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Friday 24th March 2017

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K lambert
Friday 10th July 2015
8:37 am U.K.



If you say it's every two seconds then it doesn't sound like a bad head issue more than likely poorly aligned servo.

What make or model is it?

I'm leaning towards a Sony.


K lambert
Thursday 9th July 2015
8:07 pm U.K.



I have the original Sanyo Head part no's for their Beta vcr's.

For the VTC 5150, 6500,5000,M10 and M20 it's 01430242V01700

For the VTC M30 it's.........................01430242V198/900

For the VTC NX100 it's.......................01430242V22400

I have changed a set on a NX100 once and the disc did look similar to that for the VTC 5000.

I do know that the capstan motor and pinch roller although looking similar is very slightly different.

I would say for the heads it may be that they are compatible.

Sorry I can't be more positive about it.I do try to keep the parts from similar models the same.


Thursday 9th July 2015
8:01 am U.K.


Mr Lambert, can you help me?

I have found some heads for my sanyo, the problema is that this head has 143-0-242v-01700 and 143-0-242v-22300 reference.

Acording to the sanyo orinal service repairs manuals,the first reference are for M10, M20 etc, and the second i cant found it, but as i say in the last post, in aftermarket spare parts, all that references are compatibles.

In fact they use the original NX10 reference for the M10,M20 etc.

Is posible that all video heads are the same, and the only difference is that the reference has change for better improvement?

Wednesday 8th July 2015
7:51 pm U.K.


hi,its a bad picture during playback and i did not know what is the reason...may a fault head !

but it s seems like a dirty head..

every tape do the same ...between 2 seconds...thats intresting !

Any suggetion? or solution a problem ?

Wednesday 8th July 2015
3:32 pm U.K.


Thanks Mr Lambert, if i could i will send you my VCR but probably the travel cost are more expensives than the VCR.

I still investigate the NX30. The M30 has 3 heads, but it appears the nx30 has only 2, in fact, there are a supplier in Spain Called Molgar, who send video heads, but unfortunatelly the head for my NX10 are out of stock.

The reference for the NX10 is CV094, and this head has the sanyo originally reference 143-0-242v-22400 that is te correct for NX10 and nx100. BUT, the NX30 has the same reference.

I think that is posible than the NX30 is a mix of the M and NX series.

In other case, Where is the thir head?

I have the catalog in PDF and i can send you if you want. Maybe is useful for help someone else who need some spare parts for their VCR.

Wednesday 8th July 2015
3:31 pm U.K.


Hello All

I'm restoring a couple of SL-HF950 machines and have encountered several faults not mentioned on this machine's technical page, so I've added five new ones to be going on with.

Interestingly they were all on the SAME machine...!!!



K lambert
Wednesday 8th July 2015
9:24 am U.K.



What that engineer told you in theory is correct BUT when a vcr get's 30 plus years under it's belt other parameters should be looked at too. As I always do with any I overhaul.

A pity you don't live nearer as I would love to look at it for you.

I have never come across an M30 with bad video heads.I have seen two where the third head (for clean still frame/frame advance) was worn or maybe even slightly damaged,but the two normal visual heads were fine.

I would also think it would be fine to fit a two head disc to a mutli head beta but you would lose those trick features.


Wednesday 8th July 2015
8:06 am U.K.


First of all, many many thanks to Mr Lambert, i only can say that is a fantastic guy for all your help.

I don't know absolutely anything about electronic.

I sent the VCR to a man that repairs tv, VCR and other electrical things for more than 30 years. He told me literally: If you can find the heads i can find the Belt kit and Pinch roller, and your VCR will return to life like new for many years.

There is no image at all, i can hear audio very well but no image. Sometimes when i press the play button the VCR won't work properly, he canīt put the tape in the heads but then if i press the standby button looks like the VCR made a restart and then the video works fine, so the guy told me that this is a belt and pinch roller problem and it is easy to fix, but the heads are fully dead.

Wednesday 8th July 2015
12:39 am U.K.


I have a Toshiba 5310T and would like any information on it at all. Google showed up with almost nothing. Thank you.

K lambert
Tuesday 7th July 2015
8:26 pm U.K.



What I would do for those amounts is ask intricate questions about the performance. Has it any faults or intermittent issues.

