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Sunday 26th March 2017

Please bookmark http://chat.palsite.com/chat_page.py as the new URL.

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Noel Higgins
Wednesday 3rd December 2014
7:11 am U.K.



See betaheaven.com and contact me for some help with your machine.

Cheers Noel

Thursday 27th November 2014
2:38 pm U.K.


Sanyo VTC 9350Needs new belts and idler tyres. HELP

Pete Holmes
Thursday 27th November 2014
12:36 pm U.K.


Is this a Betamax site or a political campaign site?

Pete Holmes
Thursday 27th November 2014
9:32 am U.K.


Thanks, Kevin. Unhappily, without a service/repair manual, I have no idea how to find where these are.I searched for a manual but the only site which suggests is available haven't replied to a request for same.

K Lambert
Wednesday 26th November 2014
7:11 pm U.K.



Sounds like either the tape loading or lacing switches need adjustment or are faulty.


Pete Holmes
Wednesday 26th November 2014
6:31 pm U.K.


SONY SL-T50ME "CASETTE INSIDE" lamp blinking.Attempt to eject a non existent cassette prompts several cycles of a belt drive to a small plastic clutch which appears to do nothing?I can see no obstruction broken tape, etc., to cause this fault.Any suggestions as to where the faulty sensor(?) might be?

Matt Quinn
Tuesday 25th November 2014
4:07 pm U.K.


Michael, I cannot imagine the lens from a Betamovie will be removeable per se, let alone something an adaptor is available for! - What makes you think this is possible?

Michael From Montanna
Friday 21st November 2014
5:46 pm U.K.


I would like to remove the primary lens from a Sony BMC-110 (for use as a macro lens on my Olympus Om1/Om2 using an available adapter).

Could someone tell me how to remove this lens?

I will happily reward anyone who can offer a successful means to do so with what remains of the BMC-110, for free - and I'll pay the shipping. This camera is clearly in mint condition. The only requirement I ask is that I am able to use the instructions offered to actually remove the lens. That done, the camera is yours (if you want it).

Thank you in advance for your time and expertise, michael

Noel Higgins
Wednesday 19th November 2014
9:50 pm U.K.


BjornIt would help if you can give your locationCheers Noel

Tuesday 18th November 2014
9:38 pm U.K.


Good evening, I have been absent from this page for a couple of years now. Concentrating on other things, but am pleased to confirm that I still service Betamax machines. I mainly specialize in Sanyo Betacord machines, but can also do some Sony machines, especially fixing the C9 DC2DC converters which have caused many some difficulties. Anyway, I wont be posting often, but feel free to email with any questions, I still have some schematics. I am however, after another machine is anyone has one they want to sell on.

Friday 31st October 2014
6:22 pm U.K.


Hello, my name is Guido and I live in Switzerland. Thank you very much Alan and Martin for the beautiful and useful site you are running! Your work is amazing. I'm sorry for my mistakes, i'm not english mother language.

I am the owner of a Sony Betamax SL-C9 unit which is perfectly working and in excellent conditions, with the original remote control Sony RMT-212. I'm going to sell it.

If you are interested or do you need more informations you can contact me at guido.canitano@gmail.com

Feel free to ask any information. Thank you very much!Guido

Saturday 25th October 2014
10:41 am U.K.



I am trying to find out information on the procedure for setting back tension on a Sony PVW2600P SP betacam machine. Does anyone have a service manual that they could copy that section from?

cheers Noel (normally on the Betamax page.)

Friday 10th October 2014
11:43 am U.K.


That's good news Erik, I'm pleased for you. Your Tech did well.

Friday 10th October 2014
8:29 am U.K.


I am thrilled to announce that my beloved SL-HF150 finally came back to life! :-)It was indeed the STK5443.The ones my tech tried on were used and probably faulty as well. As soon as he put in the n.o.s. one i got on ebay the machine worked again!I want to thank everybody for the support! :-)

Sunday 5th October 2014
8:28 pm U.K.


Starfish, try Jaycar.

Koalabear, it could simply be that your heads are clogged. Easiest solution is to find a good quality tape and let it play for an hour or so. Pretty good chance video will return. Don't use a cleaning tape, they do more harm than good.PS, a koala isn't a bear ;)

K Lambert
Saturday 4th October 2014
8:39 pm U.K.



Also a common issue with the Hf100 is a breaking of the solder around the BNC socket where it connects to the circuit board.Move this socket up and down gently with your output wire connected and see if a picture appears.


Saturday 4th October 2014
12:44 pm U.K.


koalabear,try this for starters.Use this other beta video connected to the SLHF100, video out to video in.With SLHF100 set to the AV I/P.Video out connected to your Telly.Then play video, to see if you get anything on the Telly.This would prove the replay video cct of your SLHF100. Loss of replay video can be caused by the ACE Head being worn.It would mean changing it.If you can get one.


Saturday 4th October 2014
9:25 am U.K.


Koalabear: I would try cleaning the output socket with compressed air and contact cleaner first.If that does not work then next check would be for cracked or dry solder joints on the video out board.

Saturday 4th October 2014
2:18 am U.K.


I have a Betamax SL-C35AS in great working order. I am wanting to transfer my beta to VHS but can't find my audio cable. Where can I get a replacement. Thanks

Thursday 2nd October 2014
10:52 pm U.K.


Glad I found your site, I have a SL-HF100 Sony Beta PAL unit. I had this unit in the UK and also use it in the USA where I now live (I have a PAL-NTSC converter) it has worked great, I used it to transfer some old beta tapes. It has been stored for over a year, i took it out today to convert more it worked great for about an hour, then I lost video output. Audio is fine, I tried another PAL VHS machine and it works fine, so it is the VCR not outputting. As I am now in the USA (I can't find anyone who will work on a PAL unit) Any suggestions?, any of your readers suggest anything, I can fix at component level no problem, but I have no schematics, It is probably a CAP dried out? Or I can ship and pay someone to repair, it's a fine unit and hate to chunk it. Any help appreciated :)

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