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Sunday 26th March 2017

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Thursday 18th September 2014
8:59 am U.K.



I'm having a problem with my SL-C9, when I turn it on the left reel starts spinning exremely fast and will continue to do that, even when inserting a tape. When the tape is inserted it will act normal, except for a stinking electronic smell and even a small puff of smoke. It still works though, but I don't want to turn it on again until fixed.

This might be this problem:Reel spools running continuously.This can occur when one of the reel motor mute transistor fails.

But what exactly is the solution and where to find these transistors? Maybe a parnumber that is in the service manual would help?Thanks!

Monday 25th August 2014
9:08 am U.K.


Hi All, I am searching for Sony SL-C9 Service manual in PDF. Thanks, Jiri

K Lambert
Thursday 21st August 2014
10:43 pm U.K.


Hi Luke:

It sounds like you have excessive wear to the reel spool motor bearing.Also check that the pendulum idler gear arm hasn't got the extended piece on the end that stops this from contacting the reel spool gear(left spool) on ejection.If it has it can be trimmed off.This is common to the C30 too.


Thursday 21st August 2014
4:16 pm U.K.


I have a number of (mostly used) Beta tapes and some Sony casstte recorders which have been unused for some time. Should I bin them or would anyone like to collect them from Northampton?Dave

Luke C
Tuesday 19th August 2014
9:58 pm U.K.


I have a Sony SL-C40ES Betamax that I'm having some trouble with. It loads and plays tapes fine but if I play a tape for a while (probably an hour or so) or when the unit is 'warmed up' , it doesn't spool the tape back into the cassette fully when ejecting, causing a loop of tape to hang out when removed from the machine. It works fine when the machine is 'cold' though. Can this be fixed? I'd like to try and do it myself or want to obtain any replacement parts to do it if possible.

Noel Higgins
Sunday 17th August 2014
3:59 pm U.K.


Erick I am on holidays in UK at the moment but when I get back to Australia I could send you scans of the SLHF150 power supply and control circuit.Email me through betaheaven.com.Cheers Noel

Thursday 31st July 2014
5:55 am U.K.


OK Erik, no luck. Maybe the problem is within mains transformer or a previous stage to the regulator. However, I recall that power supply to be relatively simple (it was like a dual linear PSU with two rectifier bridges and two or three main supply legs).

Please post the solution once the VCR is working again. Encourage your tech, that machine is worth repairing :-)

Regards, Gabriel

Wednesday 30th July 2014
2:35 pm U.K.


Thank you Gabriel. Unfotunately the tech still didn't have any luck. Fuses were ok, and he changed the regulators, but the VCR is still dead.He tried bypassing the problem and tested the VCR with an external power supply, and that way the VCR works perfectly.He said at this point he would need the schematics of the power supply section of my specific model ( SL-HF150 ).I should be able to get some scans from a friend in these days. As soon as i have them i'll give them to my tech and then we'll see what happens.

Saturday 19th July 2014
12:02 pm U.K.


Hi PAL betaphiles

Seeing as this is PALSITE for PAL vcr owners can i suggest the prolific US spammers go to an appropriate site for their entertainment?

Saturday 19th July 2014
12:01 pm U.K.


Seeing as this is PALSITE for UK owners can i suggest the prolific US spammers go to an appropriate site for their entertainment?

Wednesday 16th July 2014
11:35 pm U.K.



I guess a few of us may have a broken tooth on the loading gear of our old Betamax machine. I've fixed mine using a product called Bondic (you can search the web for this glue). My steps are:

1. Clean the broken wheel with detergent2. Put a few layers of Bondic around the broken tooth to build some thickness3. Use a Dremel to shape the tooth

So far this product is having a solid bond with the copolymer wheel and my VCR is working like a charm again... No more cracking sound at loading and the cassette ejects in the correct path.

Hope this is useful.


Tuesday 15th July 2014
9:07 am U.K.


Regarding problems with dead HF150s:

Change regulator STK5443 on PSU. Reference STK5441 is compatible. Also, check the small "N-type" fuse N25 on regulator board for open circuit.

Hope this helps,


Sunday 13th July 2014
9:51 am U.K.


The latest spam seems to be coming from YAHOO.com;

Friday 11th July 2014
4:01 pm U.K.


I have a similar problem as Gerard!After 2 or 3 years i've not been using my SL-HF150, the other day i tried turning it on but it was dead. The on/off switch green led was dead, as the whole mechanical part, who was totally silent. Only the display would work, but the VCR won't load anything.Is there anyone with the full schematics of the SL-HF150? I have the schematics of the SL-HF100, but my tech said he needs the schematics of my specific models to know the exact values of the components etc...

Friday 11th July 2014
1:37 pm U.K.


Hi Gerad1960:

I have found usually problems with non illuminating Power LED's is either because the LED had a dry joint of the associated board is cracked.Failing that the LED itself has gone bad.

Hope this helps...................Kevin

Friday 11th July 2014
4:17 am U.K.


Gerard, you can download a service manual for a HF-100 here:http://freeservicemanuals.info/en/?search= sl-hf100 &brand=Sony&sorttype=asc&sort=typeaThe model is pretty similarly, certainly in their powersupply and it may just have the right information for you.

Thursday 10th July 2014
4:37 pm U.K.


Goodday to you all Sony guy,s i have one problem with my SL-HF150 the green led in the on/off switch is dead.I have repaired sony betamax machines in the early 80,s like the models C5 / C5 / C7. Does anybody know if this is a capicitor problem?And which capicitor is causing this problem ?

I hope to hear something because i don,t have any service manual.

Best regards Gerard.

Thursday 10th July 2014
5:44 am U.K.


Thanks a lot Martin, this Beta corner is worth keeping.

By the way, I have observed that spam is always providing a link. Have you tried blocking the "http" word? Maybe it would be too aggressive for real users, but I think it would block near 100% of spam.

Please keep doing that hard work :-)

Tuesday 8th July 2014
7:42 pm U.K.



ALL your efforts are appreciated.Let's hope it stays like this :)


Tuesday 8th July 2014
7:09 am U.K.


Well this is most unfortunate. Last Friday I was just starting to work on a spam filter upgrade, come Monday they'd beaten me to it. The new filter is now in place and would have caught the weekend's mess.

The issue has been that the latest spam entries were all in a different language, and so the old filter failed to trip. The new filter will hopefully fix this.

As the filter gets more and more aggressive, I am always worried it might block a legitimate poster, please let me know if you think your posts are getting removed.

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