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Sunday 26th March 2017

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Friday 24th February 2017
10:36 pm U.K.


For disposal,3 working umatic video recorders plus one for spares,offers.

Wednesday 22nd February 2017
2:43 pm U.K.


The previous/next buttons should hopefully now be working correctly regardless of having newest or oldest posts first. Also the T50 model is now recognised as a known model on the PALsite.

Tuesday 21st February 2017
10:09 pm U.K.


Hi pumabr

It does sound repairable, but the problem could be due to one of many issues. Inadequate toque from the take up spool although unlikely, check for head drum rotation, a lot of Sony's I get in tend to have this problem. Ideally you could do with more information. Is there audio but no picture,does the machine play then stop, by no picture do you mean a blank screen, or lots of noise? Another common problem I find is where people have attempted work on the drum and messed it up either damaging or misaligning the heads.

Tuesday 21st February 2017
4:14 am U.K.


Hi! I found a Sony SL-F90 for sale for 40Ä (plus shipping), but it does not play the tapes. The seller says that the unit turns on, rewinds the tapes, but when it does play, it does not give a picture on the TV. Is there a solution to this problem? Can this be repaired?

Saturday 18th February 2017
12:09 pm U.K.



I forgot this if you want to have the mono sound of your Sony player on both channels of your TV : http://www.ebay.fr/itm/like/172399697330

Saturday 18th February 2017
12:03 pm U.K.



First you have to buy a BNC to RCA adapter for the video signal: https://www.amazon.fr/Adaptateur-bnc-male-rca-femelle/dp/B000S0HTOM then a RCA cable for video and audio if your TV has rca input : http://www.ebay.fr/itm/Triple-3-Male-RCA-Composite-Audio-Video-DVD-TV-AV-Cable-1-4M-WT-/291789776168?hash=item43f006a528:g:HT8AAOSw9eVXXFxt , if it has only scart you'll have to buy another adapter https://www.amazon.fr/Bulk-Adaptateur-P%C3%A9ritel-gigogne-femelle/dp/B0017ZH80C/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1487418870&sr=8-5&keywords=scart+to+rca or a rca to peritel cable : https://www.inkstore.fr/store/logilink-scartkabel-scartstecker-cinchstecker-p-161876.html?gclid=CPTZpt7KmdICFfIW0wodhsQLZA&;gid=direct

I didn't know this model Sony SL-P20CH before, it seems to be one of the very rare Beta players only Sony made, looks a bit like a Sony SL-T20 VTR.

Saturday 18th February 2017
11:13 am U.K.


Hi everyone,

I have a sony sony cl-p20ch video cassette player. But I don't have any cable to connect TV. I don't know which kind of cable I should use. How should I googling to find correct cable?

Thanks for helping.

Friday 17th February 2017
7:57 pm U.K.


Thanks Martin, I didn't notice that "Show oldest posts first" was working !

As you are an administrator I will also mention the fact that writing " SL-T50ME " doesn't make its iconic picture appear on left of the chat page unlike other models references, and that the word "secam" almost never appear on the site yet most of european Sony beta machines were available in pal/secam or secam only versions bearing the suffix "F" instead of UB ES, E etc... Aaaaah, these french people always complaining ... ;-) ;-) ;-)

Seriously this is a great site and a real reference for all european Betamax including secam models as there is no "Betamax SECAMsite" and anyway secam models are clones to the pal models unlike US ntsc models.

Friday 17th February 2017
4:11 pm U.K.


Yes you are right, there is a problem with the "previous" button. If you switch to "Show oldest posts first" it should work though. I will look into it.

Friday 17th February 2017
3:31 pm U.K.


Hi everybody.

Did you notice that the "previons" button on this chat page doesn't work anymore, so we can't see older posts unless we've made bookmarks... is it maintenance ?

Does anyone know a special antistatic fluid that could be sprayed on the Beta head drums? I have now experienced this problem of "line tearing" due to dirt (from 33 years old tapes) sticked on the upper and lower head drum on my SL-C9 ,SL-HF950 and it will probably happen soon on my SL-T50ME. I don't use this last one often as it it my favourite, all in all I think it is the best picture for old tapes, yet drop out compensation is not as good as on the SL-HF950 and very far from the SL-C9, so I keep my SL-T50ME only for most of my Beta to digital transfers, if the tape is not too damaged and doesn't need heavy drop out compensation picture has outstanding pure colors. The SL-C9 is also great with uncredible contrast and was my favourite for a long time.

Does anybody have a link for a new replacement head disk for the SL-T50ME ?? Mine is still working OK at normal speeds, but at high speed the white bars are thicker than on my C9 and SL-HF950, it may indicate the heads starting to wear, although it maybe normal for this model as it is a multi-standard...? Is true that it is the same head disk as for the SL-C9 ? ?


Friday 17th February 2017
3:25 pm U.K.



I managed to get some epoxy to stick to the nylon gear (3-684-163-01), used a kind of mold to form the gear teeth, which turned out way better than I was expecting. It seems pretty tough, however Iím not sure for how long. The reason is the tape loading mechanism has *a lot* of stress placed on it.

When I load a tape I observe that when a tape is inserted, the servo motor runs to lower the tape into the machine, as expected. However after the tape is lowered, the motor still has power applied for a brief moment. I would have expected the power to the motor would be cut right after the tape_down switch is triggered but that doesnít seem to be the case, there is a slight ďdelayĒ (say 0.5 seconds before I see the belt slack off). As a test to verify the switches, if I trigger the load_tape switch and allow the mechanism to drop down, it will continue to run and apply power to the servo load motor until I trigger the switch tape_loaded switch which is triggered by the actual cassette, when I poke the switch with my finger, a moment later the servo motor stops, and the unit proceeds to the next step to thread the tape around the video head drum.

