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Wednesday 29th March 2017

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Tuesday 2nd July 2013
6:10 am U.K.


I adjusted the gain pot and the volume increased but still very low. I wonder if it needs the caps replacing?

Monday 1st July 2013
11:48 pm U.K.


Thanks Emil,

The audio seems very low, I gave the ACE head a good clean and looks fine.I will check out the circuit to see if that changes anything, sadly I do not have a manual but I am trying to track one down.


Emil Jensen
Monday 1st July 2013
10:51 pm U.K.


Hi James

Is the Audio "muffled" or is it just low in volume?

The ACE head have a tendency of being worn before the videoheads, so i recommend always to remove it from the fasten screws and give it a good scrub and polish. Do not temper with the azimuth controls.

If the Audio is low in volume, then take a look at the audio part of the thing. Its a simple circuit, and there is a gain pot in order to increase the volume. A service manual will be handy. :)

Kind regards


Monday 1st July 2013
12:45 am U.K.


Hi guys,

I have a Sony SL-3000 with very low sound, could this be the audio heads or a component gone bad?


Wednesday 26th June 2013
2:08 am U.K.


Hi. I live in the States. I have just acquired a Sony SL-8200 NTSC. I am wondering if there is a PAL equivalent to this model to see if I can find a way to bring it back to life. Any help, suggestions, etc., would be greatly appreciated. And, do the PAL and NTSC models use the same belts? Does anyone know of a resource for new old stock replacement belts? Thanks!

Mike in Sussex
Monday 24th June 2013
11:06 am U.K.


I have a Sony SL-C5UB which is still in working order, apart from the usual unreliable re-wind problem. Is anyone interested in making an offer for it?

Monday 24th June 2013
5:05 am U.K.



Alex R
Saturday 22nd June 2013
10:24 pm U.K.


Hi, All, after fixing the other issues with my SL-HF950, it still has the issue of the transport being dead and no action on the skate. Once the machine is on fully, the head spins as it should, after that nothing, the eject and open close buttons do nothing, with a tape manually inserted, when play or other transport is selected, the reel motors turn a little one after the other then the transport light goes out. I believe it is related to the SS-50 board but got no idea where to start ?Any Ideas


Tuesday 18th June 2013
11:15 pm U.K.


Ampex 198 is known to be problematic and prone to 'sticky tape syndrome'. You will need to get the tapes treated before you can play them. And you probably find that the machines you used for testing will need to have the heads cleaned too. Neither is complicated if you know what to do. Where are you situated?

Billy Mattz
Tuesday 18th June 2013
6:29 pm U.K.



Having a bit of trouble with some AMPEX BETACAM 198 BC-20 tapes (red ones from 1987). Tried on multiple machines. Getting ERROR messages up the wahzoo (usually while rewinding). Not sure if it's because the tapes are just old or if I'm doing something wrong here. Machines are a Sony BVW-70 and a Sony PVW 2600.

Also, does the color of the tape mean anything?

Thanks in advance!BM

Emil Jensen
Tuesday 18th June 2013
12:41 pm U.K.



I do have a brand new video head for SL-C20, C30 & C40 in the box. :)

Are you interested in just the video head disc ?

Kind regards


Tuesday 18th June 2013
3:22 am U.K.


hi there i have sony sl-c30e looking for clean good condition head , anyone able to help

Monday 17th June 2013
4:33 pm U.K.


Hi all! I've managed to get my hands on a SONY BETAMAX C7. The machine is in perfect condition in and out, except for a wobbly horizontal picture on playback. I've removed what seems to be a BLUE SANYO CAPACITOR .47 / 25, and the picture is now perfect but I have a wobbly sound. Can anyone help me with sourcing a replacement capacitor, or advise me if there's anything else wrong? Kind regards, Craig.

Saturday 15th June 2013
11:20 pm U.K.


Can we shut down the U-matic page? It is getting embarrassing that nobody cares enough about it to actually clean it up.The childish spamming has been going on for some weeks now.

K Lambert
Saturday 15th June 2013
6:18 pm U.K.


Hi Phil:

I thought your name sounded familiar :)What kind of work/repair are you refering?Feel free to e-mail me anytime.


Thursday 13th June 2013
7:53 pm U.K.


Kevin, many thanks for that. This is the same machine that you serviced for me a VERY long time ago, and it is still doing the business...another testament on this site to your preservation skills!By the way, do you do any repairs on PCB's, specifically for Video2000 format recorders?Cheers.


K Lambert
Wednesday 12th June 2013
8:39 pm U.K.



The problem with your Sanyo 5150 is common to that model.It is to do with heat/temp change.Sanyo upgraded the earthing type from the VTC 5000 model (which does'nt suffer as much,if at all with that)by installing a second earthing strap.What i always do is remove the metal bracket (by removing the screw) and slide it off the head amp can.Then bend the two tail ends of the bracket( that slide over the can) slightly inwards.This enables a better contact and more reliable result. I've not had any issues return this way.Good luck...............Kevin

Louis Despres
Monday 10th June 2013
7:09 pm U.K.


Bo Blipton, I might have about a dozen for you. Can you send me an email? louie9@charter.net

Saturday 8th June 2013
8:35 pm U.K.


HELLO all! I have an issue with a Sanyo VTC5150 which seems to be getting worse: at times, the picture seems to suffer from a 'fish-scales' effect (noticeable horizontal wavy lines), and is much worse on tapes which are past their best. The problem can be more or less cured by pressing down on the shield plate over the head drum, and/or pressing down on the metal bracket which contacts the top of the VP-1 PCB...is this some sort of earth/shielding fault?Any help appreciated, and if I can offer any information to anyone from the VTC5150 service manual, please let me know, as I have recently acquired one.Cheers.


Chris Margrave Gregory
Monday 3rd June 2013
11:01 am U.K.


Hi I have available the following VTR's available for saleSony DSR1800P Sony DSR1800P Sony DNW A30PDNW A30PSony J3ASony J3A Sony DVW A500P Sony DVW A500P Sony DVW A500PSony DVW A510PSony DVW A510P Sony DVW A522PSony DSR 1500PSony DSR 1500PSony DSR-60PSony DSR-60PSony DSR 80PSony PVW 2800P Sony PVW 2800P Sony pvw 2800p Sony UVW 1800P Sony UVW 1800P Sony UVW 1800P Sony UVW 1800P Sony UVW 1800P Sony UVW 1800P Sony UVW 1800P Sony UVW 1800P Sony UVW 1800P

I am open to realistic sesiable offeres for any of the machines listed above as I am looking to clear my warehouse for space.

Please let me know

Kind RegardsChris

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