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Friday 24th March 2017

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Wednesday 21st August 2013
7:28 pm U.K.


I have a Sony Betamax SLC40es Betamax player, and the REW and FF works very slowly. Especially the FF, so I think the pendulum drive is broken. Where can I buy this part?

Noel Higgins
Monday 19th August 2013
10:58 pm U.K.


I suggest you search ebay for beta tape transfer services in your area

regards Noel

M. Lindsay
Monday 19th August 2013
9:02 pm U.K.


I have a Sony Dynamicron Beta tape of my son's school festival in 1984. I would like to have it transferred to a VHS tape or a DVD. Can anyone help me achieve this?

Noel Higgins
Sunday 18th August 2013
12:23 pm U.K.



Regarding the broken plastic slide in your SLHF950 machine. I have repaired such two machines with broken slides like this in the following manner, Cut the edge of the slide where it is broken so that it forms a neat right angle with the chassis its mounted on. Remove the section going back from there to the rear of the machine. Using aluminium sheet fashion a suitable right angle replacement for the broken plastic section, drill holes and fix it with screws to the chassis centre plate to support the carriage again and the tension of the slide lever. If possible make the edge of the new aluminium section lock and support the plastic where they join.

I know this works and such damage is common if the machine has been dropped when transported without the three transit screws fitted as per the owners manual instructions.

regards Noel (betaheaven.com) Australia

paul marshall
Saturday 17th August 2013
4:55 pm U.K.


I have a NEC PVC-P1040E portable Betamax recorder. This is an unusual item with virtually no information anywhere on the net.Would this site be interested in more details and pics etc?Allegedly portable - it weighs over 12 pounds yet I used to lug it around with big Canon camera attached.Best bit is - it still works.

Thursday 15th August 2013
2:52 am U.K.


The belt kit for the C6 is known to fit the C7. I have got belt kits and pinch rollers from Star components here in Australia.


Wednesday 14th August 2013
3:16 pm U.K.


Looking for a working Betamax player. Preferably a front loader as I prefer them to the top loaders. I am also willing to pay the postage if you live far away. I am in Aberdeen Scotland Thanks

K Lambert
Tuesday 13th August 2013
10:14 pm U.K.



As the C7 is so old you may have to remove the old belts and try to lay them in a circle.Measure the inner and outer diameter and also belt thickness.Allow for a few millimeters for stretching with the old belt.Then do a search for said drive belts.

Good luck................Kevin

Monday 12th August 2013
5:10 pm U.K.


I need to replace belts on my Sony Betamax C7. Anyone could tell me where can I buy this?


Thursday 8th August 2013
6:27 pm U.K.


Hello,i have a Superbeta SL .HF950ES and i have a problem:The plastic guide called 3-696-425-02 (No.167 on service manual at the page 157)is broken.On "play", the video is running but the slider SL is not loked and there is some problems during the REW or FF because the cassette is not lokedThere is any one that give me where buy this pieces ?Thanks and sorry for my english !!(please answer to i4YFC by QRZ.com)

Wednesday 7th August 2013
7:27 am U.K.


Is there any chance the people running this chat page could introduce CAPTCHA, to reduce the amount of people using this site to talk about Porn, its getting abit crap now !

Wednesday 7th August 2013
5:01 am U.K.


James it sounds like it needs a belt kit to sort out that problem.

James McCarty
Tuesday 6th August 2013
10:48 pm U.K.


Hello, I wonder if anyone can help me. I have a Sanyo Betacord machine model VTC 9300PN which has a fault.The tape goes into the machine but it does not spool properly and the tape itself ends up being loose inside the machine. When I first tried the machine out I did get a picture for a brief moment when I first used it but nothing since then.If anyone has any ideas for a solution I would really appreciate if they could reply, thank you very much,James

K Lambert
Sunday 4th August 2013
10:37 am U.K.


M Loader:

The Sanyo VTC 5400 (i'm assuming that's the model in question?)It will need most belts (thinner ones ) replaced the larger ones are usually fine.There is also a mod for this model ( and the 5300) whereby you file down a sharp rounded cam on the loading ring, to overcome extra torque the tape loading ring usually has to overcome.This is best down by someone who knows about these things. Where are you based?


Sunday 4th August 2013
7:21 am U.K.


...We got a 5400 and after losding tape...notjing happens...should wrap tape around drum?thanks

Sunday 4th August 2013
7:19 am U.K.


Hi...We got a SL20 and has the following problem...Push cassette through the slot. Nothing happens....after applyingcleaner...turns on the display..but not power button.Green.Led never lits up.Any suggestion?Thanks

Saturday 3rd August 2013
7:34 pm U.K.


Hi everyone.I have a Sony SLF1, companion timer unit, spare battery AND the Trinicon camera all in working order (minus the remote :-( ) If anyone would like to make me a sensinble offer for them. The cameras microphone sponge covering is perished so would need replacing, but the camera comes in the original hardcase. As I said its in full working order, I live in south Wales and any inpection/testing is very welcome. Could get a postage cost within the U.K if needed. Thougt I would give fellow Beta enthusiasts first shout as I don't really like eBay...Richard :-)

Noel Higgins
Saturday 3rd August 2013
1:06 pm U.K.



See betaheaven.com for my contact details. I have new original SONY SLHF150 heads and they can be adapted to work in an SLHF100 by removing one of the two position sense magnets to make it the same as the HF100 assembly.

There are probably still SLF30 heads available from Wagner in Sydney Australia.

Where are you located? If that is an Australian telephone number I could call you.

regards Noel

Gary Haddow
Saturday 3rd August 2013
12:59 pm U.K.


Im looking for a video head disc for the Sony HF100 (PAL Spec).I was wondering if anyone has a brand new set for sale or if anyone knows of a source for them. Also looking for a set of video heads for the SL-F30 if anyone knows of a source for them.Sometimes my Email dosent work too well so if you could give me a call on 07891164449.Many thanks.

Noel Higgins
Thursday 1st August 2013
12:42 am U.K.



Thanks for putting things right on the Chat page.

To the question about converting tapes using a Sony SLT30ME. It should automatically select the right mode on playback. The mode the Canopus records in also needs to be set manually. I have tried to record NTSC tapes being played back using the canopus 300 but got only got black and white picture and had to use a Conia DVD recorder instead so they might not work that well in other than their native mode.

regards Noel (Betaheaven.com)

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