For now Iíve backed off the tension so the yellow belt can slip the 2-3 teeth instead of it really cranking down on the tape load mechanism, and possibly breaking that damn gear again.

To me itís working as designed, unless a capacitor has gone bad, and the timing is off with respect to when it should advance cut power and trigger the solenoid to advance to the next stage, load tape around the video drumÖ

If I am indeed correct, Iím not sure why this was designed this way, but I can see the area where the worm gear drive is attached kind of twist up from the tensionÖ The spring at the bottom of the worm gear is so strong that it doesnít allow the worm gear to ďslipĒ against the gear it meshes withÖ if that did slip, then maybe those would just eventually strip anyways.

In either case it seems to me if I leave it this way, it will be very short lived again. I am contemplating putting a current limiting resistor where J144 is, inline with the servo motor to try and reduce some of the torque from the motor, and perhaps save some wear and tear on the old mechanism which has so many NLA parts.

BTW Iím still looking for a replacement 3-684-163-01 Gear, Driving Arm gear, but any of the stores Iíve checked donít have any instock, it seems that what little stock was left is totally gone now.


Monday 13th February 2017
5:55 pm U.K.


Thanks Kevin, yes that makes sense, I too have seen m fair share of poor work especially on Sanyo's. Worst, although not on this machine, involved using elastic bands instead of belts and in 1 case a cable tie. Misaligned heads, where someone has attempted to work on them but not put back together again properly, one machine had the upper drum too tight, sadly damaging the head themselves virtually writing off the machine.

Anyway, I have belts and idler wheels on the way so should have this Beta back up and running by the weekend.

K lambert
Sunday 12th February 2017
4:26 pm U.K.



I would get all the mechanicals perfect before attempting to adjust anything first.

It could be the caps on the servo board, but I have found if this is so you loose speed or tracking capability and most common the ability to stabalize the noise bars during search modes.

Make sure the capstan bearings have a tiny drop of oil top and bottom and that the magnet is not chafing the board (i have seen that a couple of times but rare on a Sanyo).

Also check the back tension which should be 150 on a torque meter.

Make sure too the tape is moving nicely through the guides and they have not been opened (like I've seen so many times) by numpties who think doing this will help it play better!!!

Good luck......................Kevin

Mike Davison
Sunday 12th February 2017
10:51 am U.K.


I changed the head disk in my 1985 SL-HF100UB some 20 years ago due to bad HiFi audio using the disk for the SL-HF100P but about 3 months ago, the video failed(HiFi audio still fine). I searched on the internet for 2 months in vain but then the search became more fruitful and the EXACT DSR49R head was found on a just expired eBay sale which had no takers. Email between myself and the seller,in Portugal, got the item relisted as a buy-it-now and I snapped it up. The disk is now fitted and the machine performing as good as new. The faulty disk appears to have an open circuit video head with the possible ends of the break visible under a magnifying glass.

Saturday 11th February 2017
5:57 pm U.K.


NotTheMessiah how did you get on with your C30? I have literally gone through the schematics and can't find another solution apart from that IC, oh and some caps on the video board. I used to have an F30 that did that and no matter what we did, it just wouldn't go away, turned out to be a small issue in the drum. Remember the "hall effect"? After we removed that blob of glue, and the heads started to rotate again, we failed to notice some interference coming from that area, small static shock from the drum eventually got us there, but only after a lot of other work. May of may not have been related to the issue, but coincidentally the picture noise stopped. Problem is that I did so much on that machine I completely lost track of where the actual fault was. lol

If you have the diagram handy, check every component along the line from video head to output. Otherwise, invest in an oscilloscope, I use one of those cheap USB ones from china - well used to as it doesn't run on Windows 10 so have to keep a laptop on XP. They're relatively cheap, and seem to do the job although no match for a real one.

I still prefer to use CRT screen for Betas, some LCDs tend to be pretty bad with Component connections, often the picture sharpness too high.

Saturday 11th February 2017
5:45 pm U.K.


Nearly forgot, on my SL-C9 still in a bit of a bind. Replaced IC520, 521, D515, and a few caps but still no sound. Stereo light comes on so the audio head must be working although I haven't checked properly. It's probably something obvious I'm missing, but any ideas?

Saturday 11th February 2017
5:37 pm U.K.


Just need a second opinion on this one,

On a Sanyo VTC6500 (I haven't worked on this model before) I have playback at normal speed, but picture sluggish and unstable behaving as though the tape is playing at slow speed (stable - jumpy - stable - jumpy) I just fixed a Sony C6 with this issue which was down to worn belts and faulty servo causing the heads to spin on/off/on causing the same picture noise & stability.

Whilst waiting for new idler tyres, should I also be looking at the servo board for dried caps?

Friday 10th February 2017
9:13 am U.K.


Many thanks!!!!

I will try to change the capacitors.

K lambert
Thursday 9th February 2017
12:34 pm U.K.



Check the small blue Sanyo capacitors on the servo board (the board situated on it's side in the middle).


Wednesday 8th February 2017
9:34 pm U.K.


Hello, I need help. I have a Betacord Sanyo VTR 5000 and it plays to double speed audio and video. Anyone knows What is happen?

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