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Sunday 26th March 2017

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Gareth Williams
Friday 27th September 2013
11:16 am U.K.


I have many Scotch VHS Tape Head Cleaners for Sale. Also BASF/EMTEC VHS Tapes in Bulk for Sale. 50/100 x E120 & E180 Tapes. Any Interest?

Thursday 26th September 2013
6:38 pm U.K.


Hi Tina I am interested. Thanks

john "JAck" Hoyusman
Monday 23rd September 2013
10:57 am U.K.



Sunday 22nd September 2013
11:43 am U.K.


Unfortunately only found this site after disposing of Hubbys Betamax players, but have over 300 (closer to 500, I think) pre-recorded films, (many x-rental from when they changed to V.H.S.). Several recordable tapes. Various themes - comedy, war, etc. Think there is something for everyone. We are south west, U.K based. Shipping would probably be very expensive but if anyone would like them, please before they join the players. I want them away by end of October 2013. I'll consider delivering if you pay my petrol & upto approx an hour from where I live. Wish I had found this site earlier. Thank you for your time.

K Lambert
Saturday 21st September 2013
11:04 pm U.K.


Hi John:

As far as Cordbeta goes i have seen his vcr's and he does charge quite a premium , although these are listed as 'fully refurbished'.I do notice they are'nt always as clean as could be ( by his pictures) and some of his claims (judging by some feedback) is questionable.Justifying a high price it would have to be very well refurbished (not just belts and idlers!) and pretty much immaculate/clean and cosmetically and fully guaranteed , i would think.As i did my own i offer, with the standatory high quality leads/connectors,and owners manual.I note he also seems to retract his paltry (but legal) 3 months guarantee if you offer him a lower price?That i'm afraid is NOT ON.As i understand it all refurbished used items should come with a 3 month guarantee.PERIOD.For the prices he's commanding,even for basic vcr's, he should stand by his promise of being 'fully refurbished with guarantee' if they go wrong.

Have you had it long?


Justice Sods Law Live
Saturday 21st September 2013
1:35 am U.K.


The jury may see tthe evidence here in the Betamx V'S The Internet. mass Media Court http://www.flickr.com/photos/highamsparkimagingdevices/

Noel Higgins
Saturday 21st September 2013
1:10 am U.K.


Thanks for the continued De-spamming work Martin.

Noel Higgins
Saturday 21st September 2013
1:07 am U.K.



The only help I can offer to your SLF1 problem at this stage is to say you really need a CRO and a service manual to see what signals are being provided to the servo circuit and the control IC. These machines are very hard to work on because of how they are constructed so compactly. Because they are portable they also get dropped resulting in obscure faults due to broken boards and mechanical damage.

The machine shuts down if it thinks it has a broken tape or even slack tape because the tape can otherwise just fill up the machine and jam it badly.

So you need to check out what the loaded and tape end sensor circuits are doing. Sometimes missing tracking pulses from servo inputs will result in the same problem. (The machine assumes no tape in the path and shuts off)

regards Noel

Noel Higgins
Saturday 21st September 2013
12:59 am U.K.



I don't know you, the issue or what machine you are talking about and I assume eBay is involved because you mentioned feedback.

If you have an issue with Cordbeta about something you purchased through eBay then take it up with him. I only provide "after sales service" for the machines I sell or repair.

I am happy to provide any advice I can on problems and faults with Beta machines in general as the chat page was intended to do amongst enthusiasts, but I am not Judge Judy.

regards Noel

John Hoyusman
Thursday 19th September 2013
1:33 pm U.K.


Has anyone heard of a seller on eBay called CORDBETA.

I had a problem with his unit and he said to talk to a NOEL?

Im tempted to leave Negative feedback , but will wait to tell Noel my problem if he knows this Cordbeta.


Oswaldo Carvallo
Tuesday 17th September 2013
7:53 pm U.K.


My SL HF 300 is acting up...a black area appears and is distorting and "eating" a portion of the screen...see the following short clip:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kzqjPq-iRbMAny ideas?

Best regards....Oswaldo

Justice Sods Law Live
Monday 16th September 2013
3:39 am U.K.


It is good to give good acurate infomation about the Betamax and VHS formats as Google search is technicaly slander on the Betamax video, with miss infomation, and Wikipedia are no better still laying claim that Betamax lost out to VHS. So i had enough and put a flickr page together it only took a day to put together. called Betamax V's The Internet. Mass Media Court. Hoping this would set the record straight once and for all Betamax is supirior and the Case was dissmissed.

Lambert Dondorff
Monday 9th September 2013
2:06 pm U.K.


Hi Noel, thank you so much for your respons. I was not able to respond for now. The drumhead is rotating in fast forwarts and rewind . Also during playinf for 3 seconds. It seems it works everything but very short and as I wrote the drumhead is rotating in any position.

Thanks Lambert.

Noel Higgins
Monday 9th September 2013
5:15 am U.K.



Noel Higgins
Wednesday 4th September 2013
6:51 pm U.K.



The first thing to check is to see if the head drum is rotating when you press play fast forward or rewind. See http://www.palsite.com/slf1tech.html half way down the page for more information on this fault.

regards Noel (betaheaven.com)

Lambert Dondorff
Wednesday 4th September 2013
12:49 pm U.K.


Hi Everybody, I am complete new on this Betamax Chat and I have a problem with my Sony SL-F1E. When I insert a tape and push the play button, the machine start to play and stopt after 1 or 3 seconds. Evenso with the fast forwarts and backwarts button. All the functions seems to work but for a very short time. Is there anybody outthere who can help me.

I am Dutch so my Englisch is not to good and I hope you understand my question.

Thanks in forwarts and hope you guys have the right answers for me.

Wednesday 4th September 2013
8:09 am U.K.


Another clue on this faulty SL-C80:When plugged to the AC mains and the video is on Standby (Green led off), the main solenoid retracts and the reel goes on rewind by themself. This is after 25-30 minutes after connecting the machine to mains.This seems not to be related to switches nor sensors, but a supply issue. Next thing I'm trying is replacing the capacitors on PSU.


Geoffrey Birch
Monday 2nd September 2013
11:35 am U.K.


I am looking for a replacement Cassette Housing Assembly for a Sony SL-F25 /UB Betamax Recorder

Monday 2nd September 2013
3:59 am U.K.


If it simply the tone that is affected then it could simply be the pinch roller that needs to cleaned or replaced.


Noel Higgins
Sunday 1st September 2013
12:53 pm U.K.



Warbling audio is a different problem. Usually related to aging capacitors.

It changes the bias voltage setting of the capstan servo and also affects the tracking adjustment range. Replace the capacitors in those areas and reset the bias voltages should fix it.

regards Noel

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