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Wednesday 29th March 2017

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Saturday 4th October 2014
9:25 am U.K.


Koalabear: I would try cleaning the output socket with compressed air and contact cleaner first.If that does not work then next check would be for cracked or dry solder joints on the video out board.

Saturday 4th October 2014
2:18 am U.K.


I have a Betamax SL-C35AS in great working order. I am wanting to transfer my beta to VHS but can't find my audio cable. Where can I get a replacement. Thanks

Thursday 2nd October 2014
10:52 pm U.K.


Glad I found your site, I have a SL-HF100 Sony Beta PAL unit. I had this unit in the UK and also use it in the USA where I now live (I have a PAL-NTSC converter) it has worked great, I used it to transfer some old beta tapes. It has been stored for over a year, i took it out today to convert more it worked great for about an hour, then I lost video output. Audio is fine, I tried another PAL VHS machine and it works fine, so it is the VCR not outputting. As I am now in the USA (I can't find anyone who will work on a PAL unit) Any suggestions?, any of your readers suggest anything, I can fix at component level no problem, but I have no schematics, It is probably a CAP dried out? Or I can ship and pay someone to repair, it's a fine unit and hate to chunk it. Any help appreciated :)

K Lambert
Monday 29th September 2014
9:12 pm U.K.


The answer to your query ,if you are referring to a twin format vcr is no.The portable camcorder VHS market had the VHS-C mini tape that took an adapter so you could fit it into a normal size tape and play in a VHS vcr.This, I believe it what people are thinking of.You can play your Beta tapes through a good thoroughly overhauled Beta vcr and copy to VHS/DVD/PC or whatever you wish. It's the ONLY way I'm afraid.


Friday 26th September 2014
4:19 pm U.K.


HELLO FELLOW CHATTERS THIS IS MY FIRST TIME CHATTING. CAN ANYBODY ANSWER THIS FOR ME. BACK IN THE LATE 80s OR EARLY 90s on qvc they where selling a vcr that would take a beta tape and transfer it on to a vhs tape. i have asked people did such a device exist and nobody i know can remember this. did such a vcr ever exist.

Friday 26th September 2014
6:03 am U.K.



Don't give up with your hifi beta. Sometimes, feeding the VCR with an external PSU is the only way to spot issues. But it has to be performed carefully, previously checked the exact voltages to supply with the help of a service manual. If not, more components could be damaged.

I would try to check the whole main DC path searching for short circuits or opens. This might be caused by a cold joint, a connector, an open N type fuse or even a fusible resistor. Some videos have a sub-PSU block (some zener+transistor or small regulator) on a different board, but I am not sure it is the case of the HF150.

The PSU can also be checked in an isolated fashion, but probably you should have to "crank" it with a logical level (usually low) in the specified pin/connector. For example, C30s' PSUs work this way, but they don't usually suffer from "blackouts" as other beta models.

With some patience, a service manual and a multimeter your machine can be rescued.

Thursday 25th September 2014
9:28 am U.K.


Hi Noel (and everyone else). I read your message just now and i'm contacting you on your site, but i also write here in case someone else wanted to jump in with any useful tip.The situation didn't change. My tech still has my SL-HF150 and doesn't seem to have any luck so far. He said the problem is the STK-5443, and that he changed two that he got from his parts suppliers, but it seems they both were faulty because the VCR was still dead with both of them. He invited me to look for this part on my own.There is a complication though. In the first months he had my VCR, he said that bypassing the power section with an external power supply, he could make the VCR work, and it worked fine. Now though he said that even with the external supply, it doesn't work anymore. He keeps on saying that it's all because of the 5443, but my doubt is that in the meantime something else might have broken...I am starting to be a bit pessimistic about the whole thing...

Wednesday 24th September 2014
1:57 pm U.K.


No Betamax that I know output separate Y and C channels, so composite is the only way to go. You could use a composite to S-Video converter cable, but it'll only give you a composite output, not S-Video.

Tuesday 23rd September 2014
11:44 pm U.K.


