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Sunday 26th March 2017

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Sunday 25th July 1999
5:11 am U.K.


HI!I have an opportunity before July 28 to buy 1000 plus new beta tapes (Sony Dynamicron LS500 andscotch proffesional LS-500).Any Ideas on what they are worth and who I might sell a quantity to?


Saturday 24th July 1999
6:35 pm U.K.


SL-HF 900 NTSC with remote control, manual ,perfect working order$ 350

John Glendinning
Saturday 24th July 1999
10:38 am U.K.


If any one is interested, We have for sale :

2x Sony SL-800ME 's1x " SL F25UB PAL1x " SL C9UB 1x " SL T7ME + 3x RM 75T with ext. cables1x " SL HF100UB 1x " SL F30 1x " PCM -F1 DIGITAL AUDIO PROCESSER PAL/SECAM1x " REMOTE CONTROL RMT 213 2x " " " RMT 233 1x " " " RMT 151A1x " " " RMT 216 1x " " " RMT 6321x " " " RMT 614A1x " " " RMT 230 100 USED BETAMAX TAPESALSO:1x SONY LASERMAX LDP 1500PSome machines are for spare parts only, some are working, some are still inuse. So if anyone is interested please get in touch and we will try to help you.We are situated in Edinburgh,Scotland but people are welcome to come in and look at what we can offer

Martin Evans
Saturday 24th July 1999
7:30 am U.K.


Hi Rob, regarding the problems you are having with your SL-C40, itsounds to me like there might be a problem with the idler. I thinkyour first move is to open up the machine is try and determine exactly where it is snagging. If you want to have a go yourselfthen try cleaning anything rubber in the machine with alchohol. Ifthings improve then you should think about replacing them.


Saturday 24th July 1999
7:12 am U.K.


can anyone help? I have a Sony slhf950 PAL and sometimes when I have recorded in the HIFI mode there is no sound in playback. When I switch the sound to NORMAL (MONO) the sound is there. This seems to occur on a wide mixture of tapes. Other than this the picture is always excellant. Any ideas?

Derreck Fricke
Friday 23rd July 1999
10:27 pm U.K.


I am a betamax fan living in St.Louis. I am interested in buying the Sony theatre model, SLHFT7, in any condition and an original copy of the movie "The Neverending Story". If anyone knows where I can find these items or has either of these items please email me. Thank ...

Simon Woolf (British Music Information Centre)
Friday 23rd July 1999
11:27 am U.K.


Does anyone have a Betamax player they can loan/hire for a few weeks? Ours is just about to go in for repair (knackered heads, I think) and we are faced with not being able to provide listening facilities for our 300 odd betamax tapes. We only use Betamax for digital audio, not video.(together with a PCM 701 ES).

Any leads/ help/ suggestions extremely gratefully received!

Rob Moss
Thursday 22nd July 1999
10:58 pm U.K.


Hi, I've just bought a Sony SL-C40UB and it worked perfectly for a day or so but now whenever I eject a cassette, the tape snags somewhere inside. Complete novice here but very technically minded, is there anything I can safely do to remedy this, as I am keen to get this otherwise very nice machine up and running?

I would be grateful for anyone to e-mail me directly at the above address. Thanks!

Thursday 22nd July 1999
10:25 pm U.K.


I have a Betamax wedding video but no Betamax recorder.

I need someone to copy it onto VHS

Can anyone help ?

Regards Jeremy

Ray Glasser
Thursday 22nd July 1999
4:58 am U.K.


The Sony SL-HF750 SuperBeta that I advertised here has been sold. (Took only 2 days..incredible!) Thanks to all who responded. --- Ray Glasser ---

Ben Brooks
Wednesday 21st July 1999
10:28 pm U.K.


Question: any info about the BMC-550k? I have a chance to purchase one, but know very little about this camcorder.I am interested in using it for shooting (not collecting), and wanted to try Superbeta as it is/should be better than VHS (and it is cheaper than trying to go to DV right now:)I am inetrested in the camera's functions, inputs/outputs, etc.Any ideas or links to sites would be much appreciated!