What is the picture quality like and still frame, as they both use three heads (the third for a clean still frame frame advance).

Also when were they last serviced properly?

Hope this helps.................Kevin

Tuesday 7th July 2015
3:41 pm U.K.


Many Thanks mr Lambert for your help.

Now i am a Little dissapointed. My last oportunity to find the heads are died.

Domberd send me a mail telling me that this head are out of stock.

Impossible to find in Spain, in domberg web, and in wes/Wagner in Australia.

In this moment i have the oportunity to buy for 120 Euros a Sony C9, and for 140 the nx30, both are working, according to the owners.

Now, i dont know what to buy.

I know this machines are old and not very interesting for many people, but i really wanted to fix it.

K lambert
Tuesday 7th July 2015
8:44 am U.K.



Now you mention it I HAVE seen the NX30 ( a really rare model and it looks the same as our UK M30 only in black.

I like it.

As for the best Sanyo vcr.

The bandwidth for the picture for the M40/50 is around the 2.8 mark.

The cheaper models less.Also remember this will highlight more picture 'noise' if the tapes are worn. The lesser models will look better.

The M/NX 30 is a great machine too and shouldn't be overlooked.

Check the feel of the tracking pot's to all those models as some of the potentiometers inside break loose ,which can be fixed.

Hope this helps...............Kevin

Tuesday 7th July 2015
7:05 am U.K.


Dear board admins,

Is there any reason my posts are systematically deleted?

Thanks in advance,

Sunday 5th July 2015
7:04 pm U.K.


i just found that the sanyo vtc-nx30 looks exactly like vtc-m30 except the color. The nx-30 is black.

So, is a good option a m30 model.

If we forget Sony models, what are the best beta vcr, the sanyo vtc-m50, the m40 maybe?

Saturday 4th July 2015
4:26 pm U.K.


So the question is easy, or very difficult at time.

Where i can find video head for Sanyo vtc-nx10 -nx100?

It is the only way to back life my VCR.

In other case the Betacord are fully dead.

Saturday 4th July 2015
4:09 pm U.K.


I dont undertand anything because non original spare parts reference are compatible in many sanyo VCR.

Wes/Wagner in Australia has the same reference for many betacord sanyos, for example: VH80 reference are compatible to the follow original sanyo references:

SANYO 143-0-242V-22300/22400 and 143-0-242v-01700/002200.

And say it is compatible in all these VCR: Sanyo: VTC5000, VTC5005, VTC5100, VTC5150, VTC5300, VTC5350, VTC5370, VTC5400, VTC6000, VTC6500, VTCM10, VTCM11, VTCM20, VTCM21, NX10, VTC5151

K lambert
Thursday 2nd July 2015
8:23 am U.K.


Hi Joe

I do know that the pinch rollers,capstan motors and I believe head disc are not compatible with those from the VTC 5000, 5150,6500,M10,M20 and obviously M30 (down to the third head) or M40 (down to the Beta hi-Fi).

If it's a US NTSC model then a two head disc is all you need for the beta Hi-Fi down to the different method used for their system.


jose poveda
Wednesday 1st July 2015
7:51 pm U.K.


where can I get belts for the Toshiba V9680, with preference in Ireland.


Wednesday 1st July 2015
10:03 am U.K.


I need for my vtc-nx10 the pinch roller and a belt kit.

These spare parts are easy to find in spain, but i cant find the heads.

Wes/Wagner in Australia did not have in this moment the heads and in spain is imposible to find it.

I found a web in Ireland called Domberg. In this web there are the heads, the reference are PS3BSF but this heads had two different sanyo references, the nx10 has 143-0-242v-22400, the same as the nx100 i think, but the domberg heads are compatible also with 143-0-242v-0170, and i think this is a M10 and M20 video head and i dont know if this head are compatible in my vcr

Respecting nx30 i don't know anything about this video and i dont know if i can post the web link where i found the vcr.

Wednesday 1st July 2015
9:52 am U.K.


I will like to buy a vtc-m40 or m50, but in Spain is impossible to find one, Mr Noel Higgins has this units but the travel cost from Australia to Spain are very expensive. i am pro sanyo, i have no problem with sony, but i used many sanyo products in my house in the last years and all were very good, like the vtc-nx10, a vhs and 3 tv too.

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