Sorry to be the bearere of bad news but they never made an ED Beta in PAL. They were an NTSC only creature. The best PAL Beta machine is the Sony SL HF 950.

Monday 22nd September 2014
10:29 pm U.K.


Luigi, this what you are looking for?


luigi Falconi
Saturday 20th September 2014
3:27 pm U.K.


I need a male, multi out cable to go from my betamax to a male standard s-video jack. I've looked all over the web.

Any ideas?Luigi

Fadel Matrook
Friday 19th September 2014
11:37 pm U.K.


i search to find pal ED Beta. i know it is verey hard to find it.

Fadel Matrook
Friday 19th September 2014
10:58 pm U.K.


hi..i have sony beta model sl-800me, it works,but,the picture not exellent,(some one change the elecrtic adjusts) ineed to repeat it same original electronic adjusts knobs

Friday 19th September 2014
3:50 pm U.K.


Sorry for flooding. I was able to remove the board, the items labeled Q2 Q3 Q4 and Q5 get very hot when both motors are spinning (this is what happens when you turn the VCR on). I've marked them on the pictures. They might be faulty, but are they the cause of the problem or do I need to look for Q010 and Q011 again and replace them? See: http://imgur.com/a/Q0vVv

Friday 19th September 2014
3:08 pm U.K.


Ok, I found Q0010 (on the right of the small box on the left), but Q0011 is nowhere to be found yet. The smell and heat is coming from the reel motor print, but I can't really seem to remove it? Can't find how to remove it in the service manual, it isn't mentioned as a separate part. SS-11 print seems in working order, doesn't generate heat, doesn't smell, all fuses are ok, all caps seem ok.

Friday 19th September 2014
12:08 pm U.K.


There is no obvoius reason why the C9 is doing this. I've made some hi-res pictures of the SS-11 board, have a look at: http://imgur.com/a/dwKZY Also I still can't find the transistors I'm looking for, could anybody point me where they are? I don't see any capacitors leaking, they still look ok to me. I'll try to test them with a multimeter, if they hold any charge at all.Thanks in advance!

Friday 19th September 2014
8:48 am U.K.


I'll try to find out where the smell was coming from and if I can find the transistors mentioned, thanks. I just repaired one of my SL-HF100 machines, that was a lot more doable than I thought once I had the service manual. I do have some experience in repairing Video 2000 machines, but Betamax is a whole different ball game. I also have a (repaired by someone else) HF100 that plays well until you put a Hifi tape in it: there is no sound at all, until you switch back to the linear audio track (if available, on most prerecorded videos it is). Any idea what that might be? It plays brilliantly in mono, doesn't do a thing in Hifi (sound wise).

Thursday 18th September 2014
10:37 pm U.K.


Irix, this "except for a stinking electronic smell and even a small puff of smoke." makes me think it is more likely to be a capacitor that is leaking, a common problem with Sony.It is impossible to second guess which or how to fix this without examining the machine.Do you know anyone with electronic knowledge that may be able to help you?

Thursday 18th September 2014
5:09 pm U.K.


Irix,I recall seeing that failure on a C9 long time ago. I am not sure if a fuse was causing that issue or other electronic stuff. There are some of them along the servo board SS-11 (one is under the PSU assembly).I guess that "mute transistors" are Q010 and Q011 at SS-11 board. They are labelled as "C2785", but you can order them by 2SC2785 (they are not so expensive and still available).

Good luck!

Thursday 18th September 2014
8:59 am U.K.



I'm having a problem with my SL-C9, when I turn it on the left reel starts spinning exremely fast and will continue to do that, even when inserting a tape. When the tape is inserted it will act normal, except for a stinking electronic smell and even a small puff of smoke. It still works though, but I don't want to turn it on again until fixed.

This might be this problem:Reel spools running continuously.This can occur when one of the reel motor mute transistor fails.

But what exactly is the solution and where to find these transistors? Maybe a parnumber that is in the service manual would help?Thanks!

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