu all,

I found a pinch roller for the SL-C40, was said they have over 400+ in stock...


Saturday 11th August 2012
11:52 pm U.K.


Hello all, My Father passed away and he still had his sony trinitron LV1901 TV with a Betamax recorder console I understand that it was the first way ever to record TV programs. Ifound one in the rewind museum but can not find out what it is worth and I need to sell it. Can any one help me out.Thanks Lee

Saturday 11th August 2012
1:49 pm U.K.


Oh well guys,

I just found out the T501 will not work...I am also looking for a pinch roller for a Sony SL-C40, If it is even possiblem to get a brand new one...


Thursday 9th August 2012
1:21 pm U.K.


Thanks for that Brendan,

The wobble only seems to happen on the RF output and could be an issue with the TV being a Plasma TV....

One on another note I am looking for a T501 or T701 or a T901 Transformer. But mostly I am looking for the T701 transformer for my Sony SL-C40, I have a feeling that either a T501 or a T901 may also work...


Thursday 9th August 2012
5:59 am U.K.


Hi James,

Both my Sanyo VTC -9300 are fine with video and audio signals through DVD players and other VCRs via video in and the DIN connector. I have not tried this through coax though. The wobble may be fixed with just a slight servo adjustment.


Wednesday 8th August 2012
10:00 pm U.K.


James, I have an original SLO-1700 manual. Just send you an email with my details.

Wednesday 8th August 2012
1:16 pm U.K.


Greetings all,

I am looking for a service manual for a Sony SLO-1700. Please let me know where I might locate one.


Sunday 5th August 2012
6:39 am U.K.


Thanks for that, it seems the old Sanyo cannot handle the output of other VCR's and DVD players (Distorted) the output is good though.

I only just put new belts and tyres on this machine which work well, the heads are worn but not that bad yet as playback is pretty good.It does need new capacitors to help make the picture better and seems to have a horizontal wobble, but I have no idea where that problem it coming from yet...


Saturday 4th August 2012
2:00 pm U.K.


hi there james i have got a service manuel for the sanyo VTC9300. models and i will look and try to email a copy of it , you could try a google search for the pin/out conections for 5 pin /din plugs as it is a very common audio connector application the sanyo 9300s are one of the built like a tank models and video heads can still be got for them i own 8 ,4 9300p/ 4 /9300pns and with decent belts and good heads /and good tapes can give fantastic picture quality for a 1st generation machine.

Thursday 2nd August 2012
1:53 pm U.K.


Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone has a 5 pin din wiring diagram for the Sanyo VTC-9300?


Wednesday 1st August 2012
7:20 am U.K.


Hello All,I'm looking for some help locating a copy of the Garbage Pail Kids movie on Betamax. I saw a copy once on ebay.

Can anyone help?

Thank you in advance,-TCT

Tuesday 31st July 2012
11:22 pm U.K.


Looks like this site needs a few moderators.

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