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Wednesday 29th March 2017

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Ross Willett
Thursday 16th January 2014
4:16 pm U.K.


I am not an expert on the names of the wires but:

I have tried a scart lead with wires on the other endI have tried wires with an add on scart on the other endI have tried wires from the betamax to the tv

(wires to wires)(wires to scart)(wires to add on scart)

I also put a brand new tape in the machine and pressed fast forward and play together, for the whole tape but nothing happened

What ever I use, I only get sound and no picture.


Kevin Lambert
Thursday 16th January 2014
1:15 am U.K.


Hi Ross:

What connectors are you using to go from the Sanyo BNC video output socket to the INPUT on the TV?Make sure it's the correct BNC type bayonet screwlock type with a Phono female open end socket(if the socket is separate from the wire.It could also be the setting on the TV is not correct fro the analogue signal coming from the Sanyo.

If you can send pictures of your connectors/setup to my e-mail address I can assist you further.


Ross Willett
Wednesday 15th January 2014
10:45 pm U.K.


I just got a Sanyo VTC-5000. I have 400 tapes I want to watch. I have tried connecting the Betamax to my tv but all I get is sound and no picture. I dont even get a fuzzy picture. I have connected the red, yellow and white wires to the back to my tv via scart and also tried just wires to wires, but I get no picture. I have a new tv and not an old fashioned big bulky thing. I then use my remote control to put it to which action I need. I live in Scotland so its a PAL tv and machine. Thanks

Kevin Lambert
Tuesday 14th January 2014
5:27 pm U.K.


Hi Simon:

I may be wrong but I believe the scart connection on the 950 is for OUTPUT only.Maybe I have the the wrong way (INPUT )only?Also the tuner would now be defunct as analogue is switched off?Not sure what country you are in?


Tuesday 14th January 2014
7:16 am U.K.


Kevin, thanks a lot for your explanation. I think it's worth printing this info and telling my local tech service because I'm not familiar with electronics.

Tuesday 14th January 2014
5:03 am U.K.


finaly got my 950 running with new heads however it has a couple of faults 1 no input via line in through scart and when in rf/tuner will only record video no audio!not standard or hifi although vu meters ok and e-e sound ok any ideas

Kevin Lambert
Monday 13th January 2014
5:26 pm U.K.


Hi Nina:

It could be several things.Some caps may be going bad in the PSU (power supply).This is known to cause patterning interference on the C30 and F30. (C104 - 22uf)can cause this and poor tracking.That could be the culprit.I would get those checked out first.

Good luck...............Kevin

Monday 13th January 2014
6:24 am U.K.


Roderick, I really appreciate your help. I followed that tip but the machine still plays in B&W, even with original tapes, on aerial and BNC output. After two hours of continued playback the problem remains there.

Sunday 12th January 2014
11:37 pm U.K.



Check here http://www.palsite.com/pcat_diskassem.html

It may help you.

Sunday 12th January 2014
10:13 pm U.K.


i have a lovely slhf950 for repair that some idiot took the head apart took the head disk offthere is no instructions in the service manual the problem i have is the orientation of the disk relative to the intermediate assy and there are 3 wires to be soldered on old head they are red black green and oposite white black green the new head is red black blue and white black blue obvious the blue is the new colour to replace green the instructions with the head disk say to get the magnet in correct position but as the machine was dismantled i have no idea where it is supposed to be or where the 6 wires are to be soldered as on the intermediate assy there are 4 solder pads and each winding is labled 1 2 3 4 i have a photo of it if needed

any help appreciated simonsomerset technical services

Friday 10th January 2014
8:53 pm U.K.


Nina, have you tried just playing a tape for half an hour or so?If you didn't use the machine for some years the heads may be dirty. Just playing a good quality tape for a while will often fix that problem.

Thursday 9th January 2014
7:31 am U.K.


Hello. Have a Sony beta machine, model SL-F30UB. Some years ago worked great, but now it only shows B&W picture with any tape I play. Is there any thing I could check? THANKS.

Wednesday 8th January 2014
9:21 pm U.K.


Hello, I have the Sony SL-F30, in EE mode works good, but when I play a original tape appear horizontal lines in movement only in parts with red colour, do you know the solution?

Dave A.
Wednesday 8th January 2014
4:55 pm U.K.


Still have a fully working Super Betamax Hi-Fi that I would like to sell. Sony SL-HFR70 + Sony HFD 200 - both units in original Sony factory cartons with operation manuals and the remote control. Selling both for $ 200. 00 + actual UPS insured shipping charges. USA sales only.

K Lambert
Monday 30th December 2013
11:31 pm U.K.


Hope all had a great Xmas and wishing all video enthusiasts (especially Betamax ones) the very best for 2014.

Friday 27th December 2013
6:59 am U.K.


*Merry Christmas to all Beta enthusiasts! All the best for this new year 2014.


Noel Higgins
Tuesday 24th December 2013
7:41 am U.K.


Merry Christmas to all the beta fans still out there.

regards Noel Higgins in Australia. (betaheaven.com)

Monday 16th December 2013
1:42 am U.K.


Can I still buy a quality Betamax that works? When did they stop making them?

Wednesday 4th December 2013
2:58 am U.K.


Maybe Moderators are needed?

Noel Higgins
Monday 2nd December 2013
12:35 pm U.K.


Thanks Martin - It is a difficult issue and a time waster.

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