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Sunday 26th March 2017

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Philip McKeown
Wednesday 10th June 2015
6:36 pm U.K.


HELLO ALL! Whilst my trusty Sanyo VTC5150 is awaiting repair, I've been using a Sanyo VTC-NX100 to continue to feed my habit of finding old TV recordings. However, two problems have now started with the NX: first, the idler (or at least that's what I believe is the source) is very noisy/clunky, and second, every so often, the colour picture (quite intense colour) is replaced with a green picture, if only for a split second each time.

This machine is also now retired before any more damage might be done.

Any thoughts would be appreciated...


Monday 1st June 2015
3:53 am U.K.


John, I have a cv2100 in oz if interested

Monday 1st June 2015
3:51 am U.K.


I have a 1967 Sony cv2100 antique VTR. I am in Australia so its the 240v full field recording model.

I was going to stick it on ebay but wondering if any enthusiests on this forum may be interested first.

It is HEAVY so not economical to ship overseas.

let me know soon.


I cant attach a picture in this forum but its this one


btw - excuse me admin, I was looking for right forum subsection to post in, hope this is appropriate place.



Thursday 28th May 2015
10:01 am U.K.



About your issue with the HF450, it is probably due to a problem with the main regulator on the PSU (STK type, fitted in the back side of the machine). One of the voltage rails fails and the VCR remains on "88:88". Prior to disassembling the power supply, make sure that the fuses are OK. There are a couple of them on the upper right board (N type fuses). There is another one close to the regulator, difficult to spot at a glance.

This VCR chassis is known for having issues with its regulators.

Wednesday 27th May 2015
7:14 pm U.K.


hi gavin lowe

i am not a professional in vcr but i know a little

you're vcr has the same problem with my sony betamax sl-t7me

you're vcr i think like my vcr mechanism you must change the all the belts and the tyres

Wednesday 27th May 2015
6:11 pm U.K.


I have a Sony SL-HF450 that when plugged in shows a flashing 12:00 on the display and then switches to all 8's on the display and appears to freeze. Anyone have any solutions to this issue?

Wednesday 27th May 2015
5:55 pm U.K.


Hello, i am looking for a good unit of beta vcr and i have maybe a stupid doubt

i want to buy the VCR to see my old tapes and tapes that i bought in that years.

Then i had no idea about superbeta models because i had and i still have a sanyo vtc nx-10

My doubt is if some of this tapes who bought in that days was a superbeta.

Is posible to know if the tape is a beta or superbeta?, in vhs for example you can see if the tape is vhs or s-vhs for the holes back in the tape but i dont know if in beta tapes i can know it.

This doubt is because if i have no superbeta tapes i only need a beta model whit hi-fi, and then i also can look sanyo models

gavin lowe
Wednesday 27th May 2015
1:40 pm U.K.


hi there, i have a sanyo vtc 5000. now it loads a tape ok and rewinds back ok, but when i put it on play, nothing happens and the forward dosent work, or is stuck. what would i need and is it an easy fix. please help as soon as possible. many thanks for all your help, gavin

Leslie Griffin
Tuesday 26th May 2015
8:44 pm U.K.


Sony Betacam Lover's deal of the decade:

I have a huge lot of Sony Beta Machines (20 machines total) that were used in a professional broadcast station (in Boston, MA.) These machines were de-commissioned during the analog to digital transition between 2007 and 2009. My father bought something like 25 of them from the TV station and tinkered with fixing and selling several of them. Unfortunately, my father passed away several years ago. The beta machines were barn-kept for several years and the condition is unknown. I do not have the cords or even the know-how to test the machines, so they are all being offered AS-IS, for Parts. Fix 'em up or part them out, if you're so inclined and have the time to make a nice, tidy profit!

20 Professional Production Beta Machines, need to go ASAP! Make me a offer. Seriously. If your offer beats the scrap price I've been quoted and you're willing to come get the machines before July 1, they're yours.

Included in this lot:

Four Sony BVW-65 Betacam SP.

Two Sony BVW-70 Betacam SP.

Five Sony BVW-75 Betacam SP.

Four Sony BVW-22 Betacam SP.

One Sony BVW-60 Betacam SP.

Two Sony BCB-75 Betacam SP.

One that's missing the manufacturer’s label and marked as “Shop Spare”. It looks like either a BVW 70 or BVW75. Didn't want to dig it out of the stack to check the back of it for the manufacturer’s plate. (The things are HEAVY!)

And one VP 5000 U Matic.

** Also, I have an Ikegami HL-95 production camera (as-is) that's available.

Local pick-up only. Location is in New Ipswich, New Hampshire. (Call for address.) Estimated weight for all the machines, 1350 pounds.

Call Leslie at 352-519-938zero

Monday 25th May 2015
5:48 am U.K.



i have sony betamax sl-t7me

the problem is no colour

thank you

Monday 18th May 2015
11:15 pm U.K.


Gavin, what you need is a Sony AC-340CE powersupply. Or you could build one yourself, it is a simple 12VDC 2.6A supply.

You'll need a 4 pin DIN plug to connect it to the machine.

gavin lowe
Sunday 17th May 2015
1:17 pm U.K.


hi there everybody. i have a Sony Betamax Portable Video Cassette Recorder model no. SL 3000 -UR. just wondering what power supply i would need to hook it up. i bought it of ebay but, with no connections, or leads. could anyone also give me information about this machine. many thanks. gavin.

Saturday 16th May 2015
9:54 am U.K.


Hi all,

I'm new on this site and I have a question: I have some Fuji KCA-60 H521E tapes and I'm trying to playback on a Sony VCR VO-9800P. The colors and the audio are very good but the images are scrambled. Why? The VCR have recognized the SP/High format but maybe its horizontal resolution(330 lines) is lower than the resolution used during the recording of tapes? How can I resolve? Many thanks in advance.

Best regards

mitchell howard
Sunday 10th May 2015
4:55 am U.K.


Oh by the way, it is a Sony SL-C9

mitchell howard
Sunday 10th May 2015
4:53 am U.K.


Hello all

I have a problem with my Sony Betamax and was wondering if anyone can help me.

I have not used this machine since the 90's, I set it up today and got it working fine.

I put in one video, and after adjusting the tracking it was fine. I ejected it and put in another, it also worked fine. After ejecting the second one, the flap which covers the video entry seems to be stuck, and now I cannot insert a video. I cannot get it to move, like its locked in place. So there is no video in there, and I cannot insert one. Please help, thank you.

Mitchell Howard

Noel Higgins
Sunday 10th May 2015
4:32 am U.K.



Funny thing about the Sanyo units that seem to go high in back tension is it can cause a screeching audio tone due to setting up a feedback oscillation where the tension arm quivers.

The Sony machines usually go low in back tension except for the SLC9 which uses a different design.

cheers Noel

Saturday 9th May 2015
6:36 pm U.K.


Here is a commercial of a RARE Betamax! The Sanyo VTC 5350. PAL/SECAM version of the 5300 from 1981.


Philip McKeown
Thursday 7th May 2015
5:40 pm U.K.


Celia, I would recommend you have a look at Colin McCormick's site: www.video99.co.uk


Tuesday 5th May 2015
10:47 pm U.K.


Celia, there are many places where a Betamax tape can be transferred to DVD or something like that. The big question is: where are you based?

Mrs. E.C. Picken
Tuesday 5th May 2015
7:48 pm U.K.


I have a precious Betamax tape of a Songs of Praise recorded at our church at least 25 years ago.Is there anyone out there who could transfer it onto a DVD? My television man does not know of anyone who still has a Betamax machine and my old one was irreparable unfortunately. Celia Picken

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