Wednesday 21st July 1999
7:39 pm U.K.


I grew up using beta - thats all we used. Well, everybody's grown and gone and my parents have vcrs on all tvs. I was rustling through some memories in the attic and stumbled upon the old beta - along with about 100 movies and home videos - we had the camcorder too....From what i can remember, the reason it was put up there in the first place was because after pressing play - it would start and then stop...as though something was not catching - my initial concern is findindg some sort of manual on line and if not in the library - ehat do i look for.

Wednesday 21st July 1999
9:49 am U.K.


wanted dc-dc converter for slhf950 have various beta parts for trade incl slhf100 dc-dc , c9 parts etc also does anyone no of another dc-dc which i could use vhs or beta also req sony remote rm2001 good price paid or have beta remotes to trade

Alan Barnett
Sunday 18th July 1999
8:56 pm U.K.


This isn't exactly Betamax, but LRC Video ( http://www.lrcvideo.com ) havea few Sony teletex boards to give away. They are OPK-303 and OPK-203's whichwere intended for installation in the KV2752 etc televisions. If anybody would likeone then they are avalaible free of charge if you collect one from the premises.Alternative they could be posted out at cost. For details Call Bob on 0171 3232102

Sam. St. Clair
Sunday 18th July 1999
6:26 pm U.K.


Hello,I have had a Toshiba Beta video recorders for about 14 years, beats the pants off a VHS one broke after about 5 years.RUBBISH!!!I am currently looking for a Beta/Betamax video recorder as I don't want to throw my tapes away because I can't find them on VHS.I am looking for a PAL recorder in good/excellent working order. Not bothered about remote or make.I want a good quality working one.I'm in Leicester and wouldn't mind paying postage.

Saturday 17th July 1999
9:03 pm U.K.


I'm looking for a betamax vcr (PAL format) in goodconditions. Can anybody help me?

Ray Glasser
Saturday 17th July 1999
4:12 am U.K.


***SL-HF750 SUPERBETA FOR SALE*** I am selling an SL-HF750 SuperBeta Hi-Fi records/plays B-Is, II, and III. Has 4-heads, variable-playback effects, 14-day, 8-event timer, cable-ready. It is absolutely MINT, and includes a Xeroxed owners manual and a RMT-V5A remote (this remote is made for a Sony VHS, but is compatible with the 750 it has a jog/shuttle dial on it, and a neat LCD display!) The SL-HF750 works perfectly and looks absolutely like new. $400 firm, plus shipping. Contact me if interested! See a picture of the unit in my website, at: http://home.earthlink.net/~videoholic. Thanks, Ray

Friday 16th July 1999
12:08 am U.K.


Hello, all, First I thought somebody should point out that sony's web pageno longer has a beta player on it. Does this mean it is not in production?Just thought you guys would like to know. Also I found a store the other daywhich had many sony L-750, and L-500 tapes for 5 bucks a piece. Iwas pretty happy as I personally notice a difference between the sony and Radio Shack tapes. The kicker is they also had about five or so SonyCleaning tapes. Is this something I should invest in more than onein, or are they still pretty easy to find? And for my last question, theyhave a sony slhf-600 for sale for $98 dollars, is this a good deal, I only paid $35 for the unit I have now, and that was after being freshly service, granted it isn't a superbeta, but it is hi-fi.Thanx for any help all.Perhaps the only Beta Fan in VermontJer

Brad Allerheiligen
Thursday 15th July 1999
9:05 pm U.K.


I have aquired 2 Full AV/Computer racks with 18 Sony SL-HF750 decks.The machines were used for TV production, and are conected via ribboncable. I beleive the decks were computer controlled, but I am totally unfamiliar with these systems. If any one is interested in purchasing,or can provide information, please contact me at bradal@guess.com orstang@thirdwave.net. The units are in Southern California, and I donot have manuals, or remotes. Thank you.

Mike Lasota
Thursday 15th July 1999
1:00 am U.K.


I'm looking for a betamax player for a video i purchased. sony's pageleads to dead links, adn I've been searching all evening. can anyonehelp